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  1. Presumably that is what CPI:H is for. Allow RPI to creep down, peg the new stuff that you want to benefit from (eg parliamentary salaries etc) to the new CPI:H. Leave the contractual obligations on the one you are letting slip, and inflate the problem away.
  2. Aye, sooner we get gordon back in the driving seat the better off we will be as a country.
  3. Well, most of us who work in london can't afford a family life unless we move out of london. London is only for the super rich, those who can face living in a crappy flat, and those in council/hb paid for spongepads. The rest of us have to move out and push local people out of the way. On the upside, there's usually enough locals willing to sell to rich londoners that we can do it, and the ones that don't tend to provide a plentiful supply of youth to stock the supermarkets that shut down the once flourishing town centers and their independent mercantile middleclasses. Shame really, but until someone sorts out the balance in london, the rest of you are screwed. Maybe head up to Corby?
  4. Ah, but once you tack on the Housing freebies, the council tax rebate, the kiddie care allowance, the notquite working tax refunds and the cash in hand they take from where ever they can quite rapidly get towards the 26k median salary for a wage slave.
  5. I have no idea about the area, but a massive house with 5 acres of woodland sounds quite nice. Spend 50 grand making it look nice from the front though
  6. Daft question... but are you _sure_ this is the LL? Incidentally, just let yourself go onto a periodic tenancy - much better for the soul!
  7. Heh - I remember the adverts on the tube for Corby... I think the site you are looking for is http://www.commutefrom.com/
  8. Just as an aside, the presentation would do better if the formatting were consistent with/without £ signs and drop the pennies.... Interesting stuff though, pretty sure they aren't comparing like for like in terms of property size in Richmond and Wimbledon though!
  9. Have a look at Staines. Moved tehre from Surbiton last year, very happy with it edit to add: Laleham side for a more villagey feel still only a short drive to the station, or i suggest just over the main road from the station, nice looking houses, 2 minute walk and 35 into waterloo.
  10. But it doesn't. Just like a crap turnout. The decisions are made solely on the votes that are counted. Why not find out what the independants round your way are doing, and run some campaigning on their behalf? At least these numbers are counted. Probably not for much...but more than 'spoilt' or dna.
  11. I think you'll find that the more expensive properties still only have 1 bedroom, but 3 reception rooms...
  12. Why not just write them a letter then? Or even better, pop in to see them a few times.
  13. mind you - their map search is a shed load better than globrix ever was
  14. I still can't get my head around this idea of the deliberate spoiled ballot....you go to the effort to vote, then eliminate your own voice. Sounds a bit.... mental to me.
  15. exactly... just what every other decent website does to try and track what it's customers do. The truly stunning bit about it is that this is somehow news, and hasn't been done already.
  16. Well, if you used solid fuel there would be less of a problem I suppose?
  17. Just suck a tooth... say ....risky.... Could also do a bit of research on all those blocks up noorth that the councils are refusing to buy because they aint up to snuff. Finish up by mentioning something along the lines of, 'always figured you for a sensible investor, not a gambler.'
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