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  1. How does this help someone who still needs 8.5x salary?
  2. through the frame and onto a metal n bar set in concrete. :angry:
  3. Remove the name and start losing the identity... pretty soon you get swamped by people pro hpi, and it becomes just another house discussion forum.
  4. my wifes bike was nicked from outside busy waitrose, near busy bus stop, mid afternoon. They kindly left the lock locked around the bike post it was secured to. the police were unavailable for comment... seems they only work a few hours a day (in Putney they are open 11am to 2pm). Will see if they call back.
  5. Might be worth some of you reading this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/4897786.stm
  6. CPI: http://www.statistics.gov.uk/statbase/Product.asp?vlnk=868 http://www.statistics.gov.uk/pdfdir/cpi0306.pdf
  7. Nor indeed aljazeera.com, which always strikes me as a bit of an agent provocateur.
  8. I'm living in the oakhill area of surbiton. Nice enough, but some company verbera or something has been buying up a bunch of the big houses and turning them into tiny flats / renting out rooms. Primarily to people who behave like scum. Frankly. Used to be a top notch neighbourhood. now its getting relatively unpleasant. Looks like people have been buying in the area and 6 months later selling up for £60k profitss. Train seems to be deteriorating, and increasing in cost along with local hpi...and council tax. (£140 a month for a 2 bed flat)
  9. Going back to the state of the country, I thought some of you may find what Mr Defense Secretary has to say about the Geneva Convention interesting...he seems to want it binned... http://www.guardian.co.uk/terrorism/story/0,,1746322,00.html
  10. ok, how about you rerun with some sensible numbers, £160 round my way would be a very cheap property. Lets rerun the numbers at say, £340k for a small house, compared to renting at £800 for a fairly grotty 2 bed flat. How does it look for me then?
  11. One of the ones to watch is the repayment protection if you lose your job. Usually it is limited to 6months or something... but if you run the numbers that often equates to less than 2 years worth of subscription payments. What's worse is for credit cards, they charge you x% per month. This then means if you have a minimum payment going out on a large balance, then most if not all of the repayment portion of it will then go on card protection. Eg balance of 3,500 minimum payment = 50 interest = 40 card protection = 9.5 ... which means the bank wins as well as the cpi company...
  12. some of the houses out of boxes are pretty nice. specially the timber numbers.
  13. One thing to remember is that in many chain diy shops choice, quality, service and cost are all moving in the wrong direction, especially with a number of online shops available.
  14. Consumption... isn't that what they used to call tuberculosis? Seems particularly apt.
  15. Of which I hear around 14mill are employed directly or indirectly by the government. Any idea on the actual number?
  16. Hmmm... and yet you haven't even started to touch on the CO2 outputs.
  17. At the moment commuting in london I am doing about 420 miles for £50. 2.5 TDI. I could do better, but squeezing out polos sometimes needs a heavy foot...
  18. I have a flat on king street in the merkland road area. 1 bed, 4x4m bedroom, same living room, 4x2.6 'dining' kitchen and spacious shower room. Any idea what this kind of property is going for?
  19. Hi, new to the forum, just a quick question. Looking at new builds in the surbiton area, what likely discounts/incentives would be available on a 2 bed £300k asking price pad (not finished building it yet...)?
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