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  1. Should have had it. Could be an interesting story, them trying to chase 'the occupier' for 5k...
  2. graduated in 2000 with abuot 10k student loans, 3.5k overdraft and a grand on the card. 3 years later that was 3k on 2 cards(each) and a pair of 8k loans, and 2k on white goods. I mewed 20k out of a flat. Now creditcards are about par with savings, I still owe around 4-5k on the studen loan, and haven't been overdrawn in years. Peak debt was c.25-30k unsecured.... similar amount secured.
  3. the simple fact is there are boat loads of properties to rent or to buy or just sat off the market empty (either long term or for the bulk of the year). The only shortage is of property of a decent quality in a sensible location and at a sensible price. The supply and demand element is pretty much driven by the supply of cheap and extensive money for mortgages.
  4. And yet all the affordability arguments rely on 2 significant earners in a household...
  5. I have to say that I don't see a shortage of housing. I see a lot of houses that I would have been able to afford a few years ago, and a lot of crappy flats with kitchens where the sofa should be, but no shortage of housing per se. My own feeling is that the 'housing shortage' is the logical follow on from 'its all about supply and demand' where people mistake the supply predicate as representing housing stock where it really represents money to be borrowed...
  6. "loans? I know naaafing abaat loans." Well, maybe you should learn something about them ffs muppet man. This countries reliance on the telly to tell people what and how to think is barmy.
  7. I posted about this a few weeks back. According to CML figures (grab them on their website) ftb MEDIAN salary is 34k. According to ONS the national median salary is 25k (27K for blokes, 22k for lasses iirc). In other words to be an average ftb you need to be earning 40% more than the average guy in the street. You can look back 10 years and compare it then if you can find the ONS equivalent figure - my guess is that this is an all time high.
  8. Bought PartyGaming and SportingBet? As for doing something rash, you aren't suggesting people might all decide to have an accident with a mini on the same day are you?
  9. and yet demand is soaring due to the unprecedented levels of divorced and single parent families...
  10. Walk away from it, live with your folks for 6 months and save the cash... tell the vendors that when they are serious about selling to come and talk to you again. Knock 10k off the price at that point, and add your 6 months savings to the deposit.
  11. Well, if you look closely you also see that the median wage of the ftb has increased dramatically in that period. In fact back in June the CML reckoned ftb median wage was 35k. ONS recon median for the nation is 25k. However you look at it, this suggests that either the average ftb earns 40% more than the median wage, or they say they do. So affordability may remain about right - just the quality of the goods has plummeted.... It's also worth considering whether that %ge is of gross salary, or net disposable after all taxes (yes including the tv license now...) and basic living costs (gas, elec, phone, car) and other secured and unsecured debt(including student loans - or is that tax!?). My guessing it is against gross salary. Given the sheer level of tax hikes and energy costs across the board, I would imagine that disposable income on 35k is down dramatically. Of course I also forgot that the taxman is now taking - what 2% off your deposit...? ie you had 25% deposit, but hey presto now its 23% cos he gets his share...
  12. Punterslounge.... is that the chat forum for punternet?
  13. It's worth remembering that according to cml the median ftb salary is 35k. According to ONS median uk wage is 25k. Bit of a difference wouldn't you say - having to earn 40% more than the median wage to be a median ftb?
  14. 4 of us each able to borrow 350k.... that could be a nice house.... hmmm....
  15. Goldilocks economy? before I read the post I assumed that it was Goldilocks cos it was a pretty pack of lies that only a small child would believe... ah well.
  16. I'm not sorry I was born, but I am sorry many politicians were...
  17. I heard some blairite bint on the news today talking about how the savage turn on Blair today was like regicide. Wonder if he really believes he is the King?
  18. The NOS stats say that the median wage is 25k. That is defined by 50% of the population earning less than that. Mens median is a little more, womens a little less.
  19. Ah. A poll of under 600 muslims. It would be interesting to see what a poll of 600 people at random in London would provide. Hell, I am a white brit army brat, public school educated and 2 masters degrees. I feel little or no loyalty to this state, regard blair as a threat to the nation and have a quite large level of sympathy with the 'terrorists'. My wifes family were 'terrorists' when the nazis occupied their land, and many of them paid a heavy price. I am pretty sure I would be a 'terrorist' too if my home were invaded. I would almost certainly not wear a uniform. I would almost certainly end up fighting in urban areas, especially if the option was to try and hide in a desert ffs. Maybe even go home sometimes... Would that mean I would be hiding behind civilians? On that topic look at a map of your town/city. See any barracks or fortified buildings there? My guess is you do.
  20. Might I also remind people that because we are a democratic nation, MPs voicing their concerns about our foreign policy is their JOB ffs. :angry: How blinkered are you lot?
  21. This all interests me as I recently got a tasty pay rise (to inexcess of 2x median) ... but as you say, do I want to be buying a grotty flat for 4-5x this salary?
  22. Indeed, but as all figures quoted are medians I don't really see your point. Walk down the road and pick a bloke the chances are more likely that he'll earn the median than the mean. Seems well suited to the purpose.
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