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  1. May was a Remainer. Ain't happening.
  2. fyi https://woodfordfunds.com/words/blog/income-focus-fund-now-live/
  3. 1.2850 dollar 1.20 euro Effectively a tightening of monetary policy which will to a degree help offset inflation, just as real wages were getting squeezed and house price growth was slowing. Also base effects from oil/commodities starting to drop out of 12 month data
  4. IGSquawk‏Verified account @IGSquawk 1h1 hour ago More IG launches #UKGE2017 seat markets, forecasting a Tory majority of 100 #Brexit #Conservative 375 #Labour 175 #LibDem 30 #SNP 50
  5. How is 50% UP a theft of savings when equities are savings?
  6. I can see a chart of rising nominal wages, full employment and consequential rises in nominal house prices. RK was correct. Hence why I enjoyed his posts.
  7. 380-400 Tory seats Labour wipeout Interesting times.
  8. c. 50 seat swing from Labour to Tories to give them a pretty weighty majority. Puts the Scottish woman back in her box too.
  9. The are ones views on the economy. There are ones views on other posters. I stick to my views on the economy. You attack other posters. As indeed you have done again above. If you have a view on the economy or the housing market that is perfectly acceptable, however if you make personal comments attacking other posters that is not. See the 'forum rules' for details if you don't understand the difference. Cheers.
  10. Nothing personal. Just business. Economy ain't going to tank in the next 7 weeks. There won't be an HPC in the next 7 weeks & the Tories have already won the election. Not sure why you seek to personalise everything but I'm not playing into your warped narrative.
  11. No idea what any of that means. As I said.... dream on....
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