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  1. probably cost overruns in the multibillion £££ federated police database nonsense.
  2. But not by capita nor gdp. Plenty of space left yet.
  3. Curious what the production costs of oil are relative to its current sale price ?
  4. well if the choice is between a cheap tin box with a pair of garden chairs on wheels or a dramatically safer living room on wheels then I know what I choose - even if it does cost 3 or 4 times as much. As for a dab radio lasting many years, perhaps you have not bought much in the line of consumer electronics lately? You'll be lucky if it lasts a month past its guarentee.
  5. Until the locals decide its a bad thing and stop supporting the cheap flights into the country and/or vandalise foreigners properties...
  6. But thats just ******** really isn't it. The romans managed to build aquaducts that shifted water a hell of a long way down very very gentle gradients. I find it odd that in this enlightened day and age we can't better that. And for that matter you monkeys can keep away from our airports
  7. 1.8% I reckon. It would not be in their interests to report a value above the target 2% AS for gas and electric think I read somewhere that they average any hikes up over the course of the quarter... as it doesn't 'take effect until you get the bill' ! So a 10% hike will be smoothed out over the quarter down to 3.3%....
  8. 93 my 486 was mid range - there was a dx50 above it or a 386 below. A similarly positioned system would be about 900 now. (eg athlon 64 3.5, 2gb ram, ok gpu, 300gb hdd, monitor etc.)
  9. Ok - how about the frequency with which you 'need' to replace a particular item type (TV, Washing machine, computer, convertible, house etc) and the quality of item - eg High end, middle range, beginners. So we say in 1993 a mid range pc was £900 you expect to replace it in 4 years. Now its £600 but you expect to replace it every 2 years. Personal music players midrange - walkman late 80's at £40 replace in 10 years mp3 player now £40 replace in 8 months?
  10. British gas blamed the last rises of 20% or so on wholesale gas costs. They get their gas from centrica. Of which they are a subsidiary. Its the shareholders of these companies who are not our friends.
  11. Well, in 1993 I bought a 486 sx 25mhz with 4mb of ram and a 40mb hard disk (and a 14" monitor). That cost £940 delivered. For a similar amount of money now I can buy a 2.5Ghz 4Gb ram and 400GB hard drive (and a 21" monitor). So thats about 1000 - 10,000 % increase in product value over 13 years. Or -380% pa? So perhaps we should disallow high tech?
  12. Sounds like an environmentally friendly way of fighting sea level rises to me As for that pretty graph - whats the vertical scale?
  13. high interest rates do nothing to stop borrowing. Unless you consider 30% pa not a high rate? As has been said, making bankruptcy really easy, a little rap on the knuckles, and broadly understood throughout the population (maybe a good few episodes of eastenders or sommat) with an additional kicker of costs going against the lenders + a fine for irresponsible lending where appropriate.
  14. http://english.pravda.ru/world/americas/10...06/80039-bush-0 I think its probably broadly related to the US attempts to break up the CIS. http://english.pravda.ru/russia/politics/1...006/80059-cis-0
  15. Of course then you get the folk that think 70 +10% and a bit for speedo error... therefore I can go 78 ok. For some reason not thinking that maybe their speedo actually is 10% down at the higher end of the scale and they are in fact pounding along at 85...
  16. Top gear had a go at them last year - various areas with high camera usage had higher accident rates then those who spurned cameras. Wonder which constabularies are getting merged? Anyway, don't you think that the higher number of cars with advanced protection systems (crumple zones, oodles of airbags etc) has a higher impact on survivability than speed cameras? And really, if someone is walking in a dual carriage way or motor way or indeed other major road they almost deserve to get hit by something travelling over 40! Putney high street now has a camera installation located about 20 yards uphill from a major junction with lights. Wonder how many people will get distracted by the white lines just as the cars in front start braking for the red light that they should have seen (but were looking at the speedo/lines)
  17. But then again I would guess that around 60% of drivers have been ticketed at some point. Try driving along the A3 Surbiton to Wandsworth at 50 in the 50 zone and 40 in the 40. In the 3 lane motorway. As most people blast around at 60-70 its quite hard to maintain your speed at the limit without concentrating. Just get dragged along with the herd.
  18. Ever drive on the m25? variable speed limits camera enforced. Totally random seeming 50mph signs when theres no traffic about, no issues for miles either direction. As for congestion - thats not a sign of success, its a sign of *(&&wit traffic planners. "Lets stick a bus lane in here, have a one way system and a bus contraflow. Oh and some extra traffic lights on that roundabout. Then lets sync the lights so anyone caught by a red will get stopped by every red on the one way system... that should cut congestion."
  19. Hang on a moment. Saddam had a beef with Kuwait and invaded, evidence suggests that it was ok'd at a diplomatic level with the US. The beef was pretty specific, and had similarities to our south atlantic venture a couple of decades back - at least closer to that than Korea, vietnam or indeed the suez (and for that matter panama) debacle. We gave his army a bloody nose. It did the job, and we had to hang around to make sure the rest of the area didn't plough in to fill the power vacuum. But you cannot realistically say by 2002 the guy was a threat to anyone outside iraq. FFS the 'no fly zone' gave us the excuse to bomb installations on an almost daily basis. We had all but eliminated the AA and air capabilities of the nation well before the hostilities were announced. Why do you think it was such a cakewalk to 'conquer' such a dangerous nation? The only one being appeased here is GW.
  20. Let me guess - US bankers had nothing to do with the germans prior to and during ww2. IBM didn't supply the technology that allowed for the mass organisation responsible for the holocaust? Rumsfeld wasn't over in Iraq shaking saddams hand after flogging him vast quantities of something clearly not arms...?
  21. Shame about the session data - hope the links work for you tho. Remind me who's against nukes? http://unbisnet.un.org:8080/ipac20/ipac.js...3;horizon#focus http://unbisnet.un.org:8080/ipac20/ipac.js...3;horizon#focus http://unbisnet.un.org:8080/ipac20/ipac.js...3;horizon#focus http://unbisnet.un.org:8080/ipac20/ipac.js...e=~!horizon http://unbisnet.un.org:8080/ipac20/ipac.js...3;horizon#focus http://unbisnet.un.org:8080/ipac20/ipac.js...3;horizon#focus
  22. Really, not read much about the PAtriot act then? Nor indeed our recent police acts - whereby police can now arrest anyone simply because they don't approve of their manner, nor the recent bill that enables cabinet to pass bills/amendments etc without parliamentary approval? You keep hearing folk like Rice saying how the US operates within the law. Well, perhaps they do... and sometimes they just have to change the law to allow themselves that behaviour.
  23. Incidentally the NPT does not prevent research and development of nuclear power - only nuclear weapons. It also calls for the reduction of existing stocks, and for existing weapon holders to not develop any new ones, or indeed replace them. Funnily enough, Iran is well within its rights, however the UK is looking at redeveloping its existing stocks and the US is well on its way, developing smaller more _usable_ nuclear weapons as we speak. So,tell me again, who should withdraw from the NPT? How about some home truths: http://unbisnet.un.org:8080/ipac20/ipac.js...3;horizon#focus http://unbisnet.un.org:8080/ipac20/ipac.js...3;horizon#focus
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