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  1. Actually it is because the games on the PC are massively superior, the players are more involved in the intricate knowledge of their machines, and on the whole it is a far better experience for those that like that sort of thing. Consoles are a bit... well ... shit. Consoles sell well to the sort of folk who might want to rent a car, instead of buying an older, better model outright and fiddling a bit to keep it running.
  2. Maybe you are reading a different version to me, but it sounds pretty reasonable. If you can't see the truth in it, or acknowledge the fundamental truths in the piece then I am puzzled by your presence in this forum. The sheer prevalence of aggressive and deeply effective marketing geared towards massive overconsumption on credit is astounding - as is the manner in which the combination of wage deflation, stuff inflation, and housing coats has stripped the purchasing power of the consumer to a point well below perceived traditional levels. This is a concept repeated at least daily on this forum, and as been for almost the last decade. The more global mainstream media pick it up, the sooner we might get out of it.
  3. Guess someone wants to buy some new nukes then?
  4. Its actually because it all goes towards GDP and tax take. Give someone 2k to go into rented housing instead of living at home, suddenly you have an extra 10k into GDP. + another full set of bills, gas, elected, council tax, TV license. Probably a parking permit. Maybe some new furniture, so crockery and a microwave. If you are lucky a few quid back in income tax from the landlord, and some from the ea.
  5. So a rich bloke wants to spend obscene amounts of money in London, but to some of you lot that's a bad thing? Would you prefer he keeps it in a chest in his bedroom, occasionally opening it and allowing the treasures to fall between his fingers while he mumbles sweet nothings about how it is all his?
  6. Just so you are aware... Mongoloid is not considered a polite term in UK. Indeed, one tends to draw fairly unpleasant conclusions about people who use it.
  7. Its globalisation...we pioneered the approach overseas, now global incomes have risen to the point it can be done to us. No one is forced to live in these conditions, they can happily emigrate to the smaller urbanisations outside the m25 dormitory ring. Or France. Take a tent.
  8. They posted a sticky, to handle folks like damik, fsake et al... I imagine Damiks brief only caters for the handling of certain threads, nothing so sophisticated as total board control.
  9. Some people, and I wouldn't advise you to do it, learn the rules of the system better than the landlord...
  10. Damik - have you ever read the off topic forum, or are you restricted to this one by your contract?
  11. As a matter of interest, to what extent does bankruptcy clear either element... The mortgage and the gov backed bit?
  12. Really curious as to what you are driving at... Various countries in the west will be trying to destabilise as much as they possibly can, its what we do, its why half the planet is on fire.
  13. Regulatory bodies regulate... Whacked out stuff that.
  14. That is true, but I get really fed up with lazy journalists parroting the 60% tax line. Its not, its 200% tax.
  15. The world changes, keep up, or keep out of work.
  16. What - tax them and blame the retailers? Come on guys, you all know this. If petrol is £1.20/l how much does it cost? Well, lets start by taking off the VAT. VAT on £1 is 20p. That leaves us £1. Lets take off Fuel Duty @ 60p Leaves us 40p/l In order to get 40p back up to £1.20 we need a 200% increase - this is the real tax rate on petrol. 40p to dig it out of the ground, ship it halfway round the world, refine it, deliver it safely to the pump, retail it - and then also pay tax on the profits - ain't really that bad is it?
  17. I wonder if anyone out there is trying to decide on whether to spend a few trillions on some new nuclear weapons...?
  18. Trouble is old chap, that this is a UK forum. You are going to struggle with getting anyone to believe that Mr Hitler was a preferable leader to Mr Putin.
  19. Yeah, and we still got crash and bliar for nearly 2 decades...
  20. Or perhaps a cunning ploy to cheaply build a whacking great new energy efficient house in the rubble, with an enormous and much more easily and cheaply constructed basement with pool and parking over 5 floors extending deep into the garden at the back?
  21. By that logic Damik, the UK government is supporting the ISIS in Syria by sending young girls to fight for them.
  22. Curious....aren't we still deciding whether to splurge on a new set of nuclear weapons for the UK?
  23. Those photos without any context make you seem a bit... rabid Damik. Even by your standards. Pretty sure a lot of UK, Western european and US schools have days out at things like the imperial war museum, or have visiting fathers showing their work etc. Hardly looked like it was a PE lesson.
  24. Well, when I was at school we had an armoury full of gear including bren guns and iirc a 4lb fieldgun. We could at short notice raise a combined unit of several hundred fully uniformed and poorly trained auxiliaries. Most of them could shoot fairly straight. Think it is still pretty common in schools here.
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