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  1. Type in bombings in Sweden.. Over 100 this year.. up from "0" bombings before immigration.. increase in murder and rape as well.. But our media say absolutely nothing? In fact it will be illegal to criticize immigration under a new law being introduced in Europe, papers can be shut down for saying anything bad about it.. https://www.spectator.co.uk/2019/10/bomb-attacks-are-now-a-normal-part-of-swedish-life/ https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=illegal+to+criticize+immigration&&view=detail&mid=D9D56906DD3C442FB88CD9D56906DD3C442FB88C&&FORM=VRDGAR
  2. it was a joint effort to destroy the country this much!
  3. Nurses trained in 2004 = 24’000 CUT by corrupt MP’s for open boarders agenda. Nurses trained in 2018 = 1400 bursery removed cost of living/rent increased = Blame Brexit??
  4. Close boarders = less patients.. The NHS is suffering from the same problem as every other industry that has been destroyed by the importing of cheap labour.. wages are too low training for jobs has been stopped and replaced with imported slaves who will work for the crap money.. i spoke to some nurses from Philippines and they could just about afford their rent and living expenses.. Why would British people want to live like that? You site Brexit as the cause because it’s convenient. The truth is, low wages in most jobs done by imported slaves are the cause of our problems.. The elite have brain washed you.. You believe in magic space wizards.. you just can’t see it! £69 billion in work benefits £27 billion housing benefit £2 trillion debt savage cuts to services.. And you want more.. ? Turkey/Christmas ? springs to mind.. Killed 350’000 people for oil Tony Blair and PFI bankrupting the NHS/Schools John Major 2 remain champions.. ?
  5. Going on about money again.. ? it’s paper.. missed opportunities.. ? missed opportunities to destroy the planet some more for capitalism .. ? The U.K. can’t sustain this population, we need to close the boarders now! You are willing to send us to extinction for rectangular bits of worthless paper then you really are stupid.. remain voters hurt my brain ? https://edition-m.cnn.com/2019/05/06/world/one-million-species-threatened-extinction-humans-scn-intl/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.co.uk%2F
  6. Look at the jobs the migrants do, Starbucks, cleaners, deliveroo, hand car washes, Uber eats, my Hermes.. all jobs that require benefits topups just to scrape through life.. our economy is being destroyed on purpose by the government for zombie companies that could not survive with real living wages in line with housing/rent costs.. so £69 billion of in work benefits and housing benefit £27 billion are used to sustain them.. corruption is at play but the angle of destroying our country by our mp’s and bankers does not make sense to me.. do they not expect a backlash? Or is that what they want?
  7. -5% (£250-£350 a month before tax) Removal of door to door travel pay for outcall engineers as part of contract realignment.. apparently..
  8. How will increasing our population by 1 million people every 2 years make the country better? Does it look like it’s getting better too you? ? Immigration is not for the people, it’s cheap labour for the zombie companies.. propped up with working tax credits and housing benefits.. pushing up rent and house prices.. we import 50% of our food as we don’t have the land to feed ourselves.. why are remain voters trying to kill us for money? according to scientists we will see global food shortages by 2050, water shortages also as we have more people than reservoirs and rivers can supply.. we are eating some fish faster than they can breed! we have to stuff chickens full of steroids, antibiotics and unnatural foods to make them grow faster to speed up production for our bloated population crops are covered in chemicals that have killed 75% of our pollinating insects.. if they die we are dead! how will increasing our population be good for our kids? Remain voters are all mental..
  9. I wish you were correct and we could destroy CONservatives, but a by election last week seems to show people still stick to the 2 main parties despite it being a leave constituency.. i dont think the majority of the population understand the rape and pillaging of the economy and public assets that has been going on.. by the 2 main parties.. they are still Turkeys voting for Christmas.. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/8803869/ukip-vote-surges-in-by-election/
  10. What does seem unfair is the super rich avoid billions in tax.. you might not like these IT workers for dodging tax but you should be really angry ? that the super rich avoid billions in tax but will not be paying it back!
  11. They are already in pain.. this neo-feudalism is killing the people for the greed of the corrupt.. mps being part of the corrupt!
