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  1. Just a thought, but could this also be due to BTL advertising currently tenanted property? Anecdotally, I'm seeing a lot more homes on Rightmove now than last year that are currently let out. Each will take between one- and two-months to evict the tenants (assuming everything goes smoothly). I've definitely seen an increase since the start of the year - far more alerts coming through on my watched areas (again, anecdotal and couldn't put an accurate percentage on it).
  2. Anecdotal evidence - my property website alerts (2+ bedrooms, up to £350k in various parts of East London) have started coming through a lot more frequently. Before this week I had about one per week on average. But every day this week I have had multiple alerts of different places, new to market popping up. A bit like someone flipped a switch. It feels like either prices have dropped into my range, or something has motivated a lot of sellers (news stories?). Maybe a bit of both.
  3. Oh bugger, you're right - I completely messed up the dates! Well, that's more depressing than I thought... Makes more sense though. Thanks for pointing out my error @SOLZHENITSYN !
  4. I'm not familiar with auctions, but wanted to check to see how lot 18 went - after searching EIG, it turns out it 'sold' at a previous auction for £100k more than it sold for at this auction... Does anyone with a better knowledge of auctions care to hypothesise what might have happened?
  5. Why are you on a thread specifically about prime central London then?!
  6. Wouldn't that get you arrested? One way of getting a cheap roof over your head I suppose...
  7. If the email came from Rightmove (which the OP says it did), they haven't shared the details with the estate agent (at least, not for the purposes of sending this email). They've sent the email on behalf of a third party - fairly standard T&Cs on a registration form (usually pre-checked)...
  8. That's not a maisonette, that's an apartment with a loft...
  9. With the rise in inflation, RPI has almost doubled from 1.6 last year to 3.1 today. Common thinking is that it's only going to increase further. But... the rental portion of shared ownership properties are often based on RPI (RPI +1% is one that I have seen a few times). Suddenly, monthly payments have become a great deal more expensive, and are seemingly set to rise further still. When 'owners' realise that their rents are creeping up, and are only set to get even more unaffordable, then surely many will throw in the towel? Might this be an additional, much-needed blow to house pric
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