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  1. how ironic this should be in Italy.... http://money.visualcapitalist.com/currency-and-the-collapse-of-the-roman-empire/
  2. I have also heard about restrictive clauses in new builds (otherwise freehold) where the owner is restricted from adding extensions or modifications without the building companies permission for several years after purchase which is just as stupid. It apparently can be negotiated away at the last minute before signing if you have nerves of steel and a good legal assistance.
  3. I am amazed that leasehold has gone unoticed for this long really. Theres no need for houses to be leasehold at all (isnt 10 Downing St a leasehold house owned by the Duke of Westminster?), but flats do make sense if only the details were sorted out as common hold doesnt work as well as hoped.
  4. Most people are surprised its 'only' 7% as they always guess much higher- but it might depend on how you compare 7% vs 93%. What most people who are Nimbysts forget they too are part of that population and they too occupy part of that 7%, and at some point their house was once-upon-a-time green fields, heathland forest etc. I suspect seeing something NEW within their lifetime being built that is part of the problem , while they are the beneficiary of their house once being a new build, but because they didnt see that happen at the time.
  5. I have encountered that most NIMBY types cant appreciate that about 7% urban land use is just a small minority fraction, and its taken 5000 or so years to use up even this. If the population were to increase 16% from 60m to 70m the 7% at worst becomes 8% or so......hardly concreting our island over. Even more provocative is asking them was there before their house was built seems to irritate them even more...but its gotta be done!
  6. I guess this was in part the 'post war consensus' that so of the boomers were influenced in their childhood. Forgive me as I was not alive then, but maybe my impression of it is really what the political classes thought it will be better, in what might have been called the "post war consensus"- ie "If we can plan for war we can plan for peace" mindset which only saw fruit in the 60s into the early 70s.
  7. I doubt the 50s were actually better, but the sense of optimism must have been 1000% higher than now.
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