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  1. Is 30k the new graduate average these days? I had imagined closer to 20k http://www.savethestudent.org/student-jobs/whats-the-expected-salary-for-your-degree.html
  2. Oh...and why are you only paying 5%pa when you are earning at 0.5%pm?
  3. Again...compare to someone willing to go io over 25?
  4. Since when have the merging given a crap about accidentally hitting the wrong country? And what's changed now to make them so concerned about someone accidentally bombing Iran?
  5. You should see the sockets in the Philippines. ..
  6. Well...I would imagine that a war with China would be bad for HSBC. It would be a patriotic duty not to pay the mortgage....
  7. So you'd vote for the designation of currently crappy areas to keep the crappy area badge and prevent anyone selling their property for more than a nominal sum only to people from the area? A bit like the agricultural ties covenants you see in places like wiltshire?
  8. So how does one get to one without th3 other? Should certain areas be cordoned off as legalised shit holes? Like some kind of 60s brutalist concrete monstrosity is protected by listed status?
  9. I see these words (along with things like aspiration) thrown around quite a bit on here and in various bits of the press...usually with some level of agenda tacked on. So in addition to the question in the title can we ponder whether it is possible to have social mobility without gentrification (whatever it means)?
  10. Fury would be good. Fury at the ******* that think this is reasonable. To badge you as a child on the basis that your entire demographic age group has been infantilesed and kept bereft of what would be expected in a generation prior. Pretty much too old to enlist for Frontline action but these people can marginalize you by appealing to the psychological construct that has permeated so many minds that if you are under 40byou are still somehow a child, with a child's expectations and a child's capacity for responsible adulthood.
  11. Hey... she said young people. Not people firmly established in their careers...coming up to the point where medical advice for half the population is you are too old to safely have kids... On the up side you don't have to worry about saving for retirement as that will have been abolished by the time you get there. Enjoy your servitude. But stop pretending you are young just because you don't have a cats chance of owning a basic property
  12. So...is this simply the mechanism by which both parties are accepting that next go round the economy is going to get a bit of swift resetting in the ********? This way tories get to say look what you did by electing a socialistopath, and new labour get to say... well, we would have saved the world again but you wanted old fashioned left wing fruitloops for breakfast. Everyone wins.
  13. Check out the ignorance project. As wages rise globally the more well off will want to have the nice things that culturally have been ramped up. So... globalization really is about to come and stuff us. Imagine only 1% of top 1% of China, Africa and the various Indian origin states wanting to get a crash pad in the uk. Eventually we are going to have to bomb them all back a few generations. It is tragically inevitable.
  14. Ah... a tick chart... very scientific. Got me convinced.
  15. Are these the regular saver accounts that let you pay up to 2k PA or similar?
  16. Not to mention the lack of repo sales data or iirc auctions. Just the normal ones thru estate agents as I remember.
  17. Not to mention the lack of repo sales data or iirc auctions. Just the normal ones thru estate agents as I remember.
  18. On the other hand im pretty sure that another 10 years will see the end of the internet for retail. Wouldnt be surprised if it heralded a massive descalation of corporate it in general.
  19. Ah yes...the international rape of ukraine. Heavy industry and agribusinesses sold off at rock bottom prices to western interests. New banking systems to be put in place backed by western interests. Wondwr if kpmg will be asked to write the new tax laws here too.
  20. Perhaps not, but I gather their warships do need export licenses...
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