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  1. what about where landlords are registered does the IR cross-reference to check they're all paying?
  2. School is indoctrination not education. The populace are effectively indoctrinated and controlled by the mass media already so the govt. is lenient about home education.
  3. I would save a drowning landlord (or anyone) because that is my human responsibility but I agree with everything else said. Landlords are like bankers: all bad.
  4. Your landlord should be paying for upgrades, if you pay for them on top of rent you're paying twice; don't be a fool
  5. not a real question nobody should be under any restrictions, there is no 'virus' this whole thing is a cover to bring in the UN's Agenda 21 and Great Reset
  6. my grandmother would not have even DREAMED of sleeping with my grandfather before he had married her the OP is a fool
  7. thanks for this does it apply for existing tenancies or new ones?
  8. how many of them stopped being millionaires because they became billionaires instead?? Billionaires see fortunes rise by 27% during the pandemic https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-54446285
  9. it doesn't need to be renewed, residential tenancies don't anyway -not sure about retail...under the Housing Act they go on to a rolling monthly contract after the 6 month 'term' is up
  10. vaccines are the depopulation plan of the 1% only fools will consent
  11. the oldest millennials are 36, they're not teenagers, you just sound bitter than you're not young anymore, no need to smear these people
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