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  1. Well, when I was at school we had an armoury full of gear including bren guns and iirc a 4lb fieldgun. We could at short notice raise a combined unit of several hundred fully uniformed and poorly trained auxiliaries. Most of them could shoot fairly straight. Think it is still pretty common in schools here.
  2. Not sure what your point was, but here's mine
  3. The published rationale for higher fees was the average grad earning 400k extra over their lifespan than a non grad. One can infer that this should then have a reasonably good chance of most of this being at the higher rate tax, or at very least _all_ taxable at 20% - ie a reasonably expectation of a grad paying at least 80k extra in simple income tax, let alone the additional benefits to the economy. If the 400k figure is wrong, and if the grad earns no more than the average non grad, they would be better off sponging off the state for 3 years popping sprogs.
  4. Levels of corruption in this country have apparently become quite extravagant, or so I hear.
  5. Sadly cut down in her prime in a horrific accident with a prop.
  6. At least its not for 'services to drama'...
  7. This whole Putler meme you are trying to start... I assume you think its a cuuning play on Putin and Hitler? Whereas to most native Brits I've run it past, it just sounds like someone who pootles along doing not very much...a pretty non threatening name all round. Either that or Putler the Butler. Still not exactly Ivan the Terrible, or the Butcher of Buchenwald.
  8. There was me wondering how I was going to get to Newton Abbott this summer...
  9. A binding commitment? Has he volunteered to go up on capital charges should he fail?
  10. I rather understood that it was all a ploy to keep the commies out...
  11. Mobile client only has next and previous pages, bit rough on the 90 page threads... Why not add in a skip to page # and skip to first & last?
  12. Mobile client only has next and previous pages, bit rough on the 90 page threads... Why not add in a skip to page # and skip to first & last?
  13. That is so far from the truth it offends. Leave off the correction that has already been made, once you add in the various allowances and thresholds it changes it all dramatically. Someone on 20k for instance does not payvincome tax on half their income! This drops their effective tax rate to somewhere near 20%. For the people who earn 50k they get the same 10k free, the next chunk at the lower marginal rate and the higher tax on the remainder. Takes it to about 28% before employer nics, which push it up considerably nearer 40%
  14. Make it look like we are doing it to them rather that them to us?
  15. Its OK, Germany is about to send the tanks into Ukraine to support the local Nazi powerbase. Curiously it seems the french plan to go with them this time, collaborating from the outset presumably being easier somehow.
  16. Actually they may have a very significantly reduced budget, as the deposit they have available is reduced by the tax, possibly impacting the maximum leverage they can apply by a large factor. If they have scraped together the 30k 10% deposit, then lose 10k in tax, they no longer have budget for 300k, only 200.
  17. Germany is invading Ukraine? This is a good thing?
  18. Something to bear in mind is that losses from selling a btl can be offset against cap gain on another btl bought earlier and still making profit on the sale.... Not sure quite how that fits into the equations, but it might mean some are more willing to sell at a loss than you might think
  19. sounds remarkably similar to what we have now... Interest only mortgages packaged up and sold to the pension funds are simply a 25 year secure tenancy with an option to purchase with a large final bubble payment at the end. Got some repayment ones in there too, so there is also the more advanced fractional ownership model in play too.
  20. Staines. Easy access to motorways, 35 mins to waterloo... A few less to Clapham. Trains not too crowded except in the evening, lovely stretch of the River. Should be some bargains nearer the river this year.
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