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  1. I agree with you about the CBs but we have been here before, read some history books and you will find your talking nonsense. History always repeats itself most of the time...........bitcoin or not.
  2. plenty of room for mortgage rates to go further down (plenty of years in the rigged system)
  3. Bitcoin investors need to be prepared to “lose all their money,” European council said this week, the latest warning on bitcoin. Two weeks ago it was the BOE who said it, this week it was the ECB, few weeks time it could be the Fed saying it as well. Bitcoiners just sell your fools gold - the game is up. plenty of warning regarding your cult.
  4. 'i guess the rich are those who understand money and lift themselves out of poverty, much like bitcoiners'. Nearly choked laughing lol bitcoiners understand money, what buy and hold, any idiot can buy fools gold - no strategy. funniest thing I heard in a long time...... i'm in tears
  5. traders would beat investors..... not hard to buy and hold bitcoin. more profit trading
  6. nah, 'inflation' and velocity of moneywill keep the bubble going....
  7. of course I know.... I've got a electronic engineering degree... Bitcoin will be controlled via regulation. the world is about all control. Bitcoiners wake up!
  8. Once the CBs create their own digital currency (coming soon), people will jump ship from bitcoin. Noone has a clue who created bitcoin and its full history !! Do you think the CBs allow it to grow? no way, bitcoin is just dumb investors piling into something worth 'nothing' = pointless and speculative.
  9. Can a bitcoiner explain to me why bitcoin has dropped since the ban on trading derivatives on crypto???? Also, why is bitcoin close to its 50DMA? speculative blow off?
  10. no the poster didn't say that.....just mentioned fools gold ponzi Intelligence levels of bitcoiners must be low..... Isn't Satoshi Nakamoto a cartoon character made up fake?
  11. Peter Schiff is worth a listen like.... He was spot on warning about the GFC well in advance....... Bitcoiners just sell your fools gold....
  12. Bitcoiners gone into hiding since bitcoin started to drop.........ran out of suckers (buyers) at the moment?
  13. I don't do bitcoin mugs game which I am vocal about on here. I stick to shares. Bitcoin is prone to volatile swings; making it popular for traders to speculate on. Just use FX, good technical analysis tools to use for free.... I wouldn't buy and hold bitcoin. I would be trading it. always be either at the entrance or exit. People who hold onto bitcoin don't have a clue about it just luck (or mnau years waiting.....). Bitcoin may have hit the peak, not to be seen for years......
  14. I told you all to sell bitcoin 10 days ago after technical analysis. remember bitcoin is not a investment, its good for trading and stealing money. Remember buy the dips and/or swing trade.....
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