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  1. Well your wrong.. I have 2 relatives in their 90’s both with private pensions.. 1 rents a retirement flat from the council 1 owns their own home.. my relative that owns their own home has more money than they can spend.. my relative that rents from the council is being constantly hounded and investigated by the council if she keeps more than £1000 in her bank.. she has to spend it or they take it off her by jacking her rent.. There is nothing good about renting.. full stop.. its modern day slavery..
  2. My favourite line in the article.. “Ive been stripped of everything I’ve worked for” 150 BTL properties... I think you mean your tenants have worked for?
  3. I don’t get it? so you have the tenant on one side! the landlord in the middle the banks lend the money WHY! Buy the house directly and cut out the middle scum bag.. The landlord! I don’t get buy to leech and how it’s even an idea? What is the point in a landlord? What happens when the tenants retire and can no longer afford the £1500 a month rent and their pension is only £400 a month? How does the tax payer afford it?
  4. ?? we will leave the EU on the 29th of March.. Oh no wait.. 2nd referendum instead as we lost the first one..
  5. Have you been under a rock for 30 years.. I don’t think there is much left to privatise.. only yesterday it was in the paper that councils have sold £9.1 billion of assets to cover shortfalls in cash.. Get a boat down the Thames and show me a building owned by U.K. plc.. so what difference will staying in the EU have on government privatising assets to their mates?
  6. As the Greek finance minister said.. Germany did not bail out Greece and the Euro.. Greece bailed out Germany.. if you owe the bank €10’000 and you can’t afford to pay it, your in trouble! If you owe the bank €1 trillion Euros and can’t afford to pay it! The banks in trouble! If Greece, Ireland.. etc had stuck 2 fingers up at Germany that would have bought the Euro and Germany to its knees as the biggest lender.. Also there is still the small problem of Germany’s biggest bank(Deutsche bank) and their €1.5 trillion of worthless debt..
  7. Correct.. The open door immigration policy implemented by the EU and Merkel will end the EU.. its why the Italians will vote for an anti EU far right party in Mays elections.. its why populism has thrived across the EU in recent years.. They are the creators of their own destruction..
  8. i can guarantee 120’000 young girls who have had their genitals cut an sewn up are not white British.. same with the 26’000 people on terror watch lists.. I’m sure the majority are not white British Are we really not able to tell the truth through fear of being labelled racist..
  9. Totally agree but that’s not what the establishment want.. I’m more worried about non EU migration.. 120’000 case of female genital mutilation 26’000 on terrorist watch list record gun and knife crime.. The countries falling apart
  10. Conservatives wasting money is not a Brexit thing, it’s just an MP thing.. you say wasting, they say giving to their mates.. so not a waste, the money does go into someone’s pocket.. How much was spent on expanding schools, infrastructure, hospitals before Brexit? Answer is sweet F/A population increases = services decrease bit strange considering how prosperous immigration is making us? Unless the government are telling lies! ? hospitals close, police stations turned to flats.. roads are gridlocked but you are suggesting we will be worse off.. im asking how much worse off we will be if we stay in?
  11. I would be more worried about running out of food than being part of some Globalist utopian nightmare.. Its been done before and history shows it ends in collapse!
  12. How bad will things get if we stay in? Our economy is toast, a fake economy propping up cheap labour with 100’s of billions in benefits.. More Globalisation will just be more of the same, no money to improve services but a greater burden..
  13. Article written by George Sorros The comments section from people all over Europe tells a different story to billionaire George who tried to destroy the £.. https://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/political-party-systems-undermining-european-union-by-george-soros-2019-02
  14. More immigration now, mean more old people later.. It’s not the solution to increasing tax intake as it will require even more immigration in the next generation.. it’s the most stupid argument I hear used for immigration, aging population, we need more young.. but young people get old as well, most of the jobs are pointless low paid junk..
