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  1. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-40232376.html
  2. it's vitamin D deficiency due to less UV light and inadequate diets due to modern eating habits, also less fresh air due to people closing windows and staying indoors out of the cold vit D deficiency lowers immunity and stuffy air means increased pollution of lungs and nose = illness
  3. Licensing is only good if it's backed by action from the council and if section 21 has already been abolished. My current landlord has a landlord license and a several HMO licences (has 8 properties apparently) yet he's breaking the rules, lying to and harassing tenants and has posters up here threatening immediate eviction (so boasting about breaking the law) and if I report him to the council and he gives me notice it's me that'll suffer, they wont rehouse me. He can appeal any ruling from them but it's me that'll be facing homelessness which I can't appeal against. Tenants need to be protected from retaliatory eviction FIRST before licensing will have any real effect.
  4. I haven't read it. And I'm not until Jeremy commits to getting rid of Queenie like he wants.
  5. this is even more depressing than the first time I read it since I am also now 35 and my life is the same...no marriage or children and I also have just moved to a new town in the vain hope of better conditions yet here I know no-one and have no family connections; to make it worse I'm currently stuck in a HMO with strangers because I can't afford my own place yet and I still have no idea where my lost cat is and even if I found him there's little chance I could get a pet-friendly place my Thatcher-worshipping boomer parents are too busy spending their money to remember I exist so I am kind of like a ghost too the only being who I really talk to is God, lasting human relationships seem impossible this is western society after 40 years of neoliberalism
  6. Housing benefit is now well below average rents, most landlords won't rent to people on housing benefit, the ones that do the properties are often not fit for habitation, housing association properties and social housing lists are full for years; it really is no picnic being dependent on the state for somewhere to live yet most pensioners own their own homes and a lot are BTLers.
  7. middle class will be left but much smaller, I read before the industrial revolution society was something like 1% nobility or clergy 9% skilled artisans or merchants 90% agricultural workers and labourers so the expectation of the majority being middle class is possible but it seems the 1% prefer it to more like a pyramid
  8. the revolution is coming, there's nothing more dangerous than a mass of people who have nothing left to lose
  9. nobody has sympathy for landlords except other landlords, complaining about 'nightmare tenants' when nobody asked them to be a landlord is just a waste of time, not sure why the media are bothering with landlord sob stories to be honest
  10. perhaps skull shape? According to anthropologists there are around 5 or 6 distinct skull shapes e.g. Negroid, Caucasoid, Australoid, Mongoloid etc but around 8, 000 ethnic groups. If a white European (so caucasoid) is ranting at another white European is it really racism? I just feel like the term racism is banded about too much these days. We shouldn't discredit legitimate calling out of racism by using the term inaccurately.
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