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  1. Political plus psychological , societal and a practical issue. The bio science bit of it all is fascinating, but the "and now what" inevitably ends up falling into the other categories.
  2. It nothing to do with intellectual levels - it's just some people have wider views and an appreciation of issues beyond purely the biology science of it all and it's outcomes.
  3. Illustrates my point just now about risk interpretation, which is further distorted by 16 months of media doom and drama.
  4. You're forgetting people respond and react to risk differently. Even IF you could measure that risk statistically with scientific accuracy and told people they have a x% chance, they will all respond differently....ie not like yourself.
  5. So which country does the most testing per head after the USA and India? Which country does the most per head of population? When the UK had near zero cases compared to Europe for example did you refer to that area as the "plague continent"?
  6. Looking at the govs announcement details they are targeting theatres too, so bingo halls should be included by that definition. The whole Vax ID farce is nothing to do with risk as you say.
  7. People are still being coerced into medication. It's not the nhs, the state or yourself that decided if they want medication or not. It was agreed at the end of Ww2 that civilised countries don't do this. Ps if your going to try sarcasm you need to add wit and humour.
  8. Except that's not what is happening...people are being encouraged and coerced to take something they don't medically need.
  9. But it's not specifically about nightclubs but the iD cards and the coercion imposed on people who don't NEED any vaccine. If the gov was worried about nightclubs they could have left restrictions in place after July 19th on just them - its only detrimental to young people so it would be seen as an acceptable deviation from full unlocking. As for plague island don't talk nonsense.
  10. Or maybe say a negative LF test is ok afterall...just make sure they are now charged for so it's uneconomical for people to use them now. Maybe best stash up on them. Maybe they won't penalise clubs but get all hospitality venues to adopt it with LF tests an option which is closer to the final desired outcome. But maybe Vladimir Putin will lobby for uk people to be as free as his and they will U turn!
  11. Labour have come out against such covid passports (well they will depending on the contents of the bill presented..so as decisive as ever). Lib Dems won't vote for them out of principle and some backbenchers may not vote for it with 40 already saying they wont. Risk a vote in the HofC, or risk an embarrassing U turn?
  12. In English? The nightclub issue is a red herring as it's more about using a mechanism to coerce people who don't need semi tested vaccines into them in a manner that won't prevent spread over another that might🤨
  13. Handy🤔 Luckily a very similar debate was held a few months ago as a result of a petition and it's was clear across all parties there is a real reluctance to vote for such a thing at worst through to downright hostility. So it's time to look up your MPs email Addy (easy online) and let them know in a totalitarian dystopian future there's no place for MPs!
  14. Thousands have, and have signed the parliament petition. When I saw it on Monday night it was already 60k so it's rocketed past the required level for MPs to debate it. BJ won't like that🤨
  15. So in other words the flow test worked at limiting infectious people entering? So vax's that we know won't stop people getting infected, is an better solution? Think about it. What's really going on?
  16. But still advocating a mechanism to bar people from everyday life? That's why when the cencus came around I only filled in what I knew the state already knew about me and missed out most of the irrelevant questions. Some venues now don't like you using it in case their staff are affected. A few places have already taken the QR code posters down already.
  17. Does anyone know if the regular freedom march is this weekend or next? Could be interesting this time, especially in the heat😬 Might be a good time for Met PCs to get pinged so they can't attend work, just like all the MSM 'journalists' who won't be there to report.
  18. Especially after what's happened after that last year that's a massive kick in the teeth for the not retired have endured. Will the retired be even a tiny bit grateful or humbled about it all....not a chance 😠
  19. That's why they shouldnt be allowed to restrict people live further. I rest my case m'lord. Ok not quite yet, but the only opposition to the cabinet operating as a dictatorship under 'emegency' legislation is the backbenchers of the same party who BJ will be desperate to keep out of any cv passport debate.
  20. And does Denmark(?) have a government who as untrustworthy and so influenced by vested interest as ours? The whole existence of hpc is owed to way tptb have disenfranchised huge numbers of people and reduced living standards without concern. They are planning an indirect extension of this so denying them ammunition is the least we can do.
  21. This all maybe true, but surely you dont advocate more or this which is what tptb want? Pl A few years ago you would be labelled a TFHer for pointing this out, so why the hatred of people observing the next step of this? The big difference this time if the state wants to restrict someone's activities it's need to arrest or get a court order on someone with due process. This time its a faceless IT mechanism that 'decides'. Also imagine someone in the know decided to interfere with your life (maybe someone you insulted on Hpc), what would stop them?
  22. Lesser of two evils as private companies can do very limited harm to someone where the state can. Also this private data about people is fragmented across multiple companies and they can't share.
  23. Except it doesn't. 1. Given even double vaxxed can still 'get it', a negative tested person (irrespective of Vax status) presents a lower risk. Hence the nonsense of the rule. 2. Those at the club aren't at risk themselves anyway, and even if they pass it on the real at risk are evidently well protected. 3. There will be 'mission creep' and they will end be used everywhere beyond clubs.
  24. A driving licence a. Limits you only from driving itself, b. Driving without being trained presents genuine risks.
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