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  1. Surely 10 years compounded at 5% is closer to 63%? If we up it to 10 years at 7% we get much closer to 97%. Or perhaps my math is addled after last night... You should also be extremely careful about adding percentage rises...
  2. Funny that... what with most IT jobs being advertised online...
  3. Let them have it. Then when they come back a few days later, tell them you've found something else, a better, bigger property for 230.... but that is a little bigger than you really need, and quite honestly you'd rather save a bit of cash and get something cheaper, say 195k....
  4. So hang on... there are 5,846,000 in public sector. That's 1/10 of the entire population - man woman and child? BBC puts a stat of 28mill in employment. In other words we are looking at around 1 in 5 employed people being in the public sector! No wonder taxes are so high... This ain't capitalism, its a socialist utopia.
  5. the law of combined development suggests it's not in our interests to be bleeding edge...
  6. The core problem is that 'everyone' thinks political awareness, education, social and personal responsibility, religion are uncool or not suitable conversation topics. So, very few people discuss anything in their daily lives, and are spoonfed drivel by whichever mouthpiece they sponsor. Once enough people start talking about it at a social level, and become aware of the issues in a more interactive level, perhaps we will stand a chance. Anyway, Brangelina make a lovely couple don't they?
  7. Well, lets not get ahead of ourselves here. Do you ever hear of Peak Gold? Or Peak Diamonds? Occasionally you may hear of Peak Wheat, but not often. Nor Peak Milk, Eggs or indeed Bacon. How about Peak Vegetable Oil? Peak Steel? None of these are infinite. We would laugh in the faces of anyone who said such a thing, yet for some reason we are coming to the conclusion that oil is running out, yet very little exploration work has been done, and still massive reserves are being found in the odd places. Diesel engines were built to run on vegetable oil, bio ethanol is eminently viable as demonstrated in Brazil, and personally I can do without the vast bulk of cheap plastic tat and packaging that we get thrust at us. Domestic power can be generated in many ways - perhaps it will be more expensive, perhaps not. Its all about money, big, filthy, money. Oh, and yes, look at the share prices and profits of the big oil corps over the last few years - particularly since 'peak oil' went mainstream and was picked up by the polititicians (who as we all know have absolutely NO connection to oil, at all, ever...). They are raking it in.
  8. Its worth noting that the main proponents of Peak Oil are big in the oil industry, but often in a quiet way. Governments have historically used fear to motivate the populace, now big business is sufficiently powerfull that it can too. Peak Oil, Gas Supplies, Droughts, Diseases, etc etc. Any excuses to push the prices up another notch or 2 beyond that which the population would accept otherwise.
  9. Of course it is relevant to consider that 'live in poverty' is often defined in a fairly relative manner - usually in terms of percentage of average income. Indeed http://www.oxfamgb.org/ukpp/poverty/thefacts.htm states: So, there you have it - HPI causes poverty!
  10. gravities.... presumably they need a proper pie eater.
  11. renting in london 800 a month for a 230k 2 bed flat.
  12. As long as they hold off a bit till I get my flat sold...
  13. Physics from imperial => Banking. Get those cvs out to all the large financial institutions you can find.
  14. eh? Median is defined as 50% of people earning below that figure.
  15. Bearing in mind that if thats an extra 25% on an IO mortgage of 800 a month that what - a grand a month now? Given that out of your 1600 a month after tax 100 will be ctax, 100 will be utilities, 100(+?) transport for work, 10 tv tax, 40 insurance, 20 mobile phone, 10 landline, 20 adsl then that means your disposable income has dropped from 400pm to 200pm. £200 a month to support your credit card payments, loan payments, student loan payments, clothing for work, food and entertainment. Of course you are also expected to be putting aside 20% of your post tax income in savings and pension - or £320. Guess there'll be a minimal pension or savings contribuition for you - even without extraneous debts. Perhaps an unsecured bridging loan of 8k will help. Paid back over 3 years at low interest it will only cost a couple of hundred quid in interest - but repayments are 250 a month. The math pans out that you will probably need another 8k within a little over 2 years... with suddenly an extra 250 to find - but maybe you can spread that over 6 or more years, and only pay back 100 a month... Either way, that 25% mortgage payment rise is going to hurt much much more than you imagine unless you run the numbers...
  16. aye... the cml stats for June this year made it clear that the median ftb salary was 40% or so above the national median salary...
  17. but in the uk jobs mostly seem to be public sector, private sector servicing public sector, private servicing, retail or utilities. Surely the vast majority of jobs are reliant on cash fluidity in the system. Is it not just a house of cards that will go horribly wrong very rapidly when enough net wealth creators dry up?
  18. 2006 Ons I've quoted here before: median 25k male median 27k female median 23k
  19. I would be happy with a fixed %, but this would need to be based on BOE base rate, not a fixed 10%. Additionally there would need to be a level of protection against price fixing - eg someone/group who happily buy a bunch of property one year, then buy more property in the area at 2x the price they could have paid last year, offsetting the interest against income tax, and happily doubling the rents on the existing property and letting the new ones out at the higher price too. In fact, thinking it through, I would be very unhappy with a percentage...
  20. What like renationalising the Utilities?
  21. Wimen: Know your limits. http://glumbert.com/media/women
  22. But all they need is some Ikea crockery and furniture, a couple of good microwaves and a back door less than 3.5 minutes to Waitburies, match the menu to the ready meals and off they go. Simple really.
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