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  1. However, in this area prices have sky rocketed since 2007 (doubled in many cases) so a long way to fall to even look anything like value. I think houses prices are something like 18x local incomes, it’s all London money and those already “on the ladder” driving the increases.
  2. Recent experience in my area. A house I viewed 4 months ago that went under offer within a week or so has just come back on the market. Same price as previously although I know the offer they accepted was below asking price. Another house I viewed went under offer after first weekend in October and was back on the market in December as buyer couldn’t find a buyer for their house. This house has just gone back to sold this week. Will be interesting to see if it goes through this time. Another couple of houses I viewed that seemed overpriced compared to others were on the market since October and now seem to have quietly disappeared from Rightmove. This is in a very desirable area popular with ex-Londoners.
  3. We nearly bought in 2012 when we could just about afford something, kicking ourselves now that we didn’t but prices looked high even back then and now they just defy logic! Yes if everything went in our favour, Sydney price falls coupled with a lower $ we could perhaps go back but I’m a bit sick of not settling now and just want to get a house and say that’s us settled for the next 10 years, the unsettled feeling is driving me crazy now. The NG change would be huge wouldn’t it, as everyone seems to do it. It’s like people want to lose money every money on an investment property just to lower their bills!
  4. Yes we moved back to UK a couple of years ago and am struggling to settle / forget our life in Sydney. But then when we look at prices back there we know we can’t afford to move back. I agree, we live in a very expensive part of the UK, in commuting distance of London, yet could probably afford a home big enough for our family at a push but would be looking at a unit or townhouse in Sydney.
  5. Really hope it is it for Sydney. Enquiries about price of some townhouses on lower north shore - guide of around $2m - for a townhouse!!! It’s crazy crazy. Feels like there’s no hope left. Would love to move back to Sydney but no hope at these prices...
  6. Here’s hoping it’s the start of something. Although there’s sod all quality on the market. Lots of stuff being reposted as new to market or listed with multiple agents.
  7. I have a theory that the generation before the boomers achieved max life expectancy and the boomers will start to die off at a younger age on average due to way a lot of them have abused their bodies with excessive alcohol (and drugs back in the day). A lot of boomers I know think they’re healthy but drink way more than advised and don’t eat as healthily as they think they do. Just a theory and may well be proved wrong but we’ll see
  8. Yes I’ve received it. Wondering if him paying means he owns the report rather than me and that will prejudice me in some way that I haven’t thought of. Thanks
  9. The report was definitely done and I met the inventory clerk and have received a copy of the report. I suspect he may have spoken to inventory clerk prior to its issue though and may well have influenced them. Obviously can’t prove this. The landlord sent me the report rather than direct from the inventory clerk, is that normal practice? thanks
  10. Just vacated property and deposit is in dispute. As per our tenancy agreement we should pay for check out inventory report. Landlord sent schedule of damages and included cost of the report to be paid by us. Shortly after he resent the schedule and removed the charge for the inventory report saying he’d cover the cost of this. Any ideas why he’d offer this as it definitely isn’t out of the goodness of his heart as he’s being really difficult in other respects. Does him paying for report put us in a weaker position somehow when disputing the deposit deductions? Thanks
  11. Thanks. Yes the deposit is held properly, it’s just so annoying having to go through all the negotiation process. I have been given a list of damages that run to two sides of A4 long! This is all from what the inventory clerk has noted. I feel that they are being very landlord friendly. Plus I think the check out clerk has been more detailed than the check in clerk. There is some wear and tear that we have done but the walls have not been repainted for a few years.
  12. Thank you, I hadn’t seen this so really useful.
  13. Hi looking for some advice. Just moved out of house we (2 adults and 2 children) lived in for just over 18mths. Landlord trying to claim nearly £1k to redecorate painted walls which have been scuffed. The walls were not perfect when we moved in and I suspect haven’t been painted for a number of years. Looking for solid information to dispute the landlord claims. I believe the walls were due to be repainted anyway and they’re trying to cover the cost of a newly painted house. Any advice most appreciated. thanks
  14. Hitchin is looking expensive now too, particularly as it’s quite a bit further away from London. We did look there as an option and liked it as a town but is more isolated
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