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  1. Lol welcome to this site! There are some decent discussions occasionally and actually it's quite funny to watch some of the older posters year after year predict wrongly. We were apparently nailed on to have a crash after MMR section 24 being announced HTB phase 2 being withdrawn and second home Stamp duty being announced plus Basel 3 (coming soon I promise!) and Chinese capital controls and of course the big Brexit. In fact the old joke about HPC predicting 8 of the last 1 crashes. You just learn to ignore the more vocal posters and concentrate on those with a track record of being right most of the time.
  2. Glad to be on hand and get this important report discussed. No need for your offensive language though although perhaps you are just upset about being wrong again for another month.
  3. Selectively?! the rightmove report was on her 10 mins after its release this one took ages I actually found out from the Daily Mail first! do you know another index that measures actual sales across the whole range of properties? nationwide Halifax, rightmove, RISC, homenet and any other selective index are all worthless. Land registry shows the most detailed report and they actually release the data. Surely this should be the gold standard in HPI reports. Yes I'm angry about the increasing HPI (it ruins lives mine included) but I thought HPC was a discussion site and some on here are turning it into a house prices are falling/about to fall even if the evidence showing that is dodgy at best. And simply calling someone a troll you don't agree with isn't really a discussion. look at the predictions thread from December last year Not mentioning names as i don't want to make it personal. There is a lot of falls predicted that haven't materialized and instead of starting out from the position house prices will fall (and I want them) lets challenge these predictions, lets look at all the data especially the reports of real sales. HPC opinion (and there are loads of distinctive different opinions out there) is at odds with the mainstream economic views you cannot expect these to go unchallenged on an economics site otherwise we risk becoming the new Zerohedge.
  4. What about saved by someone quoting facts, you know real actual sales.,
  5. So no thread here (surprise surprise) about the Land Registry Figures must be getting over excited about some sham asking price index that is 27% above sale prices. But anyway nothing too unexpected for me (maybe for those who seem to have witnessed the great crash in the last week) but house prices were UP 0.4% in september to 5.4% which is an acceleration in house price growth. Yes an increase in the rate of growth from actual completed sales. My 6% guess at start of year could yet be right https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-house-price-index-for-september-2017
  6. The most stupid thing about that article is it assumes house prices continue to grow at 11% pa. WTF continue current land registry is less than half that. Stupid half assed claptrap.
  7. I couldn't live at home however renting a room or part of a house has suited me fine for years. I can move in an instant don't have any maintenance to do additional safety of having others in the home. I rent the top floor of a house it is brilliant i have shedloads of free cash which I save. I have had bad live in landlords though but If you get a good one you do your best to get on with them and stay there whilst you need to. Everyone has silly rules i remember no BBQ's in the kitchen (which actually mean don't use the grill) but for others it can be like a house of friends chilled out and relaxed beers in the garden fixing motorbikes on the drive ect. Living at home isn't for everyone, but the option doesn't have to be moving out to a rented house or buying. Renting a room in a nice area or a section of a big house can allow you to like in settings beyond your means which has been great for me as i move locations to find interesting jobs every few years.
  8. Sorry what part of my factually correct post upset you? The rate of increase did increase, my area of cambridgeshire is still showing slow rises. The land registry shows a much higher figure than this. I am just a bit hacked off by being criticised for predicting rises it's like burn the heretic whenever someone doesn't predict a fall on here at times
  9. Excellent what a brilliant start to the day. This crash may just may be on.
  10. If you went through the effort of mewing you could get https://www.barclays.co.uk/mortgages/family-springboard-mortgage/ which is like the above but requires you to convert equity in the current home into cash. As i have said the idea that mortgages are getting harder to come by like @spyguy would have us believe is somewhat dubious at best.
  11. Nope seen it before I think it came out in march.
  12. I have just had a small pay rise and thought sod this so now put 30% of my salary into my pension, i get the national insurance savings too from the company and the company contributions all to bring me out of the 40% tax band. For me this is a no brainier i pay less than 5k in rent and bills so save what i can so getting out of the 40% band helps my tax free allowance for savings interest too. The 40% tax band is pretty crucifying and in my opinion paying for too many giveaways, winter fuel, child benefit, working tax credits ect. The main issue with saving cash which i may need for a house deposit is being able to get a rate of return but have it available to go should the right home appear. Anyway back on topic about poor busta hahahahah.
  13. Can you imagine if this was said on property tribes about ignoring evidence and relying on anecdotes? This is getting a bit comical Ali like "there is no HPI here!" despite all the evidence to the contrary. The fact some ignore reports and coalesced evidence in favor of anecdotal evidence explains ho they can be wrong for so long refusing to accept reality which has been HPI+++ for years
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