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  1. Sugarlips

    London - terminal decline?

    Anything non-alcohol fuelled going on at all? Or is being high on their drug of choice the only was of muddling through the week. I have no issue with drinking per se but massively inflated prices and yob culture are a turn off Is there still the sense of wonderment of movies and neon and music and theatre and Hamleys and knickerbockerglories, route masters, E Types, mini skirts and Aston Martins that filled the air on my school trips years ago? Genuinely curious, havent been back this century yet.. Sincerely, Austin https://goo.gl/images/xYsydn
  2. Sugarlips

    People are realising...

    Squatting? Is that still a thing?
  3. Im pretty certain i would marry Kylie in a heartbeat, but not for example Nigella Now on the face of it both are similar age, wealth/success etc but only one is, cute, funny, sassy etc (IMO obv) How shes still on the shelf i'll never know What? A boy can dream.. I think the heat is getting to me
  4. Sugarlips

    Monster mortgage madness

    Are you questioning the entitlement of bankers? How very dare you
  5. Sugarlips


    Its generally just referred to as Consumer Finance, i havent seen anything online specifically about the merchant costs, most articles are just looking at it from the end users perspective but ultimately its just another way for the bigger players to clip the ticket in the background when you buy your sofa at DFS/Currys/Argos etc on the back of an interest free offer Creation Finance are an example https://www.creation.co.uk/about-us/our-partners Old article but gives you an idea of the profits: http://www.irishnews.com/business/2016/09/08/news/belfast-consumer-credit-firm-s-assets-lift-to-nearly-1-2-billion-687603/
  6. Sugarlips


    Ok so you are right that the bank/finance co are expecting a % of people who buy on "interest free" to still have debt at the end of the offer (and charge 29%pa++ on it perpetually). What you probably didnt notice is the retailer that you bought the goods from paid the bank/finance co an upfront commission of between 5 -15% of the total - generally depends on the interest free term the store is offering and how much volume they are selling - the more widgets on finance the more cards the finance co can issue. The store is willing to do this to get the sale and take you out of the market (anything but let you go to a competitor). This 5-15% cost is built into the margins which in simple terms means everyone is overpaying if they pay full retail on anything where finance is an option as you are helping fund the cost of those that cant afford it but want/have to have it now..on the never never.
  7. Single so I'm guessing they actually mean divorced which - esp if there were kids involved would explain depleted savings/assets. How much space does a single person need? If the current home is a house surely they can downsize to a flat and clear a fair chunk of the mortgage?
  8. Sugarlips

    Australia Faces Its Demons

  9. Sugarlips

    Australia Faces Its Demons

    Around xmas there was a flurry of sales in the more desireable parts of Perth and prices started creeping up the only reason seems to have been investors selling at the top of the Syd/Mel bubble ie hot money Well thats all over quite quickly, daily news from the bank royal commission and higher funding costs coming (esp for iO mortgages ) has helped kill off any "recovery" I am watching a 3 story detached that was asking from $900k a year or so ago thats now $699k and not sold yet..no rush to buy anytime soon here
  10. Intriguing care to share your story without giving the whole game away? i decided dual citizenship was an invaluable tool in my armoury along with zero debt of course but always interested to hear how others are navigating and escaping
  11. Friends have turned the idea on its head recently. Rather than extracting their parents equity and buying a lifetime of debt servitude and risk losing the lot incl the family home, they’ve taken half their parents back yard and built a sustainable home on it. Appreciate this won’t work for a lot of people esp if you can’t get on with your olds but with recent town planning rules being relaxed (by govt force) and the tiny house movement still gaining in popularity (their square metre-age is favourable for our smaller sized gardens), it’s a better option than renting a dive for half your paycheque every month or being enslaved by the bank...
  12. Sugarlips

    Australia Faces Its Demons

    In-depth but worth it for the Oz property watchers, basically 15.8% of NSW (ie Sydney) have an LTI of over 6 times. That’s now, at the end of the biggest equity growth period in generations. Things have the potential to get massively ugly.. http://digitalfinanceanalytics.com/blog/a-deeper-dive-into-current-loan-to-income-ratios/
  13. Sugarlips

    Deutsche Bank kaput yet?

    Sooner or later it will die of a 1000 cuts, latest criminal charges against db (and others): https://www.afr.com/business/banking-and-finance/jpmorgan-granted-immunity-in-anz-cartel-case-20180601-h10u5a
  14. Sugarlips

    Toronto House Prices down 14%

    Bit harsh! Try greaterfool.ca Informed, upto date and humorous albeit somewhat biased (sell your inflated property, buy inflated stocks instead). The comments section always entertaining
  15. But the top 10% have been recovering just fine thankyou very much, and if its by stepping on the heads of the poor so be it. Case in point is barely anyone was prosecuted after Lehman etc except Bernie Madoff, and why him? Well he stole from the rich and needed to be taught a lesson. The rest of us poor bstards..? Meh, cant see em from the Cayman Isles anyway so..

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