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  1. The single market is a part of the EU, we voted to leave all parts of the EU, why can you just not get this into your head? in 2016 The British people voted to "Leave" the EU, just as in 1975 we voted "Join" the EU (EEC). And despite just being bornthen i believe there were no such efforts to scupper the vote of the British people.
  2. What these remainers seem to lack the intelligence to understand is that should a British pro EU govt get elected in the future that they can push through ever closer ties. But for now they lost and we are leaving the EU lock stock and barrel. My hope issomething very close to a free trade agreement can be reached or at least started with Trump in the next couple of years, then any deal with the EU really will be to our choosing.
  3. You really ought to supply this man with a company credit card.
  4. You're the one implying a significant section of society voted to leave the EU to stay in it. Now quite clearly your pathetic comment that even you must have the intellect to know can't be answered as to why all voters chose to tick the Leave box. Quite clearly if people wanted to stay in the single market they should have voted to stay in. I tire of your kind and so i can happily read this site again i think a mass blocking of you and your fellow snowflakes is in order. As you people rarely comment about House Prices Crashing. Its all just sneering at Leave voters.
  5. Appointees?? they where democratically elected. Funny how not one of your kind brought this up that a vote to leave meant pro EU politicians choosing if leaving can go ahead prior to the referendum. Your kind wish to scupper the chances of Britain leaving its that simple Now as someone who has read this site since its inception i have to say you and your fellow snowflakes are the most irritating posters i've ever read on here. Sad that this site is now a platform for would be fascists and is not about House Prices Crashing.
  6. You make up some story about 2 not very bright individuals who voted leave but they want Britain in the single market and a fully federal EU state. You must be the only person who knows 1 person to come to such a conclusion thats what leave meant let alone 2.
  7. This blokes been talking out of both sides of his mouth for a long time. Its his nation banking industry that has destroyed the lives of many Greeks due to getting the taxpayer to repay the feckless lending of German banks
  8. If the vote has gone the way of you anti democracy supporters which you presumed it would you wouldn't be saying it was a stupid question. And you truly are a sneering piece of work to suggest there is no evidence that the majority voted to leave the single market, customs union, end FOM. What the hell do you think they ticked the leave box for? There was plenty of debate in the run up to the referendum or did you miss that? But endless referendum is the way of your kind until you get the result you demand. I'll quite happily be part of a day of utter chaos in London over this should
  9. So what you want is another referendum on whether we shoul stay in the single market. The question would have to be something along the lines of - Do you wish to stay in the single market, have the EU control all our trade deals, have open borders with the EU and the unlimited immigration that comes with it? You lost you yappy dog, now be quiet you're giving us all a headache.
  10. These people wouldn't last 5 minutes if moving to mainland Europe. Well possibly as barman in Benidorm. Now i know its pure speculation but something close to a free trade agreement with the US which has to be a possibility would wipe out any cards the EU has in its hand.
  11. Exactly, i'm tempted to going back to work on a building site after 15 years away from such places due to my real job being in short supply at the moment and while i train to do a slightly different vocation. These "educated" genius with a degree in some social science will struggle to do much more than a call centre job.
  12. Can you send me a link to an intelligent/appropriate post one of the anti democracy remainers have posted? All i can see is utter nonsense of them hoping the referendum will be classed null and void (because it was only advisory). If May doesn't deliver she'll lose her job to a Eurosceptic Tory as the grass roots will select such a person over an EU stooge, at which point an election will be called and the pro Brexit vote will crucify the LIBLAB and pro EU Tories. The toothpaste is most certainly not going back in the tube.
  13. Why do you think Fallon and the rest of the career politicians are so worried. This is an epic gravy train that we're going to take away from them.
  14. I've been reading this forum since its inception, and i didn't realise that you needed a certain amount of posts on HPC to have formed a view on the EU.
  15. Lefties/SJW are most certainly on the same side as the neoliberals. They all want us deep in the EU with open borders and its cheap labour, they are 100% on the same team.
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