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  1. But they are free to give other discounts as part of the competition that still remains? Well I am probably going a bit too far back in history - pre 2010 - it was Altitude 25 in Croydon (some of the buildings of that complex) that had their purpose changed - now they are services apartments. But it was quite apparent there were still buyers and renters available. It's just they weren't selling for the prices wanted by the seller. I totally agree with there being some need for rental - but this action seemed to be trying to tell us there was no market for these flats - when in fact it felt to me that it was all about the high prices desired. They were not allowing the "market" to set the price.
  2. Yeah, I thought I was missing something on the maths there As someone priced out of Croydon (I know!) I think the 90 day limit is a good thing and generous enough. Everyone knows London is dominated, practically flooded with rentals. In Croydon they even allowed blocks of flats to turn into hotels/business accommodation when the sellers couldn't get the exorbitant prices they were after - rather than (heaven forbid) dropping the prices to meet the market! Hopefully things will get even tougher for the rental market, people are clearly sick of it and the stick of blaming our needs on "breaking the economy" is losing its power.
  3. Every little helps!! Airbnb announce plans to block hosts exceeding 90-day rental limit http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-38169788
  4. Yes, this is what I feel is coming, from Italy and other countries around Europe. Somehow 2016 history will have to be re-written so that everyone can claim they saw it coming too - just like they seem to do about the Euro now ;-)
  5. The feeling of suffocation by the media is strong for sure!! Yes, they will try to bury and distract, but also we must remain prepared for the "Wrath of the Do-gooders"!! http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/the-wrath-of-the-do-gooders/19029#.WEFhffmLSM8
  6. I spent a lot of time advocating for Brexit and making sure the non-racist view got out there, amongst my circles anyway. But I lost a lot of friends. I might be still alive, but I certainly feel outcast
  7. Indeed! And no mention of the boomer's propensity to lord the desire to blow up half the world, and *then* they worry there's not enough population to look after them....hmmm.
  8. Wow, so I am not the only one. This year it's really smacked me in the face just how awful (and creepily dodgy) both the Guardian and Independent are! As for whether prices are going up or down - I've been driven completely doolally insane by the last decade or so of obsessing (offline) about house prices and I've turned to numerology for the answer. This year is a Universal Year 9, the END of a Numerology cycle, next year is a Universal Year 1. So clearly, YES, 2017 is going to be the year of the crash. It's quite logical really!
  9. Just more justifying language!!! FGS!! It's a lifestyle choice, the youth today are SO different - we're not worried kids can't buy because they are TOO COOL to BUY a house, they are just so frivolous, decandant, irresponsible, whatever, that NONE OF THIS IS OUR FAULT, of course ;-) Arrrgh, it still makes my blood boil!! Whatever happens in a persons youth, there comes a time when they need to be able to CHOOSE to buy a house. And they are still getting a right smack in the face at that point. And we all need to stop working at some point in our lives, who would be choosing to rent then??! How would that work out!!? The media keep trotting this carp out, but surely after the last decade or two, enough people are sick of it, to start pushing back?? Please let it be so!!
  10. As the daughter of immigrants (Asians exiled from East Africa) I ALSO notice the strange lack of being able to discuss immigration. I'm pretty British in my ways, not really a lot of Asian stuff going on tbh, but I am aware I don't know what it's like to be "white". So I wonder if all the lack of discussion, BBC included, is because people feel worried about being considered racist. I honestly feel a lot of the media is full of people that have prescribed sensibilities and if your "group" says don't question something you MUST NOT question it. I'm not sure if you have an opinion as to why the BBC don't want to talk about immigration, but I am totally with you that something is afoot! Could it be a combination of wanting to be PC and not really wanting to build on our beautiful countryside (in their back yards)??
  11. The BBC not so protective in 2011: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-12294332 Davos 2011: Why do economists get it so wrong? So how often do the economists advising his firm get it right? He shrugs his shoulders: "Oh, about 3 or 4 times out of ten."
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