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  1. First he predicted manipulated Bitcoin going to 400K. Now he believes it will fall to 20K. The true value is NEGATIVE as it has not intrinsic value & is the Mother of All Energy Hogging Pollutions Guggenheim CIO expects Bitcoin to drop to the 20,000 level
  2. In the news.... governments want to track all bitcoin from wallet to wallet.... open ledger
  3. I bet the boomers are getting discounted holidays as well.......
  4. agree, they props invested in travel stocks as well. To profit from their holidays....
  5. When oil prices dropped so did your house prices..... wealthiest country... What you going to do when you run out of oil?
  6. we can add holidays to the list. Final salary pensions, properties, free education..... holidays abroad
  7. When baby boomers are no longer in position powers.... when young MPs are struggling to buy..... the tide will change!
  8. nasty thing to say about boomers...stupid and deluded. Selfish yes
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