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  1. Better bathrooms in administration... guess without the cheap refurb btl brigade they felt the pinch
  2. I'm zone 6, and not far from areas you mention, prices have gone up a third since about 2015. With every since property listing since then mentioning Crossrail i can't help but find it amusing it's delayed. I also assume when you say these houses start at 270k, they must be ex-squats next to a chicken shop as I put that as a few and far between price.
  3. Strange to see this pop up on here of all places, as just in the last fortnight have found this to be a great cure for restless legs.
  4. If they do, then I'm very likely f**ked no matter how much of a crash. Being rather tight this Christmas just in case. Next three months is critical. Maffo in Oxford mentioned Kier too - the new procurement process they have put in place is nothing but an excuse to delay payments, massively complicated for no other reason than to keep the money in the bank for longer, extra work for their staff and hassle for suppliers, can totally understand why they are so shorted. My money is on more restaurant/pub chains - I got more black Friday emails from them than I did retailers.
  5. I'll purposely vote Labour if the Tories go ahead with this... yes I'm spiteful but you don't turn 31 and all of a sudden find a sodding money tree
  6. Nothing on TV for you?! Personally found this thread useful on a couple of counts
  7. Is she selling all of them? Thats decent of her to have the release clause. Have you checked what else is about for you to rent instead? I"m not far from there and have to say there seems a quite a few reductions recently which is unusual from previously
  8. https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/3359637-Help-Letter-from-tax-office-after-selling-my-house Nice example of real life case study, OP is either completely clueless or deliberately vague...
  9. Worth pointing out the above is an auction listing so not supposed to sell that low, but link to recently sold nearby shows another one... Sales history Sold prices provided by Land Registry Feb 2018 Sold£124,950 Dec 2015 Sold£159,995 Oct 2015 Sold£128,995
  10. https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/46088606 200k profit after chipping away 100.. still not sold though!
  11. https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/47222415 this one really has me wondering when it will bottom out!
  12. I'm sure the BBC said they were £400k+... not sure what all the fuss is about, just rent them out innit
  13. It's recorded that you are only making the minimum though and therefore a negative to do so... add an extra fiver a month and you'll be looked upon more favourably
  14. I'm in London so can benefit from the higher limit (hahaha) - was under the impression though that even an unused one would discount the first month higher deposit amount if another one was opened? We save over that every month (living with family) so would be handy to make the most of the additional bonus if possible
  15. For those here who seem quite savvy - if you have a HTB isa but have never used it (any payments made bounced back) can you just go open another one elsewhere or is there a special process?
  16. Kind of a shame to log in, find a load of replies, think there's going to be something heartening to read, and instead find post after post of off at a tangent petty squabbles. No wonder it's quiet on here recently
  17. London Borough of Havering actually (or LBH!) and yes private sector leases. Some contracts being broken even 3 years early, aim is to exit them all this year Just cottoned on that you may mean that's where they will end up...! Bit far for the school run
  18. Bad day for landlords in my local area, the council are breaking PSL contracts for certain tenants as they are too expensive and at least a couple hundred households will be rehomed (god knows where)
  19. https://www.propertytribes.com/landlord-beyond-belief-t-127634778-4.html Can we all please bookmark this thread so when the market does crash we can take comfort in that the leech that is Paul Barrett will probably spontaneously combust, just look how demented he is over just 3k rent arrears. His shit house of cards (would be a better pun if he wasn't so potless he could only afford deposits on poky flats) will come crashing down and I reckon he'll be getting laughed at in the street by his ex-tenants as they pass him bedding down in a shop doorway. Reading comments between him and that smug faux rich twit Jonathan Clarke ("I tell my tenants their leftovers casserole smells delicious knowing my garlic mushroom starter at the steakhouse cost more than their entire family meal") makes me wish there was a way to send AIDS through a keyboard. Loosely quoting PB for clarity "you tell your cancer riddled single Mum tenant from me, she's scum until she starts paying her rent again"
  20. Someone pointed out something that hadn't occurred to me in that by raising the school leaving age it automatically makes unemployment lower, guess that recent change has helped the fake almost record low
  21. Merkel does not allow bailouts though, the hypocrisy of doing so for the Germans when she denied Greece would be immense
  22. BBC news reports it's Brexits fault, whilst giving a casual mention of things like LTV in London and South East may be under scrutiny... Surely a sign they see falls (sorry, negative growth) continuing? Every month without fail I get a letter from them telling me I could have a 35k loan over 5 years, to me this move is a good thing, after all people don't take responsibility for their own debt nowadays
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