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  1. In the greater scheme of things i could not really give a shit if people on here think i've a lovely little portfolio. But sadly i didn't take the risk to buy in the 2009-2013 dip, much like yourself. In hindsight a bad move.
  2. Well i want a house price crash, though despite millions being priced out there are a few on here who seem to think they're the only ones.
  3. Seems you've taken over this forum, you snivelling little grass. You're as big a ***** as the owner of 118 who you're so obsessed with, though you're far more up his own backside. Wasn't it RK who wished to meet you and take your little middle class head off, now that would be deserved.
  4. I've learned that there have been endless swans that have came and gone that were meant to see the property market correct and its just got worse. And none of us can claim to be that great at predicting or knowing how the English property market works as seemingly 7-8 years ago was the time to buy ... i waited as fundamentals told me prices had much further to drop. How wrong was I. Anyway my pessimistic nature will need to see the corpse and kick to confirm its not got anymore life to cause further destruction.
  5. I did not know that this topic was about exactly what have just said not sure how I could. In most forums if someone puts a link in its ok to comment on the content. But you seem to be telling me its not. Anyway others gave their informed response.
  6. I asked a legitimate question based on that link showing its only a 14% drop in lending. Would you prefer people joined and said all prices are going to crash next year, wooohooo yeah everythings great and totally ignored whats gone on in the last decade? And i implied a drop of 14% is neither here nor there for me personally, as it will only bring prices to last years levels which i made a decision not to buy at as they were ludicrous. But such a comment is acknowledging it should have a consequence.
  7. So we should see fairly early on in 2017 as to whether its made a significant impact or not.
  8. With prices well above 2007 levels and about 30% above 2013 prices due to the endless state rigging, being a pessimist is inevitable in relation to house prices becoming affordable, are you truly an optimist on this one? And their financing has had a haircut of about 14% hence if the theory that BTL lending is setting the floor then this will be somewhere close to the drop. (for now) The enemy still have exceptionally low interest rates on their side, which is a pretty good weapon, and banks still able to hand them over significant amounts of money. They've been wounded but ar
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