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  1. Didn't we keep hearing for years about how the telecoms companies massively overpaid for 3G and that was why bills skyrocketed? Ah yes... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telecoms_crash
  2. I think part of what we are really seeing is the end of the domestic ATM...
  3. How about we say it is what it is, which is £5.4k a month...
  4. Don't presume to know? Your employer pays? You maintain it yourself? Good for you, so you presume to know that my fictional family has the same luxury and time and effort to spend? Who said anything about wanting to save?
  5. You really think that someone on 100k is going to make their own sandwiches and drink crappy instant coffee in the 'canteen'? Get real. This is the 'elite' everyone keeps talking about, the reason Pret and Starbucks exist. Also, I suspect you might want to pay for some insurance on the car - likely another 4-800 quid a year you forgotten. Incidentally, even driving a 10 year old car that has been paid for but sits at 270 quid a year in VED, + 40 quid for an mot is now leaving you only 228 a year for maintenance. A service at 200, a set of tyres at 300 every what 3 years - so 100 a year, sets you over that right off the bat. More if you get a puncture or need some real maintenance/repairs done. That's before you factor in the costs of buying the thing in the first place. I see you also don't pay to park anywhere - that is unlikely to be the case in London... even on the street outside your house it is usual to pay over a hundred quid a year for the right.
  6. We were. Now you are talking about my response to someone saying 70k is a dream salary... different conversation, same thread.
  7. No it isn't.... 25 quid each 4 ways? coffee and a biccy at the station in the morning - what £4? Couple of sarnies and a choccy bar for lunch? £6? tenner a day, 20 working days. Take home for 70k is currently £3,950 ish. £70k/12 is not even 6k before tax, so I really don't have a lot of faith in your ability to think this through...
  8. Really? Lets go on the pcm figures. We have 2k for rent. I guess around 200 for council tax Another 100 for basic bills and tv license. Your travel card is what - 150 each? So 300. Spend 25 quid each on mobile phones - so 100 quid. 10/day for lunch/coffee - that's another 200. 250 on a beat up old car in maintenance and tax 50 a month on petrol because you occasionally visit the shops or your family on the other side of london. Thats less than a tank - so say 300 miles worth - less than 10 miles a day. So, that's £3,200 already. No clothes, dry cleaning, beer, food, childcare, holidays, debt. Whitegoods and browngoods and other appliances set you back around 10k every 6 years, which naturally goes on tick, as does the 6 weeks in advance deposit on the rent (another 3k) , and the macbooks (4k every 5 years) leaving you 17k in hock... which is going to cost you 400 a month to repay. Still got a student loan? Lets assume not. Now we are on £3,600 of your somewhat less than £4000 take home, leaving you less than £400 a month to feed and clothe your family of 4. You aren't even close to keeping up with the Joneses.
  9. The point being to illustrate that on a bunch of stuff that isn't massively 'richman stuff' - after all, according to the media most unemployed people get a full sky package and have at least half a dozen rotting cars on their extensive driveway - having what used to be an absurdly high level of income just doesn't buy much. And yes, in lots of parts of 'london' it really helps to have a car... not that having 2 cars on the drive marks you out as loaded these days. Yes, you saved them less than a grand by cutting out some stuff - mostly stuff that isn't exactly associated with being a millionaire...and frankly being part of the HPC massif suggests you would do away with the vacuum cleaner if you thought it would save you 20p over 3 years!
  10. Aye, so add another 700 a month for credit card minimum payments...220 for a bit of council tax, 100 for basic bills, 100 for the telly landline and internet, 100 for the mobiles. 250 each for the cars - (not including purchase price), so another 500. 150 each for a travel card, so another 300. That's 2grand before rent at 2500. Call it £4,500 before food and clothing. Say 700 a month on food, drink and toiletries etc takes us to £5,200. Add on a tenner each for lunch for the adults, taking us to £5,600. Childcare at 1000 each, knocks us up to £7,600, with a coffee and a paper each on the way to work adds another £140, pocket money for the kids at a tenner a week adds another 100, and days out for the little ones at 100 quid twice a month, family gym membership for 75, hairdressing at 30 and a clothes allowance of 25 quid a month each sends us up to well over £8k a month. That's before incidentals - buying tellys, furniture, trips to france, holidays, school books, charitable donations, evenings out, breakdowns or cracked windows, fines, new suits, the boat etc... and doesn't even really represent a 'Wealthy' lifestyle That £8k a month needs a single salary over £160k to take home - or both parents earning around £75k
  11. Hahaha.... it's just that we live in a shithole of an 'aspirational' country. Aspirational... you live like shit, but work like a dog for something you can never have.
  12. Yeah, I did knightsbridge/south ken, earls court, camden and shepherds bush when I was younger. Surbiton I just got bogged down in for no especially good reason, but definitely appreciating how much more I get for the money in Staines, better QOL all round.
  13. Aye, I spent best part of a decade in Surbiton... much happier out in Staines. Life is so much more peaceful, for a couple of extra quid and 10 minutes on the train.
  14. Staines... a touch over half an hour into waterloo. 550 should get you a big 4 bedder with a river view or a large garden...
  15. Only 12% more than 3 months in arrears? Amateurs...
  16. Ah, but all it needs is someone in the chain to take on another load, and lend another 10 to Z. Lets say N. That allows Z to pay off the chain, and later on pay off N. N of course then sells the debt on to the other banks and we continue happily. Only problem comes when R,B and S stop lending, and N and R and all the others are left holding the crap.
  17. Probably get you a 2 or 3 bed semi out in Staines. 35mins to waterloo.
  18. Yeah, you can. Just not to the council. Go straight to Voa or whatever they are called.
  19. Find somewhere to rent, and gazunder them... they'll need 6 months to think it over anyway. Or just put it in storage and take a couple of months holiday.
  20. When you rock off the train rolling, driving home isn't an option.
  21. I'd have thought using police vans to take your mates to the pub after work would be misuse of public resources...
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