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  1. There are plenty to hear but it's you have decided to not consider or listen them fully. That's all.
  2. The media have been VERY compliant and unquestioning with the lockdown etc with only the Telegraph wobbling recently. It was surreal hearing tptb want vaccine IDs for clubs where even a negative test wont count, yet announce the high percentage of vaxxed people are getting cv19 anyway. ID with a -test would provide more assurance than a vax unless ID cards by the back door is the plan anyway....🤔 The timing of the vax ID is handy too. Aside trying to bully venues and coerce youngsters and keep BJs isolation hypocracy out of the headlines, I guess it would have to be a law passed during parliaments summer recess....ie the gov dont want to risk democracy.
  3. You only have to look at people behaviour during the witch hunts to see how FEAR of something drives people to be drowned or hung for the greater good.... The underlying thought processes are much the same.
  4. Indeed. One slight flaw is if someone 'had' such a badge but didn't wear it out how would anyone know? I have heard of cruise liners based in Florida trying a similar trick to bypass state laws banning CV passports.
  5. What the heck Israel are doing I don't know 😠. Don't they learn history there anymore? It shows what a nonsense things are if russians enjoy more daily freedom than France does.
  6. Curious. Not sure there's any direct ferry or air route between the two, other than passing through somewhere else though. The last year or so was based on the majority acting in the interests of a minority by using laws and fear programming, which has morphed into the minority who no longer need it, but the majority want to carry on it all due to the majoirity's fear. 🙄
  7. Don't forget collectivism often isn't a ground up thing but imposed by a minority on the majority. It may start of well intended (according tontheir world view) but that minority will soon lose that good intent. The elimination of views by violence can be seen in embryonic form here even, so is a built in risk of it. Just look at who are the most aggressive and offensive posters on here are and what side of the lockdown debate they are!
  8. Indeed, and it seems if you're fairly middle of the road on it you get assigned to those extremes by others whether it's correct or not 🙄.
  9. And collectivism quickly ends as selfishness too....just a different group of people instead but subject to the same ups and downs of human behaviour in the end.
  10. You know I have ages ago, so know it's origins and its relevance to today😉 I was in well known university town a few months ago, and many venues were hot on the QR sign in (presumably the council was leaning on them), but a Vietnamese place was totally the opposite. Maybe Chinese and Vietnamese people have it deep down in the psyche to be wary of governments...we know why😬
  11. I don't think it's the app as such that decides, it's a central server that does that - I downloaded the source code from GitHub and had a look through it all. You could always try installing and set it up, then block the app with a third party firewall from contacting the server via 4g or WiFi if some places still ask for a QR snap. I only know of one left near me now though.
  12. I'm baffled why people were so keen for cv19 app. I guess 10 days of work has its appeal....until you have a mega priced holiday coming up and (in theory) can't go now. I visited a few eating a drinking establishments recently and was dreading the hassle but not a single person snapped a QR code and the staff were quick to whisk you to your table than let you have any time near a QRcode! Very refreshing.
  13. One rule for them etc. Even Patrick Vallance was interviewed and he was supportive of still wearing masks in crowded areas...until he got an ticket to Wimbledon VIP enclosure and did the opposite. Still such hypocrisy has its uses, as it reminds people if the 'elite' are safe from the virus we all are.
  14. Remember the same happened in Bournemouth in summer 2020 and local tptb declared "a situation"...and nothing much resulted from it all anyway? In any case isnt it nice to see people enjoying life eating a diet of chips and icecreams instead of a diet of fear? Do you have any comparison of testing numbers each of those countries are performing? A plot? maybe, but there are plenty of people pushing for digital IDs so maybe not BJ or Macron plotting themselves just being 'advised' on their course of action.
  15. Ha, dont worry the media will ensure those protests arent seen. Did anyone know Athens has seen loads of protests regarding vaccines recently?
  16. Denialist crank and bad faith actor...it's been a week since you've used those standard responses to everyone who doesn't tow the line 🤣🤣🤣 Please tell you copy and pasted that war and peace of a post and didn't spend ages typing all that out 😲
  17. And still no mention of the Nuremberg Code's origins.....🤨
  18. Ha I think we are using the phrase "pro covid" in two different ways! Even so, the bizarreness of it all can be seen today discussing the timelines of the blitz, yet the origins of the Nuremberg code is tumbleweed time despite its direct relevance to this thread🤨
  19. We end up global pariahs and China doesn't? So called anti vaxxers get the blame for something Beijing recklessly unleashed?....and not a peep about Beijing's conduct just adds to the bizarre behaviour of the pro-covid brigade. 🤔 Think about it! But what time of the year are hospitals least likely to be overloaded? July or January? When's the least worst time for rising cases? Also consider the overall excess mortality rate...how's 2021 doing this summer?
  20. All this talk is bizarre if you look at the big picture. Cases have picked up (in part to increased and surge testing itself), but the ultimate metric is deaths which despite the 2/3 week lag has barely budged. This is NOT march 2020 or October 2021, and it surreal reading all these posts especially from various people who are so keen to point out the wonders of the vaxing 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  21. For yourself and the rest of the HPC massive to ponder..... Where is Nuremberg and why did the Nuremberg code get drawn up?
  22. There's a saying that goes something like "good people will always do good, evil people will do evil, but when good people do evil it's a problem". A bit of a mouthful compared to "useful idiot" although less inciteful, but you can see here people who were once skeptical of the way tptb run things, put them into fear mode will advocate things they never dreamt of. I don't think @slawek is in the evil group, but falls into the third category of people and he's not alone.
  23. Oppression based on someone's personal fears and anxiety isn't valid. I can see how people would go that route more clearly since April 2020 though and understand the 1930s and the medieval witch hunts happened for example. Not seen anything myself like that but technology isn't 100% perfect either.
  24. The car analogies have validity but what you're talking about is imposing an oppressive state based on your personal fear and anxieties. The same thinking that people put signs in Windows saying "no Irish. no Black's" decades ago... All based on fears.
  25. Watching the psychology of this thread is an education despite being a distorted microcosm of real life outside (with close parallels to the media): One group of people here are keen to point out the vaccines superior performance to natural immunity, are the same group who look at the cases and assume the same will happen as April2020. So what's the origin of this completely contradictory thinking?
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