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  1. 7 hours ago, Will! said:

    So easily done.

    Over 4,000 Covid patients in UK critical care units in January.  I posted about it at the time.

    How many people were loading the NHS in previous Januarys?  Don't you remember in previous year non urgent treatments being cancelled in winter due to overloading?

    Jan 2021 had I higher than recent average mortality rate, but not historically high. 

  2. 1 hour ago, yelims said:

    If they are vaccinated then there be a record of vaccinations and hence they should be treated if they deliberately refused vaccinations putting themselves and others at risk then I don’t see why they should be treated for free

    Hell refusing vaccination is almost tantamount to manslaughter especially if that decision leads to deaths of others never mind the anti vaccination eejit themselves

    The unvaxxed will have paid tax to fund their treatment (and saved the tax payer money on their jab costs too), and will have paid tax to treat vaxxed persons who still suffer from covid anyway. 

  3. 11 minutes ago, Ah-so said:

    From memory, excess deaths were about 120,000 above average and the average age of death fell by a whole year last year. 

    The average benchmark your probably referring to is the last five year average which is lower than previous years.

    From memory April 2020 was the highest April in 40 years but December 20 and January 21 weren't. I think Jan 97 holds the record worst peak.

  4. 17 minutes ago, zugzwang said:

    Temporal lobe epilepsy? Hardly.

    The vaccines have been supremely successful. We appear to be close to herd immunity. One final push could get us over the line, minimise future hospitalisations and ensure there are no more lockdowns.

    If it's a choice of stick now or stick later, given what we've been through already I think most people would opt for the former.

    Indeed they have been successful for what they were intended to do, but more recently there's been a hope/mantra they can stop the spread and that's evidently not happening with so many anecdotal stories of 2x vaxed getting it again and carrying it etc.  Even the CDC and Fauci have publically given up pretending otherwise.

    The dangers of relying on a medication for off label uses!  Or at least pinning political careers on this off label usage.

    Theres no justification for a stick now or later...it's simply not needed nor will achieve anything good.

  5. 31 minutes ago, Riedquat said:

    There is a bit of sense of panic that the numbers are going the wrong way to keep the "keep everyone scared" message going.

    I doubt there's a deliberate campaign going on to scare people, just articles and reports and policies written by people who have got so stuck in the mindset of being scared of Covid that anything that doesn't help push that message pushes them in to a panic that it'll all take off again. Like a long-incarcerated prisoner being frightened of freedom.

    I haven't seen any MSM @Bruce Banner refers to recently but presume the questions from presenters to carefully picked 'experts' are as leading as I expect.

    It's bizarre in the face of a downward trend in infections but still needing to keep people scared, so it's time for another meme:


  6. 18 minutes ago, The Spaniard said:

    An interesting observation of the ONS mortality figures for 2020:


    I wonder what the 2021 count will be after all the 'safe and effective' jabs?

    Sadly annual mortality stats comparisons are lost on many here.

    There's an ons table of the same figures broken down by months out there too...a big eye opener when you see it, but again there's no drama in seeing other years and months with higher numbers than recent ones.

  7. 7 hours ago, captainb said:

    You need to look into where the data comes from and what constitutes a chronic health issue as per their survey. This is a survey as well as a blood pressure test.

    The amount of alcohol consumed to push you into problem category is surprisingly low, 14 units per week which is 7 pints or so. Or a bottle of wine or so.

    Which can easily see 30% of the population hit on the survey.

    Same crap goes on with long covid, which is why they end up with 10% which doesn't make any sense considering number of cases etc etc


    Which isn't people shouldn't get fitter.. just look out for surveys that want to "prove a point"

    On top of that the threshold of high blood pressure or high alcohol intake for example changes from time to time (always downwards), so isnt reliable anyway.

    And if an article is in the DM it's best to assume it's made-up shock tactics anyway to keep its readers anxious.

  8. 15 minutes ago, captainb said:

    That's the key.

    And actually has the perfect get out cause that another government is enforcing it.

    I'll never get why they have shifted to this uni lecture and nightclub nonsense aside from incompetence. It risks a backlash for no gain assuming your aim is max vaccination

    Incompetence of letting indian/delta enter in the first place for example and diverting blame onto younger people.

    but also aiming at young people and not letting people dwell on the fact the PM and co werent going to isolate on receiving a ping, as pings are only for the little people to observe.

  9. 40 minutes ago, scottbeard said:

    Jabs WERE votes for a while - but that’s done now.  Young people aren’t going to vote Conservative because of jabs they were last in line for, and even less likely if their night out clubbing is ruined because their anti-vax mate Dave isn’t allowed in.

    Other people jabs are potentially still votes if BJ thinks old people are worried about young people having fun.

    Based on the figures it will be far more than just Dave! Many of the staff won't be there either to check his fake ID.

    It will all go even more dystopian if/when the case numbers drop...what scary stat then is used? My guess another country's case rate to keep em scared...maybe France.

  10. 1 hour ago, captainb said:

    Interesting to see they have moved today to suggest compulsory vaccinations for university lectures.

