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  1. Trouble is that it won't STOP you being raped, mugged or murdered, only improve the chances of nicking whoever did it. If the powers that be could be bothered to review the footage ( http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml.../09/ixhome.html ) Indeed what gets worse is when all your 'unique' biometric details are all in the system, and the system id's you for someone elses crime. ( http://talkleft.com/new_archives/006787.html ) And really, who wants to be subjected to identity theft a la Never Say Never Again, or worse... imagine proving it wasn't you. All this before the start of government intervention in your life, how to replace the card if it gets washed, lost or stolen, what to do if you go out without it etc etc.
  2. Well, in that case all the folk coming out of university into high rent, high travel cost, high bill and high debt payment scenarios are going to be a bit stuffed then.
  3. In aberdeen they seem to have made it an offence for _any_ landlord not to register on their searchable by the public list.
  4. Err... .actually its NET income .... ie take home pay... after tax. Guess some of you might want to rerun that. Additionally you have to remember that its INCOME not disposable income after all expenses, just after all fixed tax (but not tv tax). What you choose to spend it on will of course determine whether you have holes in your tatty trainers or a nice pair of brogues!
  5. how about the emergent super power of the EU? I fear that the US will do almost anything to keep us apart and ineffective.
  6. No, because by that stage they will have militarised the rest of the world. The party will go on. They need to be stopped soon. Find it almost funny the US gvmt complaining of concerns of China military buildup - the military budget rising by 15% to what was it - $35Bn or so... while the US sit pretty on a military budget well in excess of $400Bn - or 3/4s of the ENTIRE WORLDS military budget...
  7. Actually i think it probably has a name... some kind of itis I guess. You get the same way in shops like ikea... walk around looking at price tags of x00's then you get to the 'stick it in the bag its only £15' section. By the time you get out you are lucky to be only a couple of hundred down on tat you didnt want in the first place. Here you think, ok I'm earning well, I want a place to live. 3.5x gives me ooo £175k mortgage. A nice little house would be nice, garden, garage. Oh I see, I can get a 1 bed flat for 175. Ok, 1 bed is too small. £225k for a small 2 bed, ok, I can stretch to that. Oooh but a nicer one for £280... maybe I can get some cash off dad, knock a bit off the price ... interest on thats only a bit more than I pay in rent. value fatigue or something...
  8. So, how about organising a national tennant strike... ? Should put a blip in the house prices if a couple of hundred thousand households accidently forget to pay the rent for 2 months...
  9. Saw something a while back about gis scrounging shed loads of dinars to send home, on the basis that the fx rate would improve.
  10. Personally I think the Iranians want Nuclear Power (power, not bombs) so they can be oil independent. Then dispose of the spent fuel rods into the oil reserves, thereby making them no longer worth invading. Job done.
  11. lol.... just as I got to this statement Tom Petty started singing 'Free Falling' ....
  12. wow. You really are insane. I thought it was just a rumour, but no.
  13. Ok 2 points here I am going to bother to pull you up on... 1 Those chaps that got burned and hung from a bridge - worked for http://www.blackwaterusa.com/securityconsulting/ Check em out. Hardly civilian, and incidentally are exempt from both US and Iraqi law. 2. Whats the point in fixing anything when the US are going to blow it apart again with high explosive or DU ammo. Even if they would let you in the first place?
  14. Racist? Nah, might accuse you of being a merkin flunkey agent provocateur sent to infiltrate these boards and spread discord and malcontent.
  15. International Gambling. Reckon its pretty safe.
  16. Uhhuh. Thats one of the most contemptible, ignorant and just plain stupid things I have ever read. Congratulations.
  17. Well, if you can cause a load of disruption by just putting a note in the mail at pretty much 0 risk to yourself (certainly in comparison to carrying it out) would that not serve the purpose? Indeed, if you do it often enough perhaps you will start to be ignored (the whole crying wolf scenario). At which point you need to remind people of the serious nature of the threat.
  18. Probably down the pan since Ri***rsounds stopped selling good stuff to concentrate on low end garbage and plasma tellys.
  19. These *&&(ers http://www.vereda.co.uk/properties.asp?id=6060 seem to have trashed the Oakhill area. These pads a ...ing filthy, rubbish blowing everywhere, noisy buggers too.
  20. So how is an island defined - from a boundaries position? If the water level rises do you have a claim on the water that now encroaches where your land was? If the water level drops, do you get free land?
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