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  1. Further to that, a note for anyone that hasn't realised- it was a cartoon! The person depicted didn't actually exist. Such cartoons or memes are meant to be a 'true word said in jest' to bring up important issues under people radar. On top it's not a nazi issue...it's authoritarian power which is the worry and that's neither left or right or whatever.
  2. Enjoy your bingo. 🤣 is there a "trumps law" too? Despite the storming of the Whitehouse having zero to do with this thread?
  3. Taking one set of people liberties away will often mean yours are next...
  4. You can't decide on what they do or don't do as they enjoy their freedom but you can decide on what you do. On a darker note society's that would restrict one group of peoples freedoms severely risk that will mean everyone's freedoms will go in time...and that will likely mean you too for whatever reason. Careful what world you wish for as it could backfire on you.
  5. Easy. Just don't go beyond your front door and live a personal one man perma-lockdown. 😏. But do remember to watch the news to remind you how 'bad' it is outside.
  6. The reported new infection rate we have now is similar to mid Dec 2020 just before Xmas was cancelled. The deaths were well over 500 a day at that point already. Furthermore there's more tests being done now even compared to late 2020. The number of deaths has barely budged in 6 weeks on rising infections this time. That's why I queried your numbers.
  7. It's more likely England will master penalty shootouts than a, b or c... Where the heck are you getting the numbers in the brackets coming from? 😲
  8. Bonkers indeed....but this time why bother? By the time enough information is collated 90% of people have been given it and what if you find a problem then? It's too late 😬
  9. They were talking about 30-100k deaths post unlocking so need the real life numbers do a lot of catching up. Each unlocking step they were worried and nothing much happened so their input to policies has become de-rated. Deep down I suspect it's more a fear of becoming yesterday's people and there 15 months of relevancy is drawing to a close. Emails will dry up, media interviews dry up, Twitter followers drift away etc...
  10. There was the SIREN study from earlier this year I can think of but no doubt there others out there. Whether one is better than the other might be too early to say and may be irrelevant in reality, as the narrative will be synthetic is 'better' anyway.
  11. I suspect those calls will still be there here and there are clues right now someone really wants them and now's their best chance. Macron by critisism of AZ made a rod for his own back, as it would have spooked already skeptical people out about vaccines.
  12. Was that our system or other countries that alerted us as they banned it? Most media reports were about other countries doing this early on in their rollouts and here was slow and reluctant to take evasive action.
  13. Indeed. There is also little point in collecting yellow card reports or indeed collating information for the phase 4 trial these vaccines are currently undergoing. Once you've rolled it out to a large number of people it's too late to do anything with the results of this trial 🙄. Plus nobody in tptb or pharma wants it, in case it's not a good result.
  14. Ah it's it's fear mutation rate that's more important 😉
  15. The BBC were pushing this line a few months back. I have seen/heard the bbc much since so they may well have backed off. The much used mantra to "protect others you love" is trying to lead people to believe this. It vague enough not be caught out as not fact, but it's back to my point about the manipulate messaging used on the unwary. The obsession with jabbing low risk people in light of rising cases means someone somewhere still believes it too.
  16. I'm not saying the vax's haven't achieved their main objective- stopping vulnerable folks dying- but many of the vaccines success is 'saving' people at near zero risk. It's like being inland and wearing a lifejacket and claiming it statistically saving you from drowning! People were led to believe it will stop the infections and transmission but clearly hasn't -again the vax's were never designed or approved for this. It's the messaging and claims around the vax's is the failure.
  17. Obviously the official media aren't discussing this, but plenty of vaxxed people still end up with cv19 anyway...how long before the penny drops that the benefits of the vaccines to many has been overplayed? Will it be lockdown 3 in the autumn (that won't be called as such) that shatters that illusion, or will kids and unvaxxed get the blame for that overplay? Will it be the only advantage if "freedom Day" offers is being able to goto the bar for a drink? While all other measures effectively remain in place?
  18. Add this to 'not getting their freedom back" afterall as @Arpeggio also mentions you can see a certain section of society losing faith with it all. Whether they will dare vocalise it right now is yet is another.
  19. With respect to that master plan concept, most societies are organised in some hierarchical way so there's a logic to assume there is a global "government" of some kind running all the national ones as they surely can't all be as incompetent as they appear... ignoring they may well just be genuinely incompetent! Do governments like ours want to intentionally PHYSICALLY harm it's population (with a vaccine or any other method)? Not in design, but that doesn't mean they won't still do it and once on that path find it hard to U-turn to avoid it. Psychological harm seem to be an accepted risk of current policy though.
  20. The saying goes people are fooled en masse but wake up one by one...so it might be slow and painful for people but hopefully after 19th there will be peak drama then settle down again as some are forcibly yanked back to reality. I've used the analogy of pulling a plaster off in one go is less worse than mm by mm.
  21. Even I'm not anti experimental vaccine, but do think people should be told as such and allow them a fair informed consent and not encourage younger peoples bodies not to become a political play things. In their defence there is a massive psy op in play, but once you can see it, it loses its effect completely.
  22. More frightening is how many people accept and then parrot gov messaging without a thought. You only have to hear some talking about next week being risky, yet ask them about any numbers, stats or patterns and they are clueless.
  23. Social media likes to think of themselves as a platform so any illegal or copyright infringement isn't their risk. The difference is they operate a policy of editing user content that isn't limited by any laws which takes them from platform to publisher but still claim the former for protection. It's like hpc isn't liable for libellous claims certain posters make too.😏
  24. Same thing in the end as per my earlier point. You can't critisise papers for having an biased editorial policy and not social media. Throw into the mix social media channels tend to be monopolies and papers aren't too.
  25. Like the private medias of daily express and mail that promoted brexit. So their view was ok then with you? 🤣🤣🤣
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