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  1. I sold to rent in 2004 first because I thought that house prices were near their peak. Secondly to live in the area I was looking to buy next property. Althought the interest does not fully cover the rent but if I bought straight away I would be struggling to pay mortgage on the new house. Also I learned more about where I want to live which is not possible by driving around the area and reading the local papers.
  2. I been in business for several years and my net profit has been around 20K. The Halifax seems to take this figure when I enquire about a mortgage last year (2005). I went to the Halifax to prove to my wife that even as contractor I could get a mortgage. One thing that was interesting as that they was pushing interest only mortgages as a way reduce mortgage payments.
  3. It would depend on much the LL paid for it. I am in similar position I am renting house for 600 per month and there are 3 properties on my street for sale. Two of these properties been on the market for at least 1 year asking price for both is £210K, the 3rd one on the market for 3 months priced at 269K. I tried to find out what the LL paid for my rented house via land registry but price stated was not available. The LL stated that he lived there for the last 12 years but the last update on land registry was in 2003? Is there any other way to find out how much LL paid for this house?
  4. No change in Jan but if America and EU rates go up this month then .25 rise in Feb
  5. I would not place all saving in Internet accounts. I would some money in building sociey branch accounts for example the Derbyshire has regular saving account that pays 5.40% gross (4.32%) but limits maximum of £1000 per month deposit.
  6. I opened an account with ICICI last July, it took a long time to setup (September). But once it was setup I had no problems with transferring money in and out of my account. Recently I start to move funds from ING to ICICI.
  7. I rent 3 bedroomed fully furnished detached house near Bury for £600 per month. The last house on my estate sold for £230,000. There 2 properties currently for sale, both at £210,000 (house and bungalow) for the last six months. It is still cheaper to rent!!!
  8. My house sold in May 2005 and appeared on houseprices in August 2005. Are you sure that the house has been sold?
  9. There is one thing I do not understand form last night program. How can Pub manager and part time nursery nurse get a mortgage for £170,000? I live in Manchester, I work in IT (earns above the nat average) with a good deposit and my wife Admin asst (fulltime) were offered a mortgage with the halifax of £128,000 in mar 05.
  10. The farm in the middle of the M62 is old news. The department of Transport wanted to buy the land from the farmer but the farmer thought he could blackmail them because it was one of the last pieces of land needed for the M62. But they decided not to paid the farmer's price so they built around the farm. For this prog to be interesting it needs to be stories from the last five years not last twenty five years.
  11. In my local paper (Rochdale Observer) they have extensive housing section with a numbers of articles mainly to break up the large numbers of properties for sale. This week an article appeared about Journalist who stated that he tired of renting and wanted to buy a house. He stated that a friend had the choice borrowing 8 times his salary or renting for rest of life (like house prices are going to rise forever!!!). He seen a mortgage advisor and the maximum he can borrow is £70,000. Next week he is going to start looking for house. Has anyone else seen the local paper trying to promote or
  12. I know this is slight different subject but I heard a rumour that GB was paying for the increase in the stamp duty threshold by removing or reducing the Disadvantaged Areas Stamp Duty Exemption. has anyone seen anything in the media???
  13. Yes I am, I moved in with my inlaws for now. I looking closely at properties in my area and noticed several properties changed estate agents and when back on the market with lower price. I suggested to my estate agent they could yet the documentation for me to sign quickly enough!!!. I had 3 bids for 115,000, it when to final and best bids by end of business the next day. I accepted a bid of 120,000 from the reduced asking price of 122,000. I am not sure if they are FTB
  14. After 4 months on the market I just accept offer on my terraced 3bed house , it was orginally on at 130,000 but I had to reduce it to 122,000 to generate any interest. I also noticed several other properties in my area reduce their asking price which made me reduce mine so not to look overpriced.
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