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  1. I should of known when it comes to cars lol. I certainly don't mind car talk and value the advice of this site. That said, I seem to be putting off buying a new car, just like some people on here are putting off buying a house. Probably have to bite the bullet even though I think they are overpriced. At least I bought some bitcoin which is actually offsetting the cost a bit, due to this site, so that is a plus. Have good day, cheers
  2. Please can we get back on the thread of the "terrifying rise of borrowing to fund car purchases", instead of debating Tesla vs other manufacturers, range, windfarms and batterys. If you want to debate these, would it be best to start a new thread? Thanks
  3. Hi Peter, just put my spec in the configuration and it comes out at £36188. Not sure if that includes VAT which would be around £6031, if it isn't. Also asuming around 10% discount which is what we got at the time then £27000, against £21000 8 years ago, so not too bad. This is a nice spec so how can they justify over £70000 for a higher spec engine, body kit and back seats. Tried to post link https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202010175123307?advertising-location=at_cars&is-quick-search=TRUE&postcode=ST137BQ&model=TRANSPORTER&sort=price-desc&page=1&make=VOLKSWAGEN&include-delivery-option=on&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&advertClassification=standard&modal=photos
  4. I have been browsing Auto trader for a new used car and casually checked out VW Transporters, as that's what I have driven for the last 8 years from new. There are some now being advertised for over £70000, really???? Are people actually buying these. My van was quite a desirable spec with 6 speed, colour coded in metallic grey, alloys and 140bhp etc, which was £21000 plus VAT which we claimed back, as I was VAT registered at the time. Similar but with BiTurbo and body kit now £70000, doesn't make sense. Are they all on finance via company/ government emergency loan, or have people lost all concept of value for money? That's a lot of finance.
  5. Just had a person asking Martin Lewis about investing in Bitcoin on his show on ITV. He didn't dismiss it, just said do your homework and only invest what you can afford to lose. Like all investments It could go up or down. Quite sensible advice and also if you see his face attached to adverts, then it's a scam as he doesnt do that type of advert. I think they were going to invest regardless of what he said anyway.
  6. Hi again, well after posting at the end of November 2020 that I had bought 10% of a bitcoin at £1450 including fees, I have seen that rise by almost a £1000. I readily admit I did mainly buy because of FOMO and at the time I would not of invested £14500 to buy a full bitcoin, so talk of huge gains is immaterial to me, but a nice car would be nice. Hope everyone had a good New year, here's to 2021
  7. Hi again, so many questions over the last few days but unfortunately not able to ask because of this site being down. Any way I was prepared for wild swings and it has been fun watching bitcoin do just that. One question for now, I read online (Daily express) that China had seized $3.3 billion of bitcoin, that they either planned on selling or keeping to eventually achieve 1 percent of the market. How can they still get access to them if they are private. Have they taken over some miners and threatened them for their passwords? $3.3 billion is a lot of coins in one place.
  8. I post as little as possible on Facebook but I do enjoy some of the group's on there. The market place is a good local alternative to eBay for second hand goods. Ironically second hand items that are normally the sort to sell for cash, we been have asked to receive money via PayPal or bank transfer too, so less cash there as Well.
  9. Personally over the coming years I'm more worried about increases in taxation and the theft of peoples savings. It goes without saying that the amount borrowed during this pandemic, on top of the existing debt needs to be repaid somehow. Although I'm in full time employment now, I used to be an electrical contractor for the last 20 years and I got used to receiving a fluctuating income. I have always kept a lump sum to one side to see me through lean times. I can see my hard work and savings being eradicated., if I'm not careful.
  10. As we freely give up our shopping habits and internet browsing details to big business etc I can't see a need for cash. Some people will struggle regardless wether they had physical cash or tokens of some sort. Worse still, In the future the government could even stop your rent, council tax and bills directly out of your wage, then let you have a bit of spending credit. It would mean you were fed and housed but when you've spent your remaining credit, it's gone till next week. The low paid might not be much different than the unemployed receiving housing benefit etc
  11. Found this thread already on here when thinking about the reduction and removal of physical cash. The local onestop convenience stores cash point has been out of order for a few months now, where as if it went down before it would be fixed asap. The contactless amount has been increased and covid 19 has put people off handling other people's cash, as change when buying items. My wife went out this summer and the ice cream van only took card payments. At work the vending machine even takes card payments for 20p a cup. Thinking about the young lads at work they now are paid electronically and pay by using their phone, for daily stuff and bank transfer for rent, car and phone etc. Absolutely no cash carried at any time. I asked a plasterer if he could do a job cheaper for cash and he said no, as he needed to prove his earnings for a mortgage. He had only declared £15000 for the last few years and the bank would only borrow him £60000 for a house. Once cash goes as mentioned before 4 years ago in this thread, we could get negative interest rates and even a bail in. Times are certainly changing, the time of people having wages paid in cash is gone and those that did, probably would never believe that cash could disappear in their lifetime. Any thoughts?
  12. Thanks will do. If it did shoot to the moon then I would want the maximum protection for it.
  13. Thanks Carcassonne, I came to this site about 4 years ago and have been a regular visitor and enjoy another perspective to my own. I had previously become interested in how money works when I watched "The money masters, the rise of the bankers" on YouTube. It is still available to watch, it's about 3 hours long I think, but when I started watching it, I could not stop. It really sums everything up. It was made before the credit crunch, so it does not include this event. As I said I don't fully understand but I also know things are changing. Well worth a watch.
  14. Hi Markyh, with it peaking it certainly made me decide to have a go. In the first lockdown I set up my account and I was going to buy 10% of a Bitcoin for £500- £600 instead of the £1400 I paid the last couple of days. That said, if Bitcoin does shoot to the moon then this peak will be the second of many and long forgotten about in 10 years time. Like many people I didn't buy it for it to only double and cash out, it goes masdive or dies, I don't really mind. For me it's about the fast changing world which we live in and I will start a new thread about. Thanks and all the best
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