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  1. Is it fair to assume this is Brexit related? And trying to turn the C2 voter base against the pro-EU Tory leadership?

    The stories so far about Cameron amount to £300k inheritance, £30k in trust and £200k from his mother which are hardly spectacular amounts.

    I know it will seem a lot to many people who can't bare the the thought of others having greater wealth than themselves, but given house prices these days, these are not huge amounts. One of the papers even thought it should say David Cameron has learnt £1m in salary as PM. Again this is hardly that spectacular.

    Did it mention the fully expensed house? The private secretaries? The jaunts all over Europe?

  2. Lifetime/inter-generational mortgages, as you'll find in Japan. Lock the population into a perpetual and un-payable debt and their work is finally done.

    The banking system will find a way to keep sucking at this teat and, never forget, they have invested their profits in buying the best politicians money can buy. Between them, they will find a way...

    We already have interest only. That's even cheaper.

  3. Exactly.

    When has nature ever gone into space? We have!


    Nature has created an enormous space station, with massively effective deflector shields, and a universal replicator capable of aggressively adapting to a wide range of environments and conditions, and various methods of self replication, automatic healing, and problem solving capabilities. Some of which appear to satisfy various logic definitions of intelligence.

    Hell of a lot more than we puny humans have managed yet.

  4. Of course- my point is that we are operating a double standard here- when a poor man acts in their own self interest by gaming the benefits system you would probably condemn him for it- but when a rich guy like Bezos acts in his own self interest by gaming the tax system you seem to want to defend him.

    In both cases the intent is to exploit loopholes and weakness's in the system for reasons of self interest- does that mean it's ok to game the benefits system in your view? Or do you feel there is some moral obligation not to do so?

    Only if the state stops gaming it for their own interests.

  5. F'g t0sser and I don;t care if my account is closed as a result.

    It's the only democracy in the ME. It is terrorised every f'g day by racist pr1cks like you but you don't want to know that. F'g t0sser. Muted of course.

    The media never shows what Israelis go through EVERY SINGLE DAY. Look at @capitalistsUK and from time time s/he gives the reality.

    No Western country would accept what they put up with but they have to bcos noone helps them. The media alters everything about Israel.

    Haha wow.... 2 years on and you seamlessly launch that diatribe... awesome forum foo

  6. Median salaries for an area follow the normal distribution.

    60% of people earn the median or less.

    Once you get to twice the median the you are talking about less than 5% of the *working* population.

    I think about that when I go about my business in an area with a 25k median wage and see lots of people drive by in 30k 4x4.

    It's a bit optimistic to say they follow a normal distribution, and fundamentally wrong to say 60% earn median or below.

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