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  1. Tell you what - get enough folk from the south of England to visit Scotland for long enough and you might not need a Yes campaign.
  2. Me too...and if I miss a train or they get mucked up it can very quickly hit 4 hours. The shortest road route reckons about 22miles.
  3. The main people getting rich off petrol is our exchequer... 56p a litre cost, 60p duty 20% on top of it all in VAT. Theft. They are taking 150% tax on it. How can they even start to point the finger at OPEC or Big Oil as being the problem?
  4. That's just not true. I'm vehemently anti scotch, got that way through 5 years training in Aberdeen. The sooner the Iapetus Ocean reopens the better as far as I'm concerned they can ****** off in all their chippy northerness to the arctic circle.
  5. Yet if Fuel at the pump price were going to ONLY keep even with CPI - how much per year would the cost price of the petrol need to have fallen?
  6. Here we go - the thread I was on about from 2009. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=108413 The rest of the thread is pretty good too, for back in the day.
  7. Actually, the government did. Primarily through the student loans program - at a time when you could barely scrape a 400 quid overdraft, the student loans for 2k were being dropped right into your account. Somewhere on here I wrote quite a lengthy piece about it; about the (in hindsight) cynical way they tempt you in with a bit here, a bit there, consolidate, spend. Goes back to the early nineties as a strategem. I will see if I can find what I wrote, but there is a very clear plan of getting late teens/early 20s comfortable with huge debt levels right off the bat.
  8. It's all about affordability, has been for years. Even in the official dialog.
  9. Saw some ads for IT jobs from them yesterday - managed to make it into an article on the reg.
  10. Interest Only Mortgage Holders Have nothing to fear but interest itself.
  11. Hang on - all that was predicated on mahoosive uplifts in taxation and 'wealth' generated by borrowing money... anywhere in the world can be a Tiger for a few years if it spunks enough cash from future revenues now... just like almost any middle earner can live a millionaire lifestyle on credit cards, loans and MEW.... for just as long as it takes to hit the buffers and they can't borrow any more. Borrowed money is not really wealth, but the western world chooses to regard it as such in the GDP figures.
  12. I sometimes hear horror stories of folk buying ex la properties.... suddenly find themselves on the wrong end of their share of 100's of1000's £'s of repairs at 'for the council' rates.
  13. The interest portion of 100k outstanding is 416 a month. In order to even start paying off that 100k you need to be paying OVER 416 a month, or have a lower interest rate. HSBC mortgage calculator suggests that the repayment would be 585 - making total paid interest only 75k - but with the capital paid down, so total paid back to the back 200k. Are you suggesting that somehow the banks are supposed to say 'IF you had paid more, we would have only charged you 75k, so here's 50k to put against the capital'? Sounds interesting as a premise, but would make the crash of 2007 look like a blip.
  14. Anyone remember the name of that film they made about it years ago, with the spiv adviser screwing over his old mate? I know its not downfall, but a similarly catchy title.
  15. Why not just go IO if you are stretching the term out?
  16. Yeah, I don't for a minute imagine that anyone has any concern for people who owe £30k on IO. It's the twats on £300k IO that are going to cause some problems.
  17. Oh.... and what about the people that have bought since 2000 on interest only - without even the pretense of an endowment as a repayment vehicle?
  18. Have a read of the Baroque Cycle. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Baroque_Cycle Some very good reading, if a touch heavy going at times...
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