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  1. This would be easier for them if hotels with short term rooms were widely available. Opportunity or is it illegal to have such an establishment?
  2. I thought the big bucks were from selling off the real estate [stores] and leasing them back. Taking the proceeds as profits paid to non-resident wife to avoid sharing any of the ill gotton gains with the taxpayers who supply everything that makes the whole possible. I'd say that's closer to a del boy scam than financial engineering. Leaving the BHS pensioners totally screwed was just the cherry on the cake.
  3. My feeling about this is very much the same as my feeling about the EU. There should be a loose federation of areas with individuals allowed the freedom to choose which area they live and work with the same rights and obligations as locals if they choose to move. Something like EU freedom of movement then [but with the additional obligation for all federated areas to require 10 years of paying in to social systems before you can take out]. In the EU, only the UK had such decrepid politicians that this obligation needed to be imposed, other EU countries changed their systems to in effect be like that. I would also wish for such a federation of areas to have the ambition to become global. The exact opposite of the EU path of ever closer union and therefore exclusion of the rest of the world. The US with its very constant but fairly loose constitutional rules and very local ability to elect officials and require laws to be created gets a lot of things right. Why not have a world with a single overriding framework of general principles and diverse areas-countries-states each of which imposes it's own extra obligations and rights with individuals allowed to choose under what system they want to live their days. If such a falling apart of the US were to happen, the second map raises the question what size of area [km2 or population or another criteria] should be allowed to split off and go it alone.
  4. The only effect of Mayfair and Knightsbridge on the rest of the London market is a reduction of supply at the top end IMO. Of course that supply constriction also ripples out/down a bit but I don't think it makes any difference whether 500m2 Mayfair terraces sell for 30 million or 300 trillion, they are just removed from the normal market in either case and demand for 250m2 terraces in fairly central places for around 2-4m[+] is increased a bit as those Mayfair houses are just not part of that market any more.
  5. I don't find that footage shocking at all. It's not much different to how those streets and the tube middle of a weekday were even only 10 to 15 years ago. Of course most in their 20's will never have seen that. No it's not absolutely rammed like it would have been last year. Is that a bad thing? Of course resetting the finances of tfl and in particular the tube to 10 years ago will be tough. I don't understand why the tories did not force Sadiq to reduce train driver costs [automation or salary cuts] as the condition of their bailout rather than increasing congestion charge hours/price. [Not sure if that is the/a primary problem with their costs though, I know the media always tell us of the rather modest pay of bus drivers and big salaries by contrast of tube workers] If ever there was an opportunity to allow the tube staff to strike for a while if they want to block progress whilst you insist on reform, it's now.
  6. The basic qualification for getting on the selection list is that they have a file of dirt on you. Misuse of a pigs head or something [although since the dirt needs to stay secret to function effectively and that bit isn't, I assume there's worse in that case]. All discussion of which competent and highly paid people would have a go is sort of irrelevant when you only get in in practice if you're on one of their selection lists.
  7. I'd like to help. .... I'll give 100k to the London flat owners for their flat and they can pay the 200k correct price for the Bedford house. Everyone happy. Ooops is that a scream of objection coming from BEDFORD. Now who was this thread dissing again? Perhaps it should be titled the Bedford seller?
  8. Maybe the rental contracts will forbid deliveries from the plebs supermarkets. The benefit is knowing you are only living next door to other waitrose customers. šŸ¤£
  9. Is it more likely that 1. a lot of infected were not noticed / counted because they had no symptoms / no test or 2. that a lot of the dead were not noticed. ... because their bodies went where ? How you can justify your statement? Working back on the assumpotion that 0.13% of infected persons die, that means 40k uk deaths = 30M infections. If half the UK pop have had it then we may be closer to the end than we think. Problem [for me] with that argument is that I don't believe 40k in the UK had a primary cause of death of cv19. Second problem is the virus is very likely to mutate. Just like most cold/flu do. Just need the media to report the mutation as cold/flu-like rather than ebola/plague-like. Seems to me we can get back to normal and that it's likely to happen next year since the bedwetters can all have something we'll call a vaccine if they want and thereby feel better about moving on. Frankly I couldn't care less what's in the vaccine providing it shuts them up. As long as the vaccine is not mandatory, no problem for me. Would sort of prefer it doesn't kill them. My choice for vaccine ingredient is saline. Would achieve the aim.
  10. How about a big fat 143k crystalised loss in 3 years. 'Only' 15%. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=60632402&sale=11428525&country=england Curiously that house has a history. It also lost the lucky owner 40k [25%] in 5 years to '04. But then sold only 2 years after for over 3x .. 200% more.
  11. Suggest you make sure the ftb is contacted. If you have their no or email diy. Logical to assume agent will make that 2 mins of effort. IME they will assume the ftb will see it on rm. if the price is unchanged, it won.t be mailshotted so quite likely the ftb wouln.t notice. reducing price by 1k will get it sent to anyone with an alert set up too. ea.s are often useless.
  12. Has anyone suggested that evictions should be allowed for non payment only? After all the systems are all there to provide money for those who cant pay but the usual suspects choose to spend that money elsewhere. Talking to someone yesterday who bought a rural complex with several dwellings in jan and due to events lives there alone. 10+ beds. original hospitality business plans on hold, rent into local market would be easy but who wants to risk a new tenant who just pays the max 2 months that can be asked upfront and then says f you, not paying? any action requires a cash investment. he has plenty in the bank , no debt or even mortgage so no pressure. why would he invest and choose to risk a tenant? can see his point and that situation is hardly good for local tenants either.
