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  1. How do we know "webmaster" really is the webmaster?
  2. I'm an average person yes, and whilst I don't think everyone here is an arsehole, there have been people that I have told about this site, not to mention people that have come over to this site from other forums to have a gander that have that opinion because of the way that some people on this site act. Who said I'm getting a 6x mortgage?
  3. I did quite well in English at school, not that that has any bearing on the reply that I just gave you. Yes, a lot of people have done fraudulent self certification mortgages. Does that mean that everyone that has a self certification mortgage has lied to get it? No.
  4. I'll answer your question with a question. Can you tell someone has done it on an internet forum without them typing that they have? Also to badlad, it's not just me, I've seen regulars comment on how cultish this website has become lately.
  5. I'm just going to quote again what Rachman said above and leave it at that
  6. Surely you don't think everyone on here is here because they are waiting for a price crash do you? I actually come here because there are some people who actually tend to put interesting and informative things forward in a calm and sane manner rather than assuming that everyone that has bought a house has lied to buy on his affordable 6x salary IO mortgage... What, you mean like assuming that someone has a lie to buy mortgage way higher than their salary just because they disagree with someone and make a comment that is vaguely bullish?
  7. Comments like these are what makes the average person think people on this site are arseholes.
  8. Depends really. We are going from a 2 bedroom flat with rent for 390, to a 2 bedroom house on a repayment mortgage that is 460 odd a month. For most people it would make more sense to rent because their repayment would be masses more than their rent.
  9. If by Dogooders you mean the OFT then yes, dogooders have decided they are unlawful. Have you not seen bankcharges.info?
  10. Wow, your landlord must have been desperate for someone to rent his house. Wonder how long until he will have to sell the house.
  11. Around 15 per cent of 18 to 24- year-olds think an individual savings account (ISA) is an iPod accessory, and one in 10 reckon it's an energy drink. With rising personal debt levels in Britain, and a lack of long-term savings, better money management seems a pressing issue. That's just mad, as is the level of secured debt.
  12. My thoughts exactly considering the fact she "had" to sell at that price in order to clear the mortgage and debts which were probably secured on the house.
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