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  1. Spent almost a decade there, only time I have a sniff of missing it is when I want to get a bus to the station... at the moment I just drive and park for free on the street. No real regrets at moving at all!
  2. Or pop out to staines for a 3 bed house with a garden and garage for less. Only an extra 15min to waterloo too.
  3. Same reason as CRTs got swapped out for the new batch of tellies. Why walkman got replaced with discman then mp3 players. It meant that a 32 inch 'telly' (crt) went from a couple of grand down to about 200. At that point it shifted to led tellies at 1500, which are conveniently now down to about 150. Same with many other tech bits and bobs. Basically a massive con... if you upgrade something because it is socially obsolete - not because it is broken - then that has to be inflationary - not only has your tv cost you a grand, but now your new tv that wasn't necessary has cost an extra grand meaning therefore that hole in your life the telly fills has cost 2000 - and if the expected lifespans coterminate, it simply cost you twice as much. Yet in the inflation baskets the jump between 200 for the old crt and 1500 for the new plasma or whatnot _has no link_ as they are seperate items, not the same thing, but the stats benefit from the expected deflation in the new item over time. Inflation wise you gain the drop over 10 years from 1000 to 200, switch to a new item at 1000 then get the drop to 200 again. Brilliant for keeping the numbers down. Don't even get me started on hedonics, where an item that becomes 'better' over time (eg the old mp3 player with 100mb at 200 quid morphs over time into a 100GB at 200 quid thereby being massively better and therefore deflationary).
  4. Thing is, it's mostly the ancient natural aquifers that are being used up - much like the problem we had in the uk last year, only more so. Sure, we can raise money to drill wells in africa - but once that water is gone, no one is going to pay to pipe it in from scotland. Same as the peak oil crowds perspective - sure its filling up, according to some quicker than others... but tapping the water table only lasts till it's gone.
  5. There's an interesting book enttled The Logic of Failure. One of the interesting scenarios it discusses is how we ****** up africa by drilling wells. Once that groundwater has gone, been spunked at an astonishing rate that allows the local societies to bloom - then its suddenly curtains, and the populations are not just decimated, but lucky if 1 in 10 survive. It's not likely to be a massive problem in northern europe, but there is a good chance of total population collapse in other areas.
  6. Consumption fatigue. Give it a couple more years and it will kick in there too.
  7. The other night in Waitrose... 2 packs of 50 twinings teabags for £4.50 on special. Alternatively the pack of 100 was £4.29
  8. Sounds unlikely, but you can never tell with the way things are these days.
  9. Better put than I was planning... Repatriation of wealth is the key. We've been losing money since the empire folded to the murcans, the sooner we take the cash back from them the better. Stamp duty alone will be better donated by Jonny F than soemone local...
  10. Aye Strongly recommend it. Quite station - almost always a seat (on the way to london anyway). Take a drive out to walton, over shepperton, laleham and up the river to staines. Very much nicer than taking the main road!
  11. The mob will always be tricked into something by someone or other. Just because you stop keeping score in 'wealth', someone will still manage it to get an advantage.
  12. Move, somewhere far away from london. We went to staines, but it's not far enough I think. Commute for 3 hours a day - when will you see the kid? Weekends? May as well live somewhere nice, and commute for the week on a contract basis - get some tax breaks in. I'm also IT, and the same sort of age... 1st kid coming this month. Been thinking lately that the chances are poor that I will ever see grandkids.
  13. I would have thought they pay tax as well... but that wasn't spelled out. But yeah, life is a bit of a shit at the moment if you aren't already settled. What do you do for a living?
  14. I'm still at a loss as to why you think it reasonable that she shouldnt.
  15. why the ***ck shouldn't she park round the front?
  16. So much happier now I have left Surbiton behind and gone out to a very much more relaxing Staines... even with the slightly longer train journey and the greater reliance on the car, life is sooo much more relaxing.
  17. looking at the big samsung phones, I would imagine that the very imminent future is docking them at home and work - into monitors, tvs whatever. PC is just about dead I reckon.
  18. Mind you, rickets and osteomalacia are making a comeback in the UK.
  19. How odd, I've never seen one. Least, not for 20 years or more. Maybe you went to one of the new ones?
  20. Well, at least it tells you one of 2 things... Either: 1. The Germans have no current military designs on Paris, and just want their gold back before the US invades France or 2. The Germans have military designs on Paris, know the French don't hold the gold they are asking for and will use it as a reason to 'liberate' their holdings once the french refuse.
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