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  1. So why do cabinet ministers see affordable homes defined as "20%" below market valuations, whereas that ONS report a year or so ago, that described 97% of UK towns as now unaffordable, based on local valuations compared to 4-5x local single or combined salaries? I can't paste the link here as the forum android support is still broken on the site, if someone else can do it, entitled "housing summary analysis measures: 2015" on ONS.gov.UK, population and people section, published online. Also, since many of the big developers are given exclusive access to new transport provisions like the DLR,
  2. How practical is that closing in the UK climate? In winter, the bottoms will be dragging along damp or snowy pavements, sucking up dirt and water, blown all around in the wind and catching on things. In the humid summers, 30C and 90% humidity is about the worst weather to be engulfed in heavy, black layers of cloth. Maybe works in in an arid climate, seems really unpractical and inconvenient here.
  3. @knock down johnny I have you on mute now, so not worth replying anymore to me. No offence, I just think you're maybe a little immature, lacking in worthwhile education or experience to add to debates and quite frankly, whenever you pop up on debates, I notice it usually descends I to mud slinging attacks and ego outbursts directed at posters. Not worth it, see you, I won't hear or see your replies. Anyhow, I often get to thinking, is ZIRP some new monetary policy experiment ( as its going on worldwide) that has provided opportunity for policy makers to usher in the cashless w
  4. I first read about this concept in the late nineties by another author. He was linking to a think-tank proposal at the time about the taxman being paid directly by employers then reimbursing you each day/week/month. Then a few years later, chills went up my spine when reading a paper to see a price entitled 'HMRC research into future proposals for tax payments in a digital era'. Of course, it was met with condemnation. Just watch though. Every few years, this same kind of idea appears in the press, 'new policy thoughts by HRMC', about the taxman becoming an intermediary digital salary broker o
  5. The number of EE voices in the streets of my market town outside london has become incredible in just ten years. And no, its not Slavic voices but mostly French, German and Southen EE. Probably because there are family size homes, schools and a large hospital. The school runs in the morning are full of EE voices chatting to their kids in EE languages right up to the gate. The library has a group of young, unemployed german lads who spend everyday there (at least whenever I go there they are always there), they work in IT or something, always have code on their laptops and talking loudly on pho
  6. Remember, headline figures only reflect registered migrants. Unique National Insurance Numbers issued to EU nationals runs 3 times higher. They are not categorized in those figures, often flying in and out. There are numbers also who don't even bother with NI numbers. This is what FoM means. You don't need to officially register, usually its families looking to get housing benefit and income support or those from poorer European countries who plan to apply for citizenship and permanently settle who are the ones that register. So when you read 335,000, you can take that as 1 million. Non-EU mig
  7. I find people seem to drift off on tangents and butterfly flights when the central issues are FoM, income support and tax credits that have allowed the outrageous speculation frenzy within property prices and rents over the past decade (well, nearly two). Sure, imaginary bank lending and BTL mortgages, backed by no economic reality as exposed by the 2008 bank runs, were the fuel. Without FoM, caused mostly by the failed EU economic policies and crazy UK tax credits/income support to migrants, was the spark, the catalyst, the whole thing that made the property speculation model a feeding frenzy
  8. My apologies for android/Google autocorrect of French words whilst typing in English language device. It must have been very upsetting. So, do any of you experts have experience of the EU? Real experience? Work in EU politics, law, research in another field, lived in the EU? Or is it all 6th form debating society stuff assembled from iinternet links?
  9. Not a rant. I went through it myself. And won in court (cour de cessation) against the French government. My lawyer told me of 4000 other pending EU court actions that month. Real experience of life and the EU. Not you tube links and Wikipedia down the memory hole.
  10. @knock-out-johnny. Paragraphs are not your friend on this current site, if you use android. No workee. Links? Did you not hear about the Cyprus and Greece raids? Links, lol! Are you that lazy! If it isn't on wikkipedia, it doesn't exist, right? This is what I am saying. People like the narrative of EU big slogans but do no personal research or detail footwork. I give up!
  11. Lots of remainders talk in very existential, vague terms about the EU but I have found, when quizzing them, they usually have no practical experience of the EU bodies and have never lived in another EU country, let alone ran a business and paid taxes in another EU country. Here are some of the practical issues; The EU raiding of Cypriot bank accounts by government authorities, with no legal process or warning, was a test bed. It has since been happened in France, Spain and Greece. And if you owe the government money, they debit your account into overdraft territory, with the banks agreeme
  12. The problem with quoting EU immigration figures from ONS figures ( and then comparing that to non-EU immigration numbers ) is that most of the work migrants are not captured by that figure. In our economy, particularly services and agriculture, people fly in and out from the EU. So, you may get 6M or so officially here but the number of unique NI numbers issued to EU nationals over the past ten years is nearly treble that around 14M. It's sooo annoying that media reports also never mention this. But actually, it's worse because many workers, self employed, company owner, sole proprietor or con
  13. Here's one for you. If the government are serious about savers and getting on the ladder. Well, firstly, if you are going to have unlimited immigration and spend all your infrastructure/transport budget around the big cities, tear up green belts. Simple. You can't have both. But since that won't happen, here's oone solution. American style trailer parks, or park homes as we call them. You can put up a modern, warm, climate controlled home in a couple of weeks. It is far cheaper than brick/concrete construction. Allow building on green belt, since they don't have a fixed foundation, the en
  14. Exactly. I've lived in two EU countries and the US. In the UK, I work in an industry with maybe 50% EU workers. The EU economic model is dead. Dead as a parrot. That is why there are huge numbers - especially young - EU workers in the UK (and I see huge numbers in Canada as well, when I visit there regularly). If exporting unemployed to the UK becomes less feasible for the EU, because the old men subverting the EU project in Brussels choose tit-for-tat trade issues with the UK, they will suffer far, far more. Forget the official 6-7M migration figures, nearly treble that number have been
  15. Cornwall you say? Twas born and bred Kernow, so I was! Don't 'ave no time for them bleddy Emmets from London.... All you need to know about cornwall here. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zbpyYaVnmBk
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