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  1. Does this make you feel good? Perhaps you should learn to spell. Hang around with people who understand grammar.
  2. It's not always to do with house prices. The "positive thinking" regarding polls of this nature merely reflect the respondent's overwhelming desire to underscore their superior intellect and reaffirm why they spend so much money every month on sleeping quarters while 'being taken to fookin' cleaners" by those who look down on them with utter contempt.
  3. Regardless of the politics/brexit etc- good for them!
  4. You are kidding. I know of so many situations where the old gits will not discuss or do anything sensible at all whatsoever with regard to transferring wealth, title deeds etc because they are so effing stupid and think they are never going to pop their clogs (that's only for other people! )
  5. How this is in any way fair I don't know. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/tax/inheritance/new-death-tax-confirmed-probate-fees-20000-will-apply-may/
  6. Like P.P.I. Are mortgages getting to the point where they are being mis sold? Let's say, you get a mortgage based on projected earnings, etc. So the comfortable 3x is now a mental 7x, at what point do the FCA et al decide that even though you gave (dodgy) figures, the loan company did not act in your best interests in letting the borrower think that it was "actually possible to own your own home through the mortgage product sold." (or similar- but you get my drift.) Imagine a mortgage mis selling scandal. Which is basically what it is.
  7. it's our mindset that is wrong. We need to change from thinking they want (or care for) us to actually own our own home, and take a shift to the thought that they just want to loan large amounts of pretend digital money against houses people think they own. Once that fact is clear, we can look for the reasons behind it. It certainly allows them to lend people even more money in other types of repayment vehicles and call it "secured." But as nobody actually gets hurt in the city if a punter defaults, then who actually gives a fukk.
  8. You should be honoured they called you, it's not just everyone that can get one of these you know!
  9. WTF. You are attractive because you hold the coins- sorry Bhoy, but you really need to allow them to sort their own shit out while you sort yours out. I had all this crap with my ex, powerful father figures are very difficult to navigate in a relationship. But WhyTF doesn't he pay her mortgage off if he is loaded?
  10. IIRC, Corby was the one that had the massive rises, andthen the massive falls last time... (?)
  11. Well I'm out on my ear, and know of about a dozen others. BTLB's are getting them sloshed over with magnolia as we speak..
  12. 900K+ shithole, and furniture worth maybe 1K. Probly nothing in the fridge either..
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