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  1. 20 years ago nobody liked living above a commercial let which was at the time a shop but could become many things. I have a feeling they still don't, but have been priced out of houses.
  2. I can't remember ever understanding why anybody would want to live above a shop in zone 6, at any price.
  3. The north is dreadful. I aspire to live in London. Even when HS2 gets here.
  4. Michael Flynn down in the comments section under the article is convinced he has it all worked out.
  5. I did like this comment.... "So they made £160k or so. Plus they got to live in Vietnam (oh the irony), off the income."
  6. I'd go along with those numbers. Not sure about the media though, in the place I am most familiar with it is reported. I don't see much of the media from other countries so can't comment.
  7. Absolutely right, which is why I am surprised when people think there is anti-eu sentiment being kept quiet by the press. In the same poll, % of Spaniards who believe EU has benefited them over the last 30 years, 78. Hardly surprising. I'm sure the results would be different in Greece, but to suggest Spain would want out is somewhat wide of the mark.
  8. That should be without exception (mods... why no edit capability?)
  9. I live in Spain. Spaniards hardly mentioned Brexit at the time of the vote but since Article 50 I've been asked for my opinion at least 3 times at every social gathering I've been to. Almost with exception (one of my friends is from Barcelona... he's the exception) they can't understand the decision and think we're crazy. At the time of the vote a poll of Spaniards found: 64% thought we'd vote remain, 25% thought we'd vote leave Asked, "if you were voting, what would you vote": 80% would vote remain, 12% would vote leave. Printed in El Pais but I don't know which polli
  10. Oops. Just spotted there's the other thread. I have no delete or edit buttons so can't remove it.
  11. Never mind S24 slapping them in the face, their Mum should get in there first with a good hard one. Then again, she brought it upon herself when.... "we supported their learning throughout school and university; we have never pressured them towards any particular career". This is why kids arrive at 30+k of debt with no chance of earning it back after studying a pointless degree for 3 or more years. She should have seen it coming. She's also missed the point that a BTL property empire is supposed to deliver a life leeching off the 'fruits of hard labour' of others, not her. Thankfully
  12. I see IT jobs advertised today at similar rates to well over 10 years ago. It's outsourcing and importing people that has resulted in the situation. My son works in IT for a London-based financial services company and the last dozen or so recruits have been non-UK people. I'm just catching up on the thread.... in answer to the question about uni debt, the reason to go is to get the absolutely necessary degree needed to work in many parts of the world. If people manage to get into a job and get some experience they can go off and ply their trade elsewhere, or stay here and be part of the l
  13. I've lived in a few countries and would call-out the UAE and Spain for awful new builds. It's easy to have a poke about what the government should be doing but in fact a lot has been done to raise standards. A friend of mine was thrown across a room in his Spanish villa last week due to poor wiring and the failure of the circuit breakers. What's sad about housing is that if you gave 100 average people an hour with an architect to work out and draw a home that would be the ideal living space for them, precisely none would draw the house the live in, or houses they will in the future live i
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