  13. Have they also halted bailiff / high court enforcement of CCJs or not? Of course the LL is more interested in getting possession and a new paying tenant but if they're allowed to chase the debt it at least puts some pressure on the non-paying. It also helps other LLs avoid taking them on once they are booted out and gives some advantage to those who choose to carry on paying [not usually something the average LL can be bothered with, not much solidarity]. Bizarre world where you can carry on taking the house and not pay putting you at a huge financial advantage to those who do pay.
  14. I'd say it's the system that's dumb to encourage such behaviour not the individual who makes informed choices according to how the system is. IF [I haven't checked] the choice is as I described, I'd say the smart move is to take the tory's money [clothes pegs are cheap if you can't stand the smell]. The alternative is they take all your yours. It sucks but you can only play the game that exists.
  15. Are you taking the bennies system into account. I thought the system was Stuation A. If you have a mortgage and no dosh you'd get money for the mortgage [sometimes in excess of the actual interest costs] and a minimal amount of benefits [unless you go pro claimant and get diagnoses to get extra and carers etc]. Situation B. You can use up your big deposit to pay everything inc rent at max prices and you'll get no more than 75 a week jsa for 6 months only. Almost impossible for someone careful who's been able to save to come out of that after a few years better off in sit. B. Agree the mini boom is madness but if you really see redundancy on the horizon it may still be worth getting a mortgage whilst you can. DYOR. Don't know if gov bunging imterest on mortgage is still in place.
  16. You mean like no extension to the transition period and we leave at end of this year. TBF that's what he was elected to do and he HAS stuck to it. Of course that means he as leader / PM is expendable next spring. Tories will still have 3.5 more years of snouts in trough so no election but will they want a different leader?
  17. Eek .... Out of the frying pan into the fire. And they've "spent fortunes renovating" but no extension or improving the layout [making bathroom accessible without goind through bedroom] so I'm guessing that would be expecting to get $$ sunk in shiny stuff back. Why does no-one learn? https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-95137808.html https://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=61415494&sale=90129558&country=england
  18. For anyone who watched ep 2: the mill with balsa wood beams [don't believe that, cautious engineer] appears still not finished and has 3 flats available on RM. Did he say that was sold out? Surprised no-one on this site has noticed it's heavily advertised / pushed as no investers, OO only. Assume it's a lease condition. Question is how enforceable. Wonder if other leaseholders given share of freehold or if developer is keeping the freehold. Even if they have s-o-f, it will be difficul to police-enforce and I can't imagine the snowflake types buying these flats being up to it. Anyway: How many visitors is an air bnb? How many days must owner be there? Who checks? etc etc. the new building next door does allow investors/air bnb also unfinished I think and few advertised on RM. the company is reported in Q2 of this year to have a new project with 60M total value for 250 flats in stockport.
  19. I don't think it would work to make asylum only available at embassies. The change I would make is to have all asylum claims handled by an international group [UN or the like] with the asylum seeker allocated a country based on places made available by host countries. All states would contribute costs and each asylum seeker would come with funding paid to their host. That would completely remove the abuse of the system since economic migrants could not choose their destination. It would also encourage countries with unused infrastructure and need for imported cash to accomodate them safely. Returning to first safe country has failed, was unfair to those with unsafe countries on their border and should be scrapped. Suspect the above system would remove current asylum seekers but add huge number of potless refugees - eg all the poor on the border with syria who have no money for illegal economic migration, genuinely can't go home because of danger and need help. The other change I would make is give a temporary refuge/asylum for 5, 10 or even 15 years with the ongoing assumption the rights to refuge are lost at the end of the period if the refuge is no longer needed.
  20. The article uses the word creditors not debtors [and says there are 170]. I don't think this is loans/bonds etc it is at least in part suppliers [including long term - aircraft leasing etc.] who are only being paid 80% of bills for stuff already provided. Clicked through a few of those indy links but don't see any list/quantification of who the 170 creditors are.
  21. tiny 2bed 2up2down with front door on public street-pavement, no front garden and straight into living room which also contains the stairs, no hall - all that for ... 645k ??? up from 150k in 2001. Not even seaside. Just why? https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-80473531.html
  22. If she still owned why would she talk the place down. She's an EA/LA remember. Ummm ... maybe she was cough cough r e n t i n g .... and has moved back to live with mummy and daddy/
  23. Not what the article says. It is to do with the system. If HMRC are not prepared to actually to do the hard slog of checking records, the system could also apply withholding tax of say 30% on all rents collected by letting agents [paid by letting agent] with LL needing to file claims to get overpayments returned and LLs collecting diect required to pay the withholding tax direct. AFAIUI, the system routinely lets people off with a slap on the wrist when caught. Except for the odd unlucky one who they need to make an example of for the media and project fear. Make cheating less attractive.
  24. Unfortunately OP was a bit misleading in his interpretation of the numbers in that article. Should read: HMRC expects 1m+ EXTRA LL to file tax returns vs. What the article actually says ... PeanutButter are you telling HPC that you did not declare / underpaid for years and are one of the 60k who declared in response to HMRC PR last year? Because that's what the numbers refer to. I'm guessing there are a further nnn M LLs who declare and always have done. Please stop the misinformation, it just discredits the valid arguments on this site that HPs are too high. Anyone reading all these posts based on misinterpretation of numbers in another fear PR from HMRC can legitimately say people on here just post nonsense / are wrong having misinterpreted the facts. Why give them the ammo? Oh and the chances of HMRC actually doing anything about the 1M LLs who don't declare and are not scared by the standard HMRC project fear campaign ... fingers crossed but I'm not holding my breath. To make you all even more angry I'm afraid it's partly cultural, we UK-folk were brought up to not sleep at night in fear of the consequences if not paying taxes, other cultures vary on a scale of less so to not at all. The solution is that our civil servants / HMRC staff actually do the work of catching the non-payers rather than project fear and wait for the easy money to roll in so they can claim they did something. Direct some anger there.
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