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  1. http://www.news.com.au/finance/business/banking/the-global-dirty-money-bank-that-proves-banks-are-beyond-the-law/news-story/fb0cd7e82efa062f8d186065c7a67fff This is just the start of it.
  2. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/property-70917974.html This is for rent in Glynde. Just come on the market. Local schools are great, (Priory in Lewes, or Firle Primary) and it has a railway station with quick connections to Lewes and Brighton. Its part of the estate there, so a long term let. As long as you want. Really idyllic. Amazing community. You're welcome.
  3. Its not all about house prices. Its about control. Power. Today the Cabinet debated what happens post-Brexit to the Working Time Directive rules. Paid holidays, workers rights, limits on what constitutes a working day/week that kind of thing. PM May ain't agreeing to your rights, just so you know. Its this kind of backtrack which makes people like James Dyson a lot more money. Noel Gallagher hardly typical 1% btw. Doubt if he is 1%, or even 10%. More likely just a tax bill away from I'm A Celeb. Not a mass employer. Shame legal aid, trade unions went. If you don't like the new rul
  4. You are right. I would also like to know where the stats are to support the statement that millions are somehow playing the system. NEWSFLASH, they don't exist. I am a taxpayer (before my son was born I was a high-rate tax payer) and have paid in all my life. I was happy to do so because that's what you do in a civilised society. None of us know when something might go wrong in our lives, it is impossible to plan for every eventuality. I am less happy now knowing my taxes are being used to get the wealthy a tax break, or to large companies whose raison d'ĂȘtre seems to be to punish the
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-42312490 Motability cars are sadly being taken away from those who need them. There are checks alright on disabled people. Our taxes are being paid to companies like G4S, Atos, Serco and Capita to run (down) our NHS, and welfare state. They are a real problem. Government awards them multi-million pound contracts even if they say, **** up the security of the Olympic Games (they had one job!) or are found guilty of fraud, for example claiming money for prisoners in their "care" who have died, or escaped, or companies that don't pay their corporation tax
  6. As you say, you don't know what her condition is yet you have opined that she should move. This is how it works. Mention disabled people in dire straits, and no one wants to know about them, don't look at them. Listen instead to the story of someone who says they know someone who is narking off the State, because that's the tale that will go around, the one that justifies cuts which affect hundreds of thousands of people who you don't see. And clearly millions in this country couldn't care less about. I spend a lot of time in hospitals, and waiting rooms. I have met so many people who a
  7. Makes you wonder does it? Let me elucidate. You don't know what this mother's disability is. It may be extremely hard for this person to replicate what she needs to survive/get by elsewhere. For example getting a regular supply of oxygen or a rare medication doesn't happen with a click of a pen. If you can't walk, or have poor vision or maybe both, or are in a lot of pain upping sticks ain't all that easy. Even just going to the NW as you suggest and looking at places to move to might be a struggle for her. Let alone packing, shifting furniture, finding schools, and a new medical
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/jan/25/disabled-people-disabilities-health-care-homes I suspect we'll see more of this for those without savings or assets. The alternative will be worse...
  9. Fallon on telly this morning admitted there is no new funding for this pledge. Literally an empty promise.
  10. What the Govt are suggesting is NOT going to make most tenancies more secure. The devil is in the detail. If you listen to the Housing Minister explaining the policy to Andrew Neil on today's Daily Politics it is clear that the longer tenancies will not apply to most landlords at all. The Minister told Neil that if someone like him had a house to rent out but might want it back in a year or so then they could. The developers who build to rent are the ones who are going to be encouraged, not forced, to provide longer tenancies.
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