    Would just wish they dropped the pretence of X activity is risky and come clean it's a tactic merely to get the young vaccinated. University lectures, nightclubs and attending football matches have an age  demographic in common not a covid risk.


    Bingo halls, opera and theatre would be the choices if vacciantion % were low in the over 60s.


    Footie stadiums have a wider demographic attendance than nightclubs or bingo halls though.

    It's still a threat from the gov , which may turned out to be an idle one, or sunk by a commons vote anyway.

    As you say it is not about keeping young people safe at all, but targeting and blaming the young won't lose too many votes from demographics BJ and co rely on.

  11. 7 minutes ago, vadst43 said:

    why so much reliance on an injection not fully trialled?

    Probably because, people (ie older conservative voters mostly) are still fearful and seem to be slightly more 'reassured' if everyone else has to do the same as them. On top the govs advisors are giving one sided advice and parliament isnt functioning to balance them out.

  12. 10 minutes ago, Bruce Banner said:

    To keep up the pressure, they're now talking about extending Covid passes to cover all football matches :rolleyes:.

    Jabs not going as well as they hoped?

    There's been a graph showing take levels by age group Vs time and it seem most have now levelled off, and the 20-30 is slowing down rapidly. 

    Given the cost of premier League tickets from when I used to go, not that many in 20-30s actually went. 

    Somebody really wants digi-ID cards by some means as premier League stadiums are filled with mainly vaxxed anyway, unlike nightclubs so the Vax % isn't the concern but the excuse.

  13. 7 hours ago, Confusion of VIs said:


    That cannot be true.   

    How many times have you been told by our TFH friends that the MSN never covers such things, next you will be telling us that the BBC is covering protests in London. 

    Still relying on the TFH crutch?  In any case to add to what @Bruce Banner said, scientists may not be pro a particular party of government, but many are pro a style of government.

    Anyway, a quick look on BBC and theres nothing about marches, but they did have an article about plastic bag shortages - No doubt such journalism is only possible due to the unique way they are funded!  

    The BBC may relent on their ignore policy if the Guardian gets jumpy about covid ID cards though, or even if their youngest members of the workforce wake up to it.

  14. 10 minutes ago, doomed said:

    An apparently it's an amber country if you return here🤔.  It gets little coverage as there's no doom value it covering it. Israel is the other country to watch as well to see what happens once a vax campaign is nearly done. 

    1 hour ago, pig said:

    It’s simple hypocracy, as your TFH concernification suddenly disappears when it comes to the virus.

    What did I say about people resorting to tfh as a debating crutch? 😁

  15. 33 minutes ago, Confusion of VIs said:

    I don't, but anyone who thinks that offering a rigorously tested vaccine is a breach of the Nuremburg is one or more of stupendously thick, malicious or a TFH loon. Same goes for the posters claiming the vaccine magnetises your brain, enables you to stick magnets to your arm after injection or spanners to your face once it has had time to magnetise your brain.  

    Why do you insist on lumping these loons in with people making rational or at least defensible arguments for not wanting to take the vaccine.

    Adding to @Bruce Banner points, people like yourself are lazy 'strawman' use the TFH or anti vax labels, try to link to magnets or simply insult people as a way of avoiding dealing with a fundamental issue and important points you find hard to argue against:

    1. The vaxs arent fully tested and being rolled out to 10s of millions without them being informed properly, and to make it worse any concerns about the lack of medium and long term risk profile is entirely valid, but the debate's 'filtered' since December.  AZs product being banned and restricted is evidence of issues that ought to have been picked up earlier, and mRNA is a new technology anyway.

    2. People are being coerced into it without any debate even of the ethics legality and morality of where one persons medical non-need for something competes against someone else fear of something, whilst likely protected themselves.

    No balanced person would describe these concerns as TFH as they are genuine issues where the first may turn out to be no concern yet the second is really thorny anyway.  The narrative is to avoid these tough issues.


  16. 11 hours ago, Confusion of VIs said:

    What damage? this is pretty light touch and the state incentivises people to do things all the time. 

    In this case, it will probably end up with the government saying the great British public has done enough to avoid the need for both vaccine passports and another lockdown. 

    The people will be happy - at least until the Covid and Brexit bills need paying.

    So coercing people to have semi tested medication they don't need in breach of the Nuremberg code is "incentivising"? 🤣🤣.  


    Q. Who pays the covid bill...young working folk families  or those that lockdown & vaxes were actually for? 

    Q. If 43+ Tory MPs will rebel on Vax passes, will gov risk a HofC vote, back down, or something else?

  17. 13 minutes ago, Confusion of VIs said:

    It's pretty obvious that the aim is increase the vaccination rate. Same approach as in France and from tomorrow Italy.

    In France the vaccination  rate leapt from 130,000 to 1,350,000 a day in the space of two days. 


    If it works anything like as well here by September there will be no need to  actually introduce the passports. 

    I wonder if any of these governments implementing or threatening people with these things have considered the long term damage of the state and the people has been done? Or even the medium term damage?

    Will older vulnerable generations ever consider being grateful to the youngers ones?

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