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  1. Do the batteries cost to rent them? The ones I’ve seen on autotrader seem to suggest that it’s about £70/month which seems to negate any benefit unless you do a lot of miles per day.
  2. Sounds like dodgems to me! That’d be fun....
  3. What about greater working from home - I can only see this increasingly rapidly with better tech and sky high prime central London rents. Hot desking is becoming the norm now, surely just one step on? I’d hate to be in PCL commercial real estate - massive towers in the City and no idea who will fill them all!
  4. I've seen this happen to a work colleague in the US too. An expensive lawsuit followed...
  5. It will happen that real estate will have to pay for social care- despite middle class bleating, maybe the deduction could be what they actual paid for the house for inheritance and the remainder can pay for their care?? And we all wonder why the govt are propping up the market ad infinitem- socialising the social care budget and getting the next generations to pay for it via debt...
  6. So ok, if there was a taxation volte face, and we went with LVT over income tax- what would be the consequences then, apart from the panacea of lower prices that we all seem to be after. Much higher rental demand and prices following? Immigration? What level would you set it at? What would happen to inflation?
  7. After reading some articles on line, noting what might happen to government debt if interest rates were to rise- if the central bank turns interest rates negative, what would happen to government debt? http://www.pgpf.org/analysis/2016/12/higher-interest-rates-will-raise-interest-costs-on-the-national-debt
  8. StAlex

    MSM analysing Property Crash

    I registered for this- pretty poor article on the whole and not much to get excited about. They didn't offer much supporting evidence.
  9. Looking at the graph on the zerohedge website- I'd love to see where the UK compares to Canada and the US... lets hope it ripples and starts something.
  10. Automation bites. We will see this increasingly within the SME commercial sector also shortly, the next year or so will continue this trend
  11. At least half of the new Rightmove instructions in my area (and I'm looking to buy currently) are reductions. Typically these are in 25k blocks, a few are down 50k and still are for sale. Not many fit what we want for a house which is annoying... just need the snowball of falling prices to gather some pace as it falls down the mountain!
  12. How do the income multiples compare in these two cities to London?
  13. StAlex

    EPC Rating issues ahead

    Living in an old rented property and being keen on eventually purchasing some form of period property, this got me living in hope that something may change. Alas the maximum cumulative penalty seems to be £5000. Therefore if a landlord was faced with a bill greater than that for compliance, and to bring efficiency up to scratch, then one guess what might happen...
  14. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/life/18-sticksand-signs-neighbourhood-has-hit-peak-gentrification/ sounds a bargain!

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