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  1. Ok so it's safe to say that prices have actually increased in Q2? Spring bounce possibly? The sound bites that I'm getting from a lot of O&G guys is that the bottom has been reached- how acurate this is, I don't know but it is the general sentiment that I'm picking up on. Obviously no crystal balls here but how do you guys see the next 12-24 months playing out? I'm seeing aspc listings on a steady increase however prices still don't seem to be anywhere close to collapse. Just to clarify where I'm coming from, I'm not a local but moved here almost 2 years ago and am renting, with the intention of staying for another few. If I thought I'd break even in 24 months then I would probably buy now.
  2. ASPC Q2 report suggesting prices on the way back up?
  3. Hi guys. Been following the forum for a while now but this is my first post. I guess what I'm looking for is advise on the current state of Belfast's apartment market. Having spoken to a few home owners in the city, they seem to be of the opinion that it is relatively stable- I stand to be corrected. Of the properties on the market, the following have caught my eye- are there any strong feelings either way on them? Arc apartments (I have read the topic specific to these flats), Obel (there seems to be a general consensus to stay clear), Danesfort, St Anne's Square, The Sandford, Pottingers Quay, Queens Square etc Any advise or opinions would be much appreciated. Cheers
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