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  1. What have property prices done over "the long term cycle", would you say?
  2. Plus a quarter percent (maybe) is "up up and awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!"? FFS.
  3. Again, purely anecdotally, the "flipper" of my new place lives in Cheshire, and the buyer of my old place (paid cash for it for his graduating daughter) in South Yorks. I'm guessing there could be as many out-of-towners with money tied up in city property as native Newcastlers.
  4. Now that's the kind of Socialist Shirker-style ideological purity that's bound to play well here!
  5. [Moderator:- The majority of your posts are designed to irritate, not just one instance.]
  6. If communism is the answer, it was sure as hell a stupid question.
  7. Couple of anecdotal additions to this . . . just dotting Is and crossing Ts ahead of completing on my new place next week, so buttonholed my solicitor (lead conveyancing partner for one of the largest Newcastle firms) and asked him what he thought about the housing market right now. His position chimed somewhat with my EA's (he hates EAs, by the way) — he reckons the market is busy for the time of year, if marginally down on this time in 2005, with the balance of business swinging away from BTL to OOs. One interesting observation from him was that the few BTL deals he is handling are "back to the traditional Tyneside flats", with nothing doing on the new builds which apparently had him hectic last year. He also sees no sign of house prices in Newcastle heading in either direction in the short-term, but sounded mildly bullish beyond that. One other thing, of personal interest if nothing else, the "flipper" who bought my place off-plan and sold it on to me will be clearing <£10K on the deal after costs/charges/taxes etc.
  8. Another month of no change in IRs might send some of the more barking bear specimens to the medicine cabinet, but I'd be surprised if TTRTR is in the bit exercised by it.
  9. <WAVES> You know one now. Huh? I keep reading here that renting has never been cheaper.
  10. You guys have been banging on about rate rises since the Dead Sea was just sick, and myself and others have been saying, no, you're wrong, we're in for continued stability (viz, to wit and ergo today's NC). Right back at ya. FACT/OPINION CHECK: FAILED.
  11. Or rather, when will you VI bears learn? Can't help but raise a wry smile at all the guff on the fora in recent days about the inevitability of a rise this month. Spin away!
  12. Hang on a minute — isn't that exactly what the dittohead bears round here do? Or did I miss something?
  13. All the ones I know personally are in their twenties/early thirties . . . and all British Pakistani. Make of that what you will.
  14. Moosetea left a leaflet on a train. Maybe he could do it on a bus and be a new Rosa Parks?
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