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  1. Well, given that it is suprisingly hard to claim any sensible benefits, and the correlation between claiming benefits and being "economically inactive" is pretty poor, I would imagine it is not very high. http://www.cesi.org.uk/statsdocs/0503/lmsuk0305.pdf for some stats.
  2. Of course it could just be a cunning ploy to ramp up police powers in advance of the economic collapse. After all if every one is scared of folk being out with weapons, no one will be too upset with outrageous levels of routine stop and search will they? Papers please.
  3. Well, there's one green painted agents to avoid. They have a £300+ sign on fee + vat + 6 weeks deposit + a month in advance + £120 +vat to get out at the end + keep as much of the deposit as they can. Which when you are looking at best part of a grand a month rent is a hefty chunk of cash... Oh yes, and they charge an admin fee of x% to accept payment....
  4. How about a new games show - I want to be a primeminister. 10,000 Applicants are selected via a grand phone in. These then participate in a massive Test the Nation style quiz. The top 400 get to be ministers. The top 20 go into the Big Brother house... the winner gets to be PM for a year...
  5. hah! Filled out the nationwide clacurlator for a combined salary of 67k Apparently £1973.35 a month is affordable. Mind you £1112.08 (4.68% variable IO) is only a bit more than my rent... maybe I should go wild!
  6. enable the prosecution of lending institutions directors for manslaughter where punters take their own lives due to defaults on homeloans...
  7. Student loans are not forgiven in a bankruptcy. I believe the technique for this is to get unsecured loans and credit cards, pay off the student loan, then declare bankrupcy. But I missed the boat on that one.
  8. By this does he mean the Spaniards have been on a bit of a property bender, buying multiple, large properties - or just that foreigners have pushed up the prices of property so far that the standard spanish ftb hovel is out of reach and they have to stretch 2 or 3 times higher just to buy a poxy apartment?
  9. What we need are some good counter eas. People who work for the buyer, get the best value out of it all for the buyer.
  10. Governments have been using fear for a long time to make the people do what they want. Now its the turn of the oil, gas and water companies.
  11. um, can I suggest that any links you put up you investigate the potential for making some click through money...
  12. What - you mean russia is going to renationalise some of its resources? Like many on here would like the UK to do? Next thing you know invading another country over some flim flam fabrications in order to gain resources of their resources and boost domestic security and economy.
  13. Ok - so how many folk do you know that do something economically constructive? I reckon most of this tax is raised to make jobs to pay the folk that technology has made redundant.
  14. TV License - taken out of the cpi basket as it is a tax.
  15. So they have no guns signs on front doors. Why is that a problem? The UK is one of the very few countries in the world where gun ownership is frowned on, and broadly illegal. In this country I think we have a very unhealthy lack of understanding of weapons and an over reliance on the government to protect us. Given your concern over the gun sign - would you be happier to invest in property in say USA or Switzerland? Norway perhaps?
  16. £45 for the pads, discs'll manage another year yet. 2 Tins of soup and some paste for the exhaust - call it a 10er. £20 to fit it all. Call it £70.
  17. Ah, but you guys are all missing the bigger picture. This is important: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/devon/5004860.stm Reckon it gets more coverage anyway!
  18. probably got a bunch of btls under the desk...
  19. So centrica sources the gas (rather than buying it), passes it to its subsidiary British Gas who sells it to the monkeys. So the 'price' of wholesale gas goes up due to pressures in the east or whatnot. So what they are really saying is that 'we can make more by selling british gas to foreigners. If you want to get some you have to pay more as a domestic than the foreigners are willing to pay. Sorry, but there's nowt we can do about it'. So all you BNP'ers how about you start to make some fuss over that?
  20. Indeed, but then given the working population of the uk is only 20million then that again leapfrogs us into the lead. UK for teh win!
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