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  1. I think you will find the Americans they rescued were diplomats from the embassy, not tourists. The British embassy was also surrounded by militants, and they looked like they were going to storm it as well, so couldn't help. I would like to add, when working in Thailand I got to know embassy staff from various countries..and the horror stories they told. About 50% of Brits that visit Pattaya do not have insurance and expect the embassy to pay their medical bills, and repatriation costs. (FYI the embassy does not do that) Many who get fined for various minor infractions expect the embassy to pay that as well.(Guess what, they dont, neither will they "get you off" but they make sure you are treated the same as a local) Also if you get deported YOU pay for it UK or Thailand wont pay for it.
  2. If they have no savings, how are they going to find the extra money for the mortgage from their current expenditure? The drop in living standard needed to fund this will be huge.
  3. Known locally as "Joining The Pattaya Flying Club" There is at least one other husband, maybe more, in the picture somewhere...trust me......
  4. I actually worked as a schools inspector in the rural north-east of Thailand for several years. (In the province of Buriram for anyone who knows Thailand) So I do have expertise in his area. The village GFs family will usually expect signs of wealth from the farang (foreigner) boyfriend. They wouldn't kill you, as you are a golden goose. Most Thais have very large debts, often hidden, and so if money is suddenly needed such as a hospital bill, your GF, or her family, or her cousins, neighbours, friends etc will be looking to the foreigner to help them out. And yes, Thai hospitals WILL turn off life support machines if there is no money coming. Now try to say no. What happens is the foreigner comes to live in a village, miles from anywhere, and soon gets bored as noone really speaks English, and there is nothing to do. So he drinks.....a lot. Other girls will launch themselves at him as he is loaded (in their eyes), or start nasty rumors about him seeing other girls/boys, trying to engineer a split. Your village GF expects not to work, or you have to set her up in business. Beer bars, beauty salons, cafe/tea/coffee shop are popular, (and expensive to run), but the smaller the village, the smaller the chance of a profit. You will be expected to teach English According to local news reports you can hire a hitman for $500, or less. Your biggest cost is health insurance which gets very expensive as you age, or after you have made a claim. 30% increases are not unheard of. Over 65s are in many cases unable to get insurance at all. About half the long term expats retired to Thailand do not have health insurance, according to the consulate in Pattaya. Like most countries, Thailand has pros and cons.
  5. Lot 20. I think someone hasn't read the legal pack. 194,000 for a three bedroom semi in Mitcham, with less than 20 years on the lease!!!! !
  6. They also have a house for sale, same street, same no of bedrooms, recently reduced to 800,000!!!
  7. Just say that rent be paid in advance, like working renters, (not arrears like DSS.) I hear many landlords now don't ask for a deposit, too complicated, but insist on a home owning guarantor.
  8. http://www.strettons.co.uk/services/auctions/online-catalogue/
  9. At Strettons auction today, mainly freehold ground rents. Actual houses were lots 1-25. Of these, 8 were sold on the day, 2 sold prior, 2 withdrawn. Not good.
  10. NOTHING SELLS ON THE DAY!!!!!! 15 lots. 2 sold prior https://www.eigpropertyauctions.co.uk/live-stream/auction/auction-house-thames-valley Wow........
  11. Andrews and Robertson 19th September 65% success rate, which includes a fair few lots of ground rents being bought, which IMHO skews the results making them look better than they actually were.
  12. Went to a local "fair" type thing. Several of the stallholders said that they wouldn't rent a shop. Too expensive, and if successful landlord hikes the rent. IIRC charity shops pay low/no rates. So the government taxes the small shopkeeper, while letting multinationals pay little in tax. Remember that program "The town that took on the taxman" showed how many tax dodges there were for those with the skill/knowledge to do it. Can't link to torrent on here for copyright reasons.
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