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  1. I've noticed the same too; Waitrose - completely out of eggs while the small shop 200yd down the road still had stock. I think it's a sad indictment of people's solidified mindsets that even when they're panicking over running out of food, they don't even bother to check / patronise the smaller shops
  2. Apparently, although I guess that might just stop the eventual eviction rather than viewings etc preceding it. Were I that tenant I'd ensure I had a few coughing fits just within earshot of my new guests...
  3. Nice - Foxtons living right up (down) to expectations. Some nice PR to bolster their share price; which has fallen by around 65% in just under a month..
  4. Indeed - it's such a beautiful contrast between the greater-than-usual foaming-at-the-mouth VI "optimism" of their thinly-veiled marketing tool and the grim reality of what's unfolding around the country / what the market likely has in store over the coming months..
  5. Wow - FTSE down a further 6.5% already today; having lost nearly 30% in less than a month. I can't see the panic stopping any time soon either since the virus has a long way to run yet..
  6. Hopefully; although as usual I suspect what will really happen is anyone's guess as the market seems incredibly, stubbornly resileant in the face of the ever-growing myriad reasons why it deserves to crater..
  7. "Buyer boom sets scene for new price records this spring" - +0.8% MoM. A sickeningly "optimistic" piece stating rocketing new buyer interest and growth in sales as a prelude to the spring bounce; I guess driven by the "pent up buyer demand" they suggest and mis-placed Brexit-decision-driven sentiment piled on top of the usual growth in activity that's anticipated this year. While none of this bodes well in itself, I love their disgustingly chirpy optimism against the background of the unfolding global pandemic of unprecidented proportion in living memory - who in their right mind is go
  8. Thanks - again though I think a lot of that is down to volatility and it'll probably be nearly cancelled out by an up-swing next month / the one after etc. Might hopefully affect sentiment though That said, thanks to the Land Registry's new widget we can see the trends plotted over the past years; it's noisy but you can make out a trend of annual growth falling from an eye-watering 13.8% in Jan 2015 to -3.8% in Jan 2018; a fall of 17.6 percentage points over three years. Round this down to make a linear trend line fit better and you're looking at a downward trend in "growth" of arou
  9. I'm not sure if other HPC'ers are aware of this tool; it's apparently new and seems very handy for viewing trends in LR data: https://landregistry.data.gov.uk/app/ukhpi Essentially it allows you to construct graphs using all of the metrics covered by the LR data (such as property type, region, buyer type etc) and appears a pretty powerful facility for assessing trends over a user-defined period. Possibly not the first site to do this with LR data, but potentially still a useful tool
  10. Heartening on the face of it but certainly with Oxford, while there is a prevailing slight downward trend the small sample size gives a lot of variation in sold prices month to month, with a circa 3-4% swing in either direction about the mean generally. It seems that for the past 3-4yrs prices have been largely static with a slight overall decline and a lot of noise. Being of little practical interest to me I've paid little attention to the top end so couldn't comment on this; however at the "low" end flats have certainly seen a bit of a pasting - anecdotally I reckon down 20-2
  11. To be fair according to their source material Oxford's average price fluctuates between about £400k and £425k (thanks to the volatility of the small sample size I'd guess), so sadly it's old / non-news..
  12. Good stuff - by far your most welcome contribution to this thread IMO EDIT: Sorry I fed the troll, should have known better than to have taken him on his word. Perhaps if we all learn from my mistake we can get that thread back on topic...
  13. This. They sound unreasonable, greedy and self-entitled.. obviously I don't know the specifics but given the market in my area and the general consensus that new builds are always over-priced (and even moreso thanks to HTB) I'd have considered 85-90% of what they paid to be a more realistic starting point from your perspective; especially since it's potentially a "distressed" sale. From what you've said IMO any pursuit of this property would be flogging the proverbial dead horse and that these "individuals" would be best left to tear each other to pieces in a house they "can't" (won't) se
  14. Tbh I struggle to see how anyone can retain their sanity while browsing the net without an ad-blocker.. on the odd occasion mine goes down I'm shocked by the slew of distracting rubbish thrust through my eye sockets from the sites I frequent
  15. Tbh since Oxford is small the sold price numbers tend to be pretty volatile and this is reflected in the annual change values. IME the mean price in the city seems to fluctuate between about £400-425k, occasionally dipping beneath. IIRC this month's LR value was something like -3.4%, while the month before it was a positive value of similar magnitude. I think the mean price this month is a shade under £400k; but if previous behaviour is anything to go buy it'll be up again next month Indeed - while price tends to vary in both direction, volumes only ever seem to go down - which
  16. Somewhat unsurprising this ridiculous development still hasn't sold; despite floor space being inflated by a whopping 13% to 14.2m^2. Not sure how they've managed this as the floor plan looks the same - perhaps a special "EA" tape measure has been used this time, or they forgot to measure the cupboard last time? Asking price has been dropped from the insane £225k to a now simply ridiculous £170k; still about £12k/m^2 compared to the £5-6k/m^2 more usual for flats in the area. The listing claims that it's renting for £850pcm - must have found some proper mugs to pay that. This develop
  17. Wow - what a complete joke. Shambolic that it took them so long to address such an obvious outlier that had to be the result of either a very crude fabrication or result of a methodology that's evidently wholly unfit for purpose. I'd love to see the underlying data that gave rise to that ridiculous 6% figure. Of course nobody's looking now we're a few months down the line..
  18. Indeed.. scumbags. Since the authorities clearly aren't interested IMO this calls for a housing-focussed social justice warrior to call them out on social media; I reckon with a sufficiently savvy individual at the help that could be quite popular. Perhaps a facebook group dedicated to "Optimistic EAs" or similar.
  19. Probably the case; although it would be great if they actually did something about agents who consistently, intentionally misrepresent the properties they're "selling". Take this "house", which upon closer inspection is actually a sub-30m^2 studio flat. An honest mistake perhaps? Except that I contacted them about this weeks ago when it was first listed and nobody has bothered to correct it; evidently because a £130k "house" generates more clicks than a £130k matchbox...
  20. Thanks guys - good to see I'm at odds with the majority view again ? As regards alternatives, I lack the desire and savvy for shares or derivitives; personally as a blanket statement I think they're all speculatively over-valued and I'm not dilligent or educated enough to sort through to find those that might not be. Likewise I think most other typical asset classes are over-valued and many (such as classic cars) appear to be on their way down. I've already got an amount of gold having panic-bought at pretty much the post-Brexit-vote peak, however am relieved to finally see some ap
  21. We all know how much of a shoeing our currency has taken since the Brexit vote, and personally I think it's inevitable that it will continue to nose-dive in the run up to, and aftermath of the forecast Brexit deadline in October. As usual I'm late to the party considering it's already lost maybe 30% against the Euro from the most recent peak, however I'm considering some foreign currency in an effort to stem the losses somewhat. The obvious choice is Euros; the dollar makes me jittery as I think the yank economy is similar screwed to ours; plus the fed seems to have stopped their planned
  22. Grand, ta - have chucked a few quid in the pot
  23. This says it all tbh; any credibility they might once have had now completely gone. Something somewhere is clearly very wrong; intentionally or otherwise.
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