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  1. To be fair to them they do appear to have reduced fatalities in vulnerable older people so successful on that front (although I do realise it's possible delta/Indian isn't as deadly too)but that's what they were 'approved' for so job done back in April. What tptb is recommending is its use for "off label" purposes of infection prevention which it's looking poor at....and worse still trying to continue to pretend it's working
  2. Depends if Twitter and the new media types agree with it. If they don't it will be censored under the guise of whatever rules they devise. Yes , because you're not vocally signally their importance, and thus get a China-esq low social score. Maybe because the socio political system is in an existing state of flux and needs to be stabilised to protect the decision makers losing that power.
  3. I suspect the natural immunity pass will only be short lived. Quite why natural immunity can only last a few months and the vaccines indefinitely is still puzzling, especially if so many vaxxed people get reinfected anyway (albeit older folks avoid any bad episodes). Anyway is anyone watching the live press conference? What's been said/implied?
  4. Ultimately health is the economy in the end irrespective of any political leanings. We still have the govs informal tracking apps and the risk of more intrusive ones in our "freedom". Enjoy it before it gets worse.
  5. Oops I almost slipped into problems practical solving mode in my reply. As this is hpc, I should have said blame brexit or zero interest rates for the asteroid ๐Ÿคจ Everyone needs to be medicated so reliant on the state and pharma for fear and solution!
  6. Statistically it's more likely to hit the ocean and send out tsunamis so evacuate costal regions in theory once you can predict whereabout. Beyond that it's either oppressive gov but all ends in chaos in the end but oddly humans will likely survive somewhere somehow.
  7. If 2020 is anything to go by...the same as 2020! Assume emergency powers and act nearly as bad as the perpetrator. If films are to be believed, send in 007. In terms of retaliation it will depend on who released it - China or Russia say are far harder to deal with than say if Luxembourg did it.
  8. Once you realise what these SPI-b folks are up to its like being vaxxed against them and immune to them. Anything written by Dodsworth is like a monthly booster ๐Ÿ˜ I find it amazing the so few can see the manipulation, even more so on Hpc. I have a faint hope many of the public do see through it but it's not PC right now to voice this concern so keep quiet for now but many HPCers should hang their heads in shame๐Ÿ˜”
  9. Mike Tynsdale of Warwick uni and SpiM, is the man to take it up with- he's like the pope admitting god doesn't exist ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Incidentally spiM were predicting 30k-100k deaths coming out of lockdown this summer till 2022, so at roughly 20 a day how long will this take to achieve even their lowest number?
  10. Somebody somewhere really wants to use cv19 to introduce bio ID cards but Savid javid did say on the record there was no immediate plan to introduce them for a variety of reasons, and being impractical one. Israel used the the idea as a threat although no one really bothered with them in the end, but if the gov aren't granted extended emergency powers it make implementing it trickier without a skeptical parliamentary approval.
  11. Even SPI-B members themselves barely defend their numbers anymore: https://youtu.be/QBcLVDAjadI
  12. As opposed to the fear of predictions/scenarios made by SPIm/sage that never came true. ๐Ÿ˜
  13. Have you done your bit and debt to society and paid capital gains tax in your legendary bitcoin investments?
  14. On the subject of fun....one side of the covid/lockdown debate will use abusive language and one never does. Ummm, what does this tell us? ๐Ÿค”
  15. It's a lazy label incorrectly assigned onto people who have a more 'live and let live' liberal attitude to life than those who (ab)use it. Or simply to wallow in as much negativity and doom as possible? It has been a feature here and the media too๐Ÿ˜ฒ
  16. If the other option is a likelyhood of death, then experimental treatment is worth a go, but surely a whole different game if your near zero likelyhood? What where the fatality rates of these? Wiki reports them both upto 30% mark... so in completely different league surely? As already queried earlier - how the heck does the world get into this situation that vaxing kids is even being discussed ๐Ÿ˜’
  17. Would they dare? I think the final decision day is this upcoming Monday. As with every unlocking step whether it's hairdressers reopening it school returning the experts are doom laden as ever (spot a pattern there anyone?), But this time the vital numbers and down yet a there's an irrelevant casedemic ๐Ÿคจ. My guess is they will honour the 19th in principle but might try to tweak it somehow or convert upgraded guidance as rules.
  18. Why is it everyone always assumes any new strain will automatically be more deadly? Why never the other way?
  19. There are some 'disturbed' and bitter individuals that congregate on HPC, and the oft used strawman debating technique allocates people into rabbit holes unjustly. Your approach seems reasonable and to your credit you don't resort to abusive posts or strawmen to make your point.
  20. Its effectiveness is age influenced as at one end it protects younger people from something they arent at any notable risk of anyway. As a side issue should NHS resources and focus be on protecting those who don't need it at the expense of other treatments such as cancer screenings etc on the general population? Furthermore how many (esp young) people's lives will be saved this summer Vs how many others will die as a result of distorted health focusing in the next few years?
  21. True, but my point is the age/risk profile is hugely skewed to older folks and the TPTB & media don't reflect this fairly. Even after vaccination being old is still the biggest risk factor to cv19. Now why the media reflect these unfairly is something people don't discuss....
  22. Wish to believe....Have you not seen the news recently? ๐Ÿ˜ฒ Younger people can get flu and suffer and pass it on etc, but don't get vaxxed as they are not at risk of death of that either. Yes older folk are more at risk of cv19 than flu, but there has been a democratisation of perceived risk across age groups, which doesn't sit with the reality...back the media news again there.
  23. The penalty he saved all the same so didn't get distract that much if at all? It's the rebound that went in and that's afterwards anyway. "Very keen" is a result of the media onslaught, but if it had been 2 years ago and they got flu they wouldn't be clamouring for a Vax for that and would just shrug it off. Peoples perception is episode of covid is a near death experience when of course it's not especially at that age.
  24. Plus they are advised by people who advocate top down institutional intervention on covid and/or medicating is the only way of thinking so don't have balanced advice.
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