  12. They don’t give a stuff, they are making profit from the collapse of Greece.. but they are on the cusp of recession so us leaving should finish them off..
  13. We need to vote far right then.. if that’s what it takes to stop immigration for money..
  14. We must remain sustainable on our island for what nature is preparing for us! We have destroyed this planet! but if we want to survive the apocalypse that’s coming more people with no capacity to feed them is pure stupidity! Dont listen to Tony Blaire and tax dodger Branson.. They only care about money..
  15. Let them eat fish.. oops no we have killed them as well.. Let’s increase our population for a trade deal.. yay.. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/feb/28/fish-stocks-continuing-to-fall-as-oceans-warm-study-finds WE ARE FULL! we import 50% of our food, we can’t feed ourselves now and remainers want more people.. your determined to kill us for money and a red passport! We are not leaving Europe, we are leaving the EU!
  16. That’s allot of people that are going to look very stupid when there kids have nowhere to live and we are running out of food and water! https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2019/03/england-faces-jaws-of-death-as-taps-set-to-run-dry-in-25-years/ https://m.economictimes.com/news/international/world-news/climate-change-could-raise-food-shortage-globally-study/articleshow/63577385.cms https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/oct/18/warning-of-ecological-armageddon-after-dramatic-plunge-in-insect-numbers You can’t eat money..
  17. We offered 10k less than asking and was accepted by the owner on the spot.. Contacted the estate agent to make the offer official and got a call back to say our offer was rejected? So we drove round the house to see the owner and she said the estate agent had not even contacted her.. Which she thought was strange considering our interest.. in the end we dealt with the woman directly and instructed the estate agent that way.. Funny enough after he rejected our offer he sent a developer round to view the house as it is a corner plot.. my guess is there was insider dealing with the developer, maybe put a house in the garden as it has side and rear access..
  18. Think your missing the point of the argument.. when the debtor owes billions of €’s its the creditor that’s in trouble If the debtor can’t afford to pay.. point being if Greece, Ireland.. etc had said feck off to and refused the bailout.. Germany being the biggest creditor would have had billions in worthless debt..
  19. Turkey joining the EUSSR talks put on hold. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-13/eu-parliament-calls-for-suspension-of-turkey-s-eu-entry-talks I don’t think remain voters will be happy till the country is on fire, social cohesion becomes toxic and we run out of food.. thats progress for you..
  20. As the Greek finance minister said.. Germany did not bail out Greece and the Euro.. Greece bailed out Germany.. if you owe the bank €10’000 and you can’t afford to pay it, your in trouble! If you owe the bank €1 trillion Euros and can’t afford to pay it! The banks in trouble! If Greece, Ireland.. etc had stuck 2 fingers up at Germany that would have bought the Euro and Germany to its knees as the biggest lender.. Also there is still the small problem of Germany’s biggest bank(Deutsche bank) and their €1.5 trillion of worthless debt..
  21. Not enough land to feed ourselves.. let’s increase our population and concrete over more of it!.. ?
  22. I see an article that we will all be living 10 years less than those that went before us.. It’s said that higher populations need more aggressive food production.. so we are all eating more steroid, antibiotic pumped, chemically washed food.. full of preservatives and sugar.. higher populations = worse shorter life, worse standard of living, greater division..
  23. I see all the interest only miss selling adverts appearing on the TV now.. so it will be a massive BTL/stupid O/O bailout..
  24. End slavery.. only the slavers promote rental over ownership.. Roads are made, streets are made, services are improved,electric light turns night into day, water is brought from reservoirs a hundred miles off in the mountains — all the while the landlord sits still. Every one of those improvements is affected by the labor and cost of other people and the taxpayers. To not one of these improvements does the land monopolist contribute, and yet, by every one of them the value of his land is enhanced. He renders no service to the community, he contributes nothing to the general welfare, he contributes nothing to the process from which his own enrichment is derived…The unearned increment on the land is reaped by the land monopolist in exact proportion, not to the service, but to the disservice done. — Winston Churchill, 1909
  25. Exactly With these rent prices it will either bankrupt the benefits system or we will all be living in poverty whilst our landlords sit on a beach sipping cocktails spending our hard earned money..
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