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  1. My LL is having a similar issue. After raising rents a little too hard a few months back in a shared property, she's now finding nobody willing to take the last room at that price. Since it's inclusive of bills, this is causing quite some desperation! On the bright side, she's reasonable - she says that whatever price she does find someone to take that room at, she'll reduce the rest of our rents to (since the rooms are all very similar in size).
  2. AI has a few ways of getting around this, but I really just want to focus on one. If you are building a 'deciding machine' which, given a set of inputs, determines which to accept in order to maximise some overall property of the outputs (e.g., given applicants, select only ones that are profitable to our business/given a set of treatments, select the most cost effective drug for the number of days the patient's life is extended/given a set of treatments, select the drug that causes the patient the least side effects for the remainder of their palliative care), then you end up with two se
  3. I admit I'm wrong! My SD stream had such poor quality that it wasn't clear enough to read. However, I've just gone through and rewound the HD channel on the TiVo and you're absolutely right, this all was one call, so she was completely coerced into it without an offer being passed on. I'd go back and edit my post but I don't have the ability to.
  4. One thing worth noting. It sounds like he says "OK. I'll have to get on to the client" directly after she says £60k. Also, the bit that could just be fobbing is 12 minutes long. Look at the clock on the top right of the central console. The £60k comment is at 10:23, and the £75k comment is at 10:34. It's entirely possible these were two phone calls spliced together by editing, in which the EA has talked to the seller between to decline.
  5. Again, and this is just me trying to work out what technicality their excuse was... "Oh, she said she was THINKING of £60k. She didn't tell me this was a formal offer, I took this as her asking for advice as to whether her thought was going to work! I was simply advising her that £60k wasn't in line with the seller's thoughts, and that £75k would be more appropriate. I was never instructed to offer £60k, and she immediately asked me to offer £75k instead. I complied with her specific requests." I don't disagree for a moment it was scummy and manipulative. But I bet there's some reaso
  6. And both were terrible for their effort! So we have a guy working constantly designing and crafting things that a limited set of people would like, trying to add artistic flair and ultimately excluding people who just want a simple box to live in, constantly trying to be unique in development after development (it just takes one misstep to be stuck with a property nobody wants if each one is like marmite)... And we have two people who didn't just pay 50% over what they wanted to for a property, but also maxed out credit cards to afford the refurbishment, managed a project without und
  7. Did he actually refuse, though? I agree that the EA gave them the impression that it wasn't worth pursuing such an offer, and that they needed to do better, but did they actually state it, or just give partial facts to the point where the ladies made up their own minds on the matter? Just the same as not being able to state that I have a cancer cure here, but I can claim that it removes toxins known to contribute to cancer...
  8. I have to agree. I had no idea that the data was so rich or valuable. I thought that my script would be a one off or maybe a once-a-month thing to see progress. However, it's evident that there's so much hiding in the data sets which the media organisations don't exactly report on...
  9. The cynic in me says that it's because four times salary means no homes at all. 20% under valuation still gives a tidy profit after the ongoing, rampant house price spikes.
  10. I love good debate and argument. I keep an open mind and am always willing to change my mind given the right input from the other side. However, in the case of this email, I just wanted to deconstruct all the things that irked me and wound me up, and closed me off to any kind of positive emotional reaction.
  11. The email shown may have value, but it's based on one single example from what sounds like a pretty good landlord. We can't generate a policy where we never cause negative things to happen to good people. There's no "Oh, you give lots to charity? You'd better be exempt from the next tax rise" clause. I'm actually going to take some of the points of the email, though, to point out areas where it's not quite so valid. Things I haven't mentioned are actually probably decent points, I'm not cutting them out to make the email look worse than it is. Much the same as the perso
  12. BS17 isn't a postcode area any more. The internet seems to imply it was removed and recoded in October 1997. Rightmove doesn't recognise it, and therefore can't generate data for it.
  13. I've taken the tech talk off into PM, but I really appreciate the fact that you value my effort! Glad to see some other techies around here.
  14. It's actually all Rightmove. Although I don't want to announce it too loudly, in case they hear and take it away... you can request a larger range than the two years they artificially limit you to, and they actually have that data as well.
  15. Drop me a line if you want to talk about getting access to it, guys. The reason I'm saying that is fourfold: Rightmove seem very protective of people trying to scrape the page, threatening complete blocking of my charting script. I've already got rate limiting for requests set at one every sixty seconds, so the last thing I want is to have you all constantly receiving "Sorry, try again in 46 seconds" screens because you're all competing for that one request allowed each minute. This was made in my free time, and I have absolutely 0% guarantee that it's correct data. I haven't do
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