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  1. Sorry if this is a repetition of previously raised topics. http://www.cml.org.uk/cml/statistics - Document ML2 http://www.statistics.gov.uk/cci/nugget.asp?id=285 FTB salary multiple is averaging over 3 up from 2.5 or so in 2000. Therefore housing is still affordable. What people seem to gloss over is that in that time the average salary of the ftb has risen from 22k to 30k. In the same time the average advance has all but DOUBLED from around 50k to 100k. Given the 3-4% wage inflation that gets bandied around, the average ftb should (if it were the same demographic) have salaries of around 25k. Instead they are 28% higher than wage inflation suggests. If we look at the Jun figures we see the advances at 110k and the salaries at 34k. So given last years median national salary was 22.9k Allowing for 5% wage growth between now and then we get a very generous median of 24k. This indicates that the AVERAGE ftb earns in excess of 40% more than the national median wage. I was going somewhere with this, but apparently I have to take the wife shopping for tat. Anyway, theres the bones of something to think about a bit.
  2. Of course a plane carries thousands of gallons of liquid explosives normally...
  3. Actually it may very well be. How about distinguishing reality from history? Truly repetetive history. Control is what it is all about and always will be. You really ought to look into some of the recent legislation that has been passed. Little crime bills that allow Police to arrest you, dna and fingerprint you, on the basis they don't like your manner. Bills that allow the PM to amend or put through any legislation he chooses without debate or vote. Bills that prevent demonstrations within a mile or so of parliament. Bills that allow peaceful demonstrators or hecklers to be arrested on powers granted for the "fight against terrorism". How long are you planning on sleepwalking into this? Martin Niemöller had something to say about it.
  4. yup. 1st one I got my money back in full. 2nd I got away with £100 loss - apparently the kitchen cupboards were 'gritty' and needed professional cleaning. If that happened now I would chase them for it. 3rd 250 (which was just about fair) 4th (foxtons) 600 + 200 odd 'checkout fee' (after about 400 quid fees just to get into the shithole) The next one will be different...
  5. Its going to be tricky. You will need to share with someone/many folk. 30k commuting to the city unless you get to live at home or rack up massive levels of debt you will be living little better than a student. Find a big house 5+ people to share the bills. Remember that travel in London is also expensive, and also that you will probably need a grand for new suits (unless you are sorted for that!) Hampstead is nice, if you can find a house share there good luck to you!
  6. would that not have been better as Part 2i?
  7. So surely what we need is for the hedonics to apply equally to other items. So the crap cloths that fall apart after a few washes, compared to the good old fashioned kit that is still going strong 50 years later. The dodgy whitegoods that fail a month after their 1 year warranty. Crap chickens that taste nowt like they used to. The BBC. All these things have lower quality. So surely the hedonics should take that into consideration?
  8. Cognitive dissonance perhaps?
  9. nah, I'll make some quick cash and run. go live somewhere cheap... poland...slovakia maybe...
  10. Actually I believe it is not as simple as that. Again I may be mistaken. http://www.taxationweb.co.uk/articles/article.php?id=125
  11. remortgage it on a btl with as big a ltv as you can. This gets you a bundle of cash. rent it out as low above the mortgage as you can while covering the lettigns cost. Offset the interest against the income for tax - so your tax bill for this is negligable, and you don't suffer cgt tax for the sale. (make sure its remortgaged prior to letting tho). After 25 years are up, sell it. That way you get 85% or better of the value in cash now, and you keep the asset, ready to rinse and repeat - or just sell later. Course I don't know what I'm talking about, take professional advice - its a large chunk of dosh!
  12. so they reckon an average full time nanny earns £29k? Wtf?
  13. not if by accepting the risk of that I gain the opportunity to doubly my take home in a normal month. Thats pretty much what contracting is all about...
  14. er - thats only 480 people defaulting on an average loan of 100k... or 4,800 on an average of 10k. It's not like the sky is falling on their heads - core operating profit last year of £548m, with mortgage lending at £11.1bn and new personal loans at £2.5bn, total loan balance £3.5bn So around £60m a month in interest payments (assuming 5%). Not sure how worried they are about £48m worth of defaults in a year... http://www.alliance-leicester-group.co.uk/...2005summary.pdf
  15. Oooh let me know if you notice any work for DBA's over there... I have 95% on the points test...
  16. So, Peak Oil, Peak Water, now we have Peak Flour? What's next ... probably the Dutch will try to get in on the action with Peak Tulips...
  17. Tell you what, how about I pay the union fees, then can I play too?
  18. hah - next month I will have acheived a 98% pay rise in under a year
  19. yes, remember that inflation does not have a tax component... petrol does. 400%.
  20. yes... the government will make it progressively easier and less painful to declare bankrupcy, forgiving everything except state debt (student loans, csa, tax credits etc). This will lead to a soft landing, with lenders gradually readopting more and more stringent lending criteria and raising interest rates voluntarily to protect themselves. Those in dire straits will go bankrupt, hopefully learning the lesson that credit is bad. A new system of iva's or similar will be brought in that protects homeowners, allowing them to off load all non secured debt easily, and put interest on hold for all secondary mortgages. Or maybe we will all be going on an expensed adventure holiday to the middle east...
  21. Talking about any nationality being a recent invention is a pretty moot point - generally speaking what we consider 'national identities' are a defacto relatively modern construct anyway. That aside, how far back do you believe this incursion into lebanon was planned? Was it before, or after the US forced Syria to move its peacekeeping force out of lebanon?
  22. Nah, its far too hot. Lets just stick with the October plan. Hopefully the gvmt will have done enough to stir up some more resentment by that stage as well...
  23. I know a nice song by a chap going by the name ivor bigun.... that you?
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