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  1. Let alone the first bits that have already been pointed out, are we all so stretched that an extra £50 a month is going to tip us over the edge?
  2. Presumably if you take an IO mortgage on a btl basis and offset that against taxable income, whilst ploughing an insane amount into a pension at 40% relief, then use a lump sum out of that pension at 55 to pay off the capital you could come out well ahead?
  3. Is that just due to the declining standards of education? Got to give 200 a chance so they can rely on getting 10 gooduns?
  4. So an extra 360 odd. ie before they spent £1455 now they spend £1900 So wages have increased by £360 but costs have rocketed by £450. Of which 240 is mortgage 25 is gas 43 is petrol 19 is debt 50 is pensions 24 is council tax 31 is car Totalling: 430 ish. Ok so the numbers do add up. All they had to do was lay it out sensibly ffs and say that costs have increased 50% more rapidly than income. Almost entirely attributable to tax by the look of it!
  5. Anyone else having difficulty adding those up to the number they are talking about
  6. or more relevantly the boiler....
  7. my gas bill is about 70 a month right now, water 50+ 2 Bed flat in London.
  8. well, we've seen the fat controllers strike... so how about a punter strike? No one travel on the trains for a week...
  9. Well, if your house was 100k and had doubled in value, the house you want to upgrade to which was 200k may also have doubled. Which means your now 100k free money is dwarfed by the extra 200k on the price of the new house.
  10. Pretty convincing argument that the bank doesn't think its worth it. Find out how much the bank thinks it's worth knock 10% off and there's your offer.
  11. which would still leave me paying £100 a month for council tax on a crappy little flat...
  12. Think I need to rewrite this, but I am so pissed off right now. Why on earth would a company push a bank account (HSBC BankAccountPlus) to someone earning at best £800 a month that charges £12.95 a month just to keep the account open, when they have a standard free account? Almost all the overseas visitors I have met have had this kind of account pushed at them, almost like an easy taget because they don't know any better (think about it - you are abroad, the bank tells you there's a charge for its services, do you believe them?) Anyway. To HSBC. Cheers all, rant nearly over. Will be calling them after some fodder for a good shout.
  13. I am earning 50K. Sadly I need 225k for a reasonable 1 bed flat. Our concept of 'loadsa money' seems flawed, specially now when I see something for a mere £180k...
  14. I am earning 50K. Sadly I need 225k for a reasonable 1 bed flat. Our concept of 'loadsa money' seems flawed, specially now when I see something for a mere £180k...
  15. Apparently they are dropping their charges to £12 for late payment, credit exceeded or bounced payments. Of course they are also slapping interest rates for purchases up to 21.9%pa and 27.9% for cash Oh, and they reserve the right to suspend card use at any time for any reason...
  16. looks more like an whole King Edward to me
  17. Perhaps if people behaved in a more restrained way the public could police itself better. As it is how often do you hear screams and shouts of what sounds like violence but is infact kids/adults dicking about? If you try and step in to prevent some grief in the street both parties turn on you. The public has been turned into one big victim. 'Don't get involved', 'Don't play the hero', 'You can't take the law into your own hands', 'let the police do their job' [after they've finished their lunch]. If eveyone one on a double decker/train/club/pub turned on the twats causing hassle things would quieten down dramatically. But no one will.
  18. wtf?? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/manchester/5110842.stm He already did 2.5 years for repeatedly stabbing some other woman... then after realease raped another and bit bits off her face.
  19. Clearly you are a government operative...
  20. I saw that on the news the other week. But there's always something in the back of my mind that says 'what if'. e.g. What if the guys they attacked had gang raped one of their 14 year old sisters. What if they were reknown joyriders who had unprovably run over a young mother and her twin babies, leaving a rather angry young man and his mates. I am not saying this is the case, but going by the insane ramblings of many folk here, and almost every other online community I have seen suggest society has a very significantly violent retributive nature, and the above circumstances might lead people into actions that would be difficult to explain.... I expect I would too.
  21. I have said as much for a year or so now. Its Blairs socialist utopia. I gather about 1 in 4 people work for the government now, and online polls I have made in some forums seem to reflect that. Remember in the victorian era they used to make extensive road/canal/bridge/house building exercises to employ folk. Wonder if all this house construction is just another face of that? Me? I work in online gambling... proper private sector
  22. Yep. You can try at least. Also local health and safety. What area are you in?
  23. Thought you were talking about the BNP trolls and got all excited. Ah well, I can dream.
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