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  1. so whats the story with the eyebrows then? is there an active government culling initiative I don't know about - or do peope suddenly decide to emigrate at about 58?
  2. my car is a 96 volvo. free from my dad when he upgraded
  3. How about someone who stuffs a guy headfirst into a sleeping bag then sits on his chest till he stops breathing? Is that evil too? How about someone who drops a bomb into a town from 30,000 ft - a bomb that has an accuracy of 10m and a blast radius of 100m? Is he evil?
  4. A distinct possiblity with many of the shop workers around here...
  5. does it also occur to you that the average starter home buyer is below average income?
  6. nah ********. only reason for lowered production atm is to ramp prices. peak oil - all the core protagonists are major oil men. only people who benefit from the fear of peak oil is the oil companies - higher prices more profit. YoY profit increases for major oil companies for the last few years has been > 25% pa. Peak oil and 'Peak water' are just VI ********. Mind you, it might be worthwhile to bear in mind Bill Gates taking a major punt on Pacific Ethanol....
  7. Can't decide if the more soon is an indication that its going to get worse - or just that they will finish the story later! Anyway, the point I wanted to make was iirc one of the reasons we were (told) going to have a 'soft landing' was a healthy economy and wonderful levels of employment. Or am I mistaken in that?
  8. how much is the mortgage for? That looks like best part of 6months worth of payments to me
  9. **** off you northern ********
  10. Another purveyor of finest cheap tat up against the wall. What a suprise.
  11. Of course once you do that, and the same for electric and gas, then you have the problem that then the water companies can ramp up the prices to pretty much whatever they want, and they have you, quite literally, over a barrel.
  12. Ah... but isn't demand dropping on it's own? I mean, aren't we just running out of tat to splurge on?
  13. So is this now the point that the word 'mewling' is recoined - to describe the whining sound made be homeowners mew'ed to the gunwales and unable to take the pace? Or did I miss that already?
  14. Haha yes, after only 4 weeks living in Aberdeen myself and the majority of the english guys I knew up there had splashed out on england rugby shirts... would never have occured to us to buy them before.
  15. Have a look for the ibm machines sent over to help out with the organisation of the cleansing... IBM - The Final Solution.
  16. Just think how much our reserves would be worth right now if they were still in gold... and not merkin funny money... Thanks Gordon.
  17. Do you think this will make people think more carefully about how much they spend on their homes? I know its kind of counter intuitive - but the size of numbers people casually talk about tend to become blase. Maybe it is £350k for a small house - the stretch to £375 is not huge and with a little enabling action becomes easily reached. However if they knew that the coucil tax on a 1/4mill property would be £2.5kpa but on 1/3rd mill would be say £3.5k I think that council tax cost would seem much more relevant and immediate than the extra 80k...borrowing.
  18. Hah - putney cop shop is only open from 11 - 2. 11 am to 2pm. wouldn't suprise me if they closed for an hour at lunchtime as well...
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