  15. They spent all the money on posh office buildings I seem to remember.. now they are bankrupt they are selling them and moving into a tent I presume..? The head of the council will get a big pay off for his amazing intelligence and business acumen.. somewhere in time people assume because people wear suits and use bug words they are intelligent and have common sense. Most of our MP’s are thick! I don’t care how many GCE’s (dellboy) they got.. They are not fit to clean public toilets never mind run public office..
  16. And those 1 of those 2 tax payers are probably only surviving because of £69 billion in work benefits.. or other.. also they will have less assets when they retire to sell to pay for the councils costs than the previous generation had.. ending up in private rental accommodation most likely.. its all shaping up to be a massive poo ? storm!
  17. And I hate to burst people’s bubble.. but Over 100’000 cases of FGM Record high knife crime 26’000 people on terrorist watch lists immigration is not a good idea.. sorry to tell people this as I know being against crime is racist.. I’ve been told so on many occasions.. only unlimited open door immigration will improve the country.. enriching.. is the favourite word..
  18. That should devalue the £ nicely.. They can then blame that devaluation directly on Brexit.. Again.. ??
  19. Lot of corruption within our politicians, These politicians who have defected can’t follow Corbyns re-nationalisation as they are paid up members of the private lobbyists.. https://www.thecanary.co/uk/analysis/2019/02/18/theres-already-a-total-ststorm-around-the-new-independent-group-of-mps/ https://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/mar/21/ow-lucrative--deals-go-to-firms-that-use-tax-havens https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-5078471/Britain-s-water-firms-flush-profits-tax-havens.html
  20. Why would they stay when their Japanese factory is under utilised, moving towards more automation, away from petrol/diesel cars to hybrids not currently made in the U.K. with no tariffs.. We need to find jobs for people once machines take over, car manufacturing was always going to be an area where machines will run almost without human intervention.. It’s a fake economy running on borrowed money.. it will collapse with or without Brexit.. jobs propped up with benefits running into the 10’s of billions every year.. An article I read the other day said as much as £69 billion per year spent on in work benefits including working tax credits which was £0 when Gordon Brown invented it! It cant go on forever.. More people imported will need more benefits.. we have the least productive economy since records began thanks to all the crap jobs that mass immigration has created.. deliveroo, Hand car washes, Amazon.. Cheap Labour for the rich slave lords.. That’s all it is! Thats why they brain wash you sheeple to believe we need more slaves.. Take your medicine it’s good for you peasant..
  21. They are leaving because of the EU/Japan free trade deal that will remove tariffs from imported Japanese cars within the next 5 years.. Their Japan factory is not running at full capacity so can swallow up their European manufacturing base without import costs hindering them.. there is a slowdown in global car sales as economies start to collapse.. Blaming Brexit is just lack of intelligence..
  22. The global economy will collapse U.K. debt is nearly £2 trillion.. Importing more people will not help! People cost money! We need huge investment in automation.. Not more people.. we cant even feed ourselves.. The land can’t sustain our bloated pointeless population.. We are creating jobs for the sake of economic expansion.. But they are pointless jobs.. They only make us weaker and poorer.. As all the low paid pointless jobs workers will get old and cost us billions having never contributed to the actual economy, just the fake one!
  23. Comments section proves how easy it is to brain wash people.. They are all blaming Brexit because the BBC told them too.. ?.. No mention of Japan’s new free trade deal removing tariffs on imported goods making the factory financially unviable with falling car sales and a collapsing global economy..
  24. Closing the Honda plant in Turkey and U.K. , car sales down, tariffs on imports removed, Japan factory not running at full capacity.. blameBrexit.. ? You remain voters are desperate to prove Brexit is bad.. This country has never been so crap in my lifetime and getting worse by the day! But you want to carry on doing the same thing! The definition of madness is doing the same thing again and again.. Then acting surprised when things keep getting worse.. Well done remainers!
  25. Staines upon Thames Just used to be Staines but added “upon thames” to make it sound posh after Ali G took the Micky.